What Does It Mean to Dream Of Losing Your Job?

Being fired in a dream is an anxiety-based scenario. Your subconscious is giving your anxious state an outlet, and it just so happens to concern your work life. You may be worried about your standing within your professional life, or maybe your job security has changed, and you’re concerned about how the future will turn out. Work dreams are very common, especially as we spend so much time at work!

Dreams of being fired can relate to how our needs and our desires overlap, or even an imbalance. Do you find yourself doing only what you need to, and nothing that you actually want to do? Is a problem at work overshadowing your home life, or eating into your downtime? There might be an underlying problem you’re ignoring, and this dream is trying to get your attention.

Dreaming of losing your job (see also What Do Jobs Mean In Dreams?) can also mirror the pressures of the responsibilities in your life. Dreaming of being fired can represent the frustration you’re experiencing – you feel as though life is stopping you from moving forward, even though you’re doing the best you can. These dreams also serve as a wake-up call – you can change your life anytime you want to. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? Make time for it. For some, being fired is the absolute worst-case scenario, and can lead to feelings of worthlessness or rejection, especially if you feel what you do defines who you are as a person. Alternatively, this dream is just an outlet of your fear, and isn’t indicative of current problems or the state of your job security.

In Your Dream, You May Have

  • Been fired from your current job
  • Been fired from a previous job
  • Seen many people lose their jobs
  • You were made redundant
  • You saw or was part of the process of making people redundant

What does it Mean to Dream of Being Fired?

Dreaming of being fired can easily represent anxieties stemming from your professional life, but also a lack of control. You feel that other people dictate your life or actions. It can also suggest you will fight change when it comes, instead of adapting to a new normal. If you dream of your colleagues being fired, this suggests part of your support system or sense of safety has collapsed.

Dreaming of your boss firing you links to your desires and what you want out of life. If you dream your boss yells at you, this suggests the future holds a new start for you, and a shift in perspective which will serve you well. If your dream-boss isn’t the one you have in life, this indicates you’ll need to take a chance soon, or several, in order to get what you want. 

If you dream of working in your old position, this is a reflection of how much experience you’ve gained, and you’ll shortly have a new passion for life which will take you further than you expect.

This dream also indicates that the hard work and all the effort you’ve been putting in will reflect in your future prospects, and you’ll carve out a nicer future for yourself than you would have done if you only did the bare minimum. If you dream that work “restructures” the whole company – it lays off everyone – this indicates you need to change how you approach your work life or your colleagues. It might mean that you’re too caught up in work worries, and you’re neglecting other parts of your life that need your attention. 

Dreaming of being fired may signify that you’re at a crossroads in your professional life, and the choice you make will decide whether your current position will be fruitful or not. No pressure. It may also suggest that though you’ve been working hard, it’s not time to stop yet, there’s still a way to go before you can ease up. Dreaming of other people being made redundant is a sign you need to take charge, and don’t let others make your decisions for you.

Feelings You May Have Encountered During Your Dream of Being Fired

Worry. Uncertainty for the future. Horrified. Stressed. Unable to find a reason why. Lost, like you’ve misplaced a part of yourself.


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