Key Dream Meaning

We use keys every day. We use them to lock and unlock our houses, gates, cars, even our diaries. Keys often appear in our dreams, too. Usually, they represent a certain symbol. In this article, we’ll share our knowledge of key dream meaning, in hope that it helps you interpret your dream better. What Does it Mean to Dream of … Read More

Kangaroo Spirit Animal and Dream Meaning

Australia definitely wins first place on a list of countries with unique indigenous creatures. From mammals and birds to amphibians and reptiles, there are creatures that look like cartoon characters. One of the most well-known animals endemic to this continent is a kangaroo.  While most people around the world see this animal only on television or in the zoo, it’s … Read More

Being Kidnapped, Held Hostage or Abducted Dream Meaning

It can be frightening if you dream that you are being kidnapped. It could lead you to believe that there are negative vibes in the air. However, it isn’t always so. A dream about being kidnapped can show you how to confront your fears and whatever else is stopping you from making changes in your life. What it Means to … Read More

Killing Dream Meaning

Dreaming about killing someone in a dream definitely falls into the category of worrisome dreams. These kinds of dreams can really make us feel uneasy. So much so, that we often don’t even want to think about it. However, the truth is, repressing the memory of such a dream is never a good thing to do. Dreaming of killing someone … Read More