What Does It Mean To Dream Of An Old Job?

Dreaming of an old job can be nostalgic or plain annoying, depending on your experience of working this particular job. 

You may find that you want to return to a simpler time in your life, where you had less to worry about than you do now. Maybe you’ve just moved to a new job, and you love it, and you’re glad you jumped ship from the other company.

Or, maybe you haven’t thought about being at an old job for years. Whatever your situation, it’s worth looking into a dream when it has you reflect on the past.

But what does an old job in your dream mean?

At A Glance: Why You Are Dreaming Of An Old Job:

  • You don’t like your current job
  • You prefer your old job
  • You are wondering how to progress in your career
  • You’re looking back at how far you’ve come in terms of your skills or outlook
  • There’s something that you need to do
  • You’re worried about money

Why Am I Dreaming Of My Old Job?

A dream of an old job usually occurs when you are thinking about your career path. Maybe you’ve just switched jobs, and you’re wondering how this new one will compare.

But there is more to it than that. 

You might dream of your old job when you have not fully processed how things ended, where there is something unfinished that you’re holding onto.

Maybe you left on bad terms with an employer who didn’t appreciate everything you did for them, or they ran a crooked game and asked you to do something immoral. Perhaps you were made redundant and there was nothing you or your boss could do. 

Another reason why you might dream of working at a previous workplace is that you have more than a few money worries right now. Your bills are climbing, and your paycheck isn’t exactly matching what’s going out of your bank.

A dream of an old job may also come along when you need to think about who you trust in your life, how you approach others with something that requires trust, how you react to authority, and how you might have to quash your pride somewhere in waking life.

As we spend a significant amount of time working, our jobs can form part of our identity. So working an old job in your dream can be your subconscious encouraging you to ask yourself what in your life defines you. 

Is it something you want to reflect on, or could you work towards being defined by something else?

Dreaming of enjoying working at an old job may suggest that you’re trying to push forward in your professional life, but you’re finding it tricky. 

Consider also how you interacted with your old boss or coworkers in this dream. If you dream of coworkers and a boss you got on with during this job, this is a good sign, reminding you of your easy connection with others. 

Or, it can mean that you want to feel an easy trust between you and someone in waking life, but you’re not sure that you’re there with them yet.

Dreaming of coworkers or a boss that you hated can reflect negativity in your life right now, and how you need to dispel it to move forward. 

Or, a dream where you are with previous coworkers that you didn’t get on with suggests that there is someone that you dislike in waking life, but you will need to get over that because you’ll be seeing a lot of them soon.

Recurring Dreams Of Working At An Old Job And What They Mean

A recurring dream of working at a job you used to have is an interesting one, and worth trying to find out what your subconscious is telling you. 

As the dream scenario keeps repeating, this suggests that you haven’t understood what your subconscious is telling you up to this point. 

A repeating dream that focuses on your old job can suggest that you have some work to do in processing what happened. You are unwilling to move on or change your habits into something more positive, something that will serve you going forward.

Or, it may imply that you’re in a similar situation in your current job and things are going the same way. 

Alternatively, having a dream of your old job over and over may suggest that you need to look at things differently, in a more positive light. 

Trust yourself to know the answers when a problem comes your way in your work life, and if they don’t, the journey that the search will take you on will teach you a wealth of experience.

The Detailed Meaning Behind A Dream Of A Past Job

Dreaming of a job you had in the past suggests that you’re struggling to move on from something. Maybe things are moving too fast right now in waking life, and you’re barely processing what happened in the past.

You may also be worried about your financial situation, you’re pushing away how you feel, or something else is nagging at you in waking life.

Working your old job in a dream can reflect how you want to return to this old position or something much easier than the job you’re in now. 

You’re worried about your current workload, a seemingly impossible task or project, or your coworkers are making things difficult for you.

This dream encourages you to let go of the stress, as it won’t help you to move forward. It may cloud your judgment or sap your energy, instead. 

If you dream of being at your old workplace but everywhere has been packed up and the business itself no longer exists, this refers to how you want a new start in life.

It’s also an encouragement to move on from the past, as there are more important things ahead of you.

Feeling nervous when you discover that an old workplace is empty in your dream can suggest that your current job security is about to get shaky, and you may want to develop a contingency plan.

A dream where you meet up with an ex-colleague or boss and some time has passed implies that you have had some personal growth and more experience than when you last held this job.

Flirting with an ex-coworker implies that you’re about to meet someone new who will change your life.

Dreaming Of Working At A Place You Were Fired From

Dreaming of working a previous job that you were fired from in waking life is an interesting one. It may refer to a specific period in your life as a whole, or you may be worried about being fired from your current job.

How To Stop Dreaming Of An Old Job

One of the best ways of stopping yourself from dreaming of your old job is to focus on what the dream means. When you’ve understood what your subconscious is telling you, these dreams should stop on their own. 

It will also help if you focus on what you want from the future, and make a plan to realize it. Give yourself something new to work towards, and you will stop focusing on the past, even subconsciously.

Dreaming Of Your Old Workspace

Sitting at your old desk or workspace in a dream suggests that you need to take a look at your life as a whole. Are you approaching things in the best way possible? Can you do something to make your life happier?

Your Old Boss Offering You Your Job Back In A Dream Meaning

A dream where your old boss offers you your job back can refer to how you want to revert to an easier time, but your dream is telling you that you are on a different path. 

You cannot go back, and just because things are difficult now does not mean that they won’t be better than in the past. Give it some time.

Alternatively, your old boss offering you a job where you used to work suggests that you should take a look at how you are approaching your current job. 

You may be using an old approach or an outdated attitude that suited your previous role, rather than adapting to this one.

If your boss was someone you never want to see again, this dream implies that you might be compelled to turn down a perfect opportunity for you in the future, and you should take care not to act impulsively.

Dreaming of a boss who was kind to you suggests that you should keep old connections in your life. You never know when they might help you in the future.

A Dream Of An Old Job Is A Positive Sign, If:

  • The experience wasn’t bittersweet
  • You enjoyed being around your old boss or colleagues
  • Nothing bad happened in the dream

Final Thoughts

A dream of your old job can be a confusing experience, but it has its uses. It may suggest that you aren’t happy in your current job, especially if you’ve only just switched jobs.

This dream is an encouragement to give things a chance. Not everything is as bad as it might seem.

Or, dreaming of your old job can suggest you’re focused on the past, or you’re stagnating in an aspect of your life. 

Maybe you’re using old habits and solutions, rather than looking for a new approach that would serve you better. 

It could be that you’ve outgrown your current job, but you’re afraid that if you move, things might get worse. But you might always wonder if you don’t try.


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