Jar Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Ah, the jar. Well, it’s not exactly the most exciting dream on the surface of things. After all, you could have been dreaming about an epic quest which you managed to achieve, saving the world, seeing wolves, queens, dragons, or a future partner. But that doesn’t mean you should discount your dream when it involves something very ordinary like a … Read More

What Does It Mean to Dream Of Losing Your Job?

Being fired in a dream is an anxiety-based scenario. Your subconscious is giving your anxious state an outlet, and it just so happens to concern your work life. You may be worried about your standing within your professional life, or maybe your job security has changed, and you’re concerned about how the future will turn out. Work dreams are very … Read More

Jewelry Dream Meaning

According to history, jewelry has been around for over 40,000 years. From bones and teeth to stones and metals, they’ve been made of different materials, and with different purposes. Asides from being used as talismans, jewelry also served as social symbols. But that’s not all. In a way, every piece of jewelry was also an ornament, adorning the person that … Read More

Jesus Dream Meaning And Interpretation

A dream of Jesus is surely the one to remember. It’s not that common to see Jesus in a dream. But if you do, it’s a strong message, regardless of your religious beliefs.  It’s safe to say everyone knows who Jesus was and how he died. Whether that’s something you believe in or not doesn’t change the fact that his … Read More

What Does A Dream Of Being In Jail Mean?

Dreaming of being incarcerated or being thrown in jail is a horrible dream to have. The prevalent theme behind this dream – and I doubt this will be a shock – is that you feel trapped. You might be in a situation that’s left you feeling vulnerable – or you can’t currently do everything you want to. Dreaming about being … Read More


One of the most excellent ways that can help you remember and interpret your dreams is to keep a dream journal.  The traditional journaling of writing down the dream works great or appeals more to most people. However, some may find that more creative outlets can help them better understand the meaning of their dreams. So in this post, we … Read More

11 Tips for Keeping a Dream Journal

Here’s a situation most of us were in at some point in our lives –  you sit down with your friends and one of them goes “what a weird dream I had last night!” Then they proceed with explaining how they dreamed about something strange like pigs in a mall, or a literal “cats and dogs” rain. But the amusing … Read More

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