Junk and Junkyard Dream Meaning

What is junk? To most people, junk is something they leave behind or throw away once they no longer need it. Used napkins, empty water bottles, broken sunglasses… The current condition of these things means they no longer serve their initial purpose. The word “junk” is usually used to describe all of these objects.  To certain others, junk is something … Read More

Jar Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Dreams about fascinating things like dragons, snakes, or the end of the world, often catch our attention due to their powerful symbolism. However, sometimes even the most mundane objects can send us meaningful messages in our dreams. Enter: the jar.  Believe it or not, dreams about jars are actually rather common. Not only this, but dream jars can have a … Read More


One of the most excellent ways that can help you remember and interpret your dreams is to keep a dream journal.  The traditional journaling of writing down the dream works great or appeals more to most people. However, some may find that more creative outlets can help them better understand the meaning of their dreams. So in this post, we … Read More

11 Tips for Keeping a Dream Journal

Here’s a situation most of us were in at some point in our lives –  you sit down with your friends and one of them goes “what a weird dream I had last night!” Then they proceed with explaining how they dreamed about something strange like pigs in a mall, or a literal “cats and dogs” rain. But the amusing … Read More

Jobs and Workplaces in Dreams

Many of us spend a lot of time at work so it isn’t surprising if we dream about our present or past jobs. Sometimes these dreams can almost be nightmares if we hate our jobs or have been mistreated by our bosses. What Does it Mean to Dream of Having a Job or Being at Work? If you dream about … Read More