What Is The Dream Meaning Of Shooting?

What a horrible dream! I bet you woke up feeling like you ran a marathon, or checked your body for holes. It’s always the worrying dreams that we want to know the meaning of the most. We want to put our minds at rest, and apply some logic. Something that makes sense. Unfortunately, dreams don’t always follow a logic that makes for easy interpretation. Your dream may have involved a gun, you may have dreamed you shot someone, or someone shot you. Often shootings in dreams reflect conflict, betrayal or thoughts you’ve pushed away. Does this sound familiar? A dream involving shooting has many meanings depending on the context and what happened, so we’ve got a detailed breakdown for each one.

If you dream of a shooting this can mirror a sense of underachievement, in terms of your life goals or inner wishes, these may not have been met, and you’re feeling the pressure. Essentially, a dream involving shooting suggests you’re approaching a target that you need to reach, and this means you’re on the right path. Conversely, if the shooting is an attack or a source of conflict or fear, this can be your dream expressing your anger, and how you may lash out to feel like you’re defending yourself. If you find yourself shooting to kill in a dream, you’re either feeling attacked in waking life. There’s someone in your life who is staying long past their welcome. Maybe you used to get along well, and now they cause you nothing but grief. It may suggest a feeling of helplessness, or it can be a way of your subconscious doing some spring-cleaning, and letting go of negative forces. If you see someone coming at you with a gun in a dream, this suggests problems in your future. These are usually caused by other people, someone potentially close to you. If you dream of the sound of a gun firing, this is a warning dream. Dreaming of firing at people symbolizes that you should be careful to avoid conflict in your waking life.

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Things to Consider

Dreams of shooting or involving firearms suggests that you need to prepare some avoidance strategies to swerve from any upcoming problems. Dreaming of someone shooting to kill you suggests that you need to avoid anything that might result in an argument, because it’ll be a big one. To see a gang shooting, or dreaming of police discharging their weapons (see also knife, dagger and weapons in dreams) suggests problems with self-control or anger. A drive by shooting in a dream is your subconscious trying to get your attention – you need to listen to your gut. If you woke up from a dream where a gun was in your face, this suggests a lot of the relationships in your life require some care.

Detailed Shooting Dream Interpretation

Shooting in a dream can express an inner conflict of where you think you’re going in life. You may feel unhappy with what you’ve achieved, or a relationship has turned sour, and you feel this reflects badly on you, or you were to blame. It can also be due to a carelessness or focusing too much on yourself and not the people surrounding you. A shooting dream can signify someone close to you will have run into some sort of trouble soon. If you dream of shooting someone, this can stem from a deep-seated anger. Your emotions and actions are one of the few things you have control over in life, so don’t let it run away from you. If you dream of being shot, this suggests someone will hurt you in the future. 

If you dream of something nicer – clay shooting, for example – this means while you’re actively seeking good things in your life, they will come to you shortly, especially if they concern test results or a job opportunity. Dreaming of something horrible involving shooting, such as a mass shooting, can indicate an impending issue which will bring a state of emotional turmoil with it. Dreaming of shooting a target or bottles reveals that you need to protect yourself soon, whether that’s to guard your words or prevent something more sinister. If you have an odd dream where you shoot friends, this is a sign of a big argument in your future. Dreaming of shooting a family member reveals that someone you love is staring down a large problem, and they’ll need your help. Having a similarly awful dream where you’re shot or pursued suggests a form of danger in waking life – thieves or hijackers.

What does it Mean to Dream of Shooting an Enemy?

Dreams where you attack an enemy can leave a big impression on the rest of your day. Your subconscious has created this situation and thrown you into it for a reason. Not to stress you out, but this is a dream you shouldn’t ignore. Dreaming of shooting an enemy symbolizes danger or problems you don’t yet know about. It may even be that you’ve lost your power along the way, or you’re limiting your potential, when our potential knows no walls but the ones we create. 

In Your Dream, did You Shoot Someone with a Gun?

Similar to shooting an enemy in a dream, aiming or shooting to kill someone suggests conflict. This is a hidden conflict – perhaps you don’t know it, but you’re at war with yourself. It can reveal your fury or even hatred towards you or someone else. This may have been something you’ve done and regretted, or something they’ve done, and you haven’t forgiven them. Not releasing or letting go of this anger will harm you in the long run. You may not notice a good thing for what it is in the future, and miss a great opportunity. 

Dreaming of Someone being Shot and Killed

Most of these shooting dreams can be really upsetting. While death in a dream isn’t usually something to fear, this one will probably have been a nightmare. This dream isn’t literal, but it suggests you’re holding onto something negative. There’s something good coming in the future, but if you don’t let go of negative forces in your life, you won’t be able to take advantage of the new opportunity. Dreams that feature a death – yours or someone else’s – reveals a new transition of sorts. You may change jobs or shed relationships that don’t serve you. If you know the person in your dream who was shot, this could reveal your worry about them, maybe they’re going through something traumatic, and you don’t know how to help.

What does a Dream Mean when You’re Shot At but Not Injured?

This particular dream relates to the image you hold of yourself. Your subconscious can fill your dreams with ‘people’ who are projections of your inner feelings. Take a good look at how you feel about yourself. Are you trying to punish yourself for something? Something you’ve done, or not realized at the time? Hindsight can be a horrible, unforgiving thing. This is your subconscious recognizing that you need to let it go and forgive yourself, in order to regain your equilibrium. 

Dreaming of Being Shot and Surviving

Dreaming of being shot and then surviving suggests you’re in for a bad time soon. Perhaps you’re in a negative situation already, and the anxiety has made it into your dream. The good news is that surviving in a dream means you’ll overcome this obstacle, and the knowledge you’ll gain from it will be valuable in the future. Freud suggested that surviving in a dream, from a conflict or an injury or a disaster (see also disaster dream meaning and interpretation) denotes that you’ll pull through something in waking life in the same way.  

What does shooting a Fake Gun in a Dream Signify?

Shooting dreams are all strange to some extent, but this one takes the cake. What were you shooting with in your dream? A water pistol? A toy gun? One that rolls out a “BANG!” banner? A toy or otherwise fake gun links to achieving your goals in waking life. Similarly, if you dream of firing at a target or lined up bottles, you’re thinking about how to reach those goals. This dream can be a challenge for you to become more organized in order to reach your goals. With every item that you cross out, you’ll become more confident and satisfied with life. Break everything down into small, easy-to-complete chunks, and you’ll be well on your way.

Why am I Dreaming of Shooting My Mother?

To say that this is a disturbing dream is a gross understatement. Regardless of whether your relationship with your mother is good or bad, this isn’t a nice dream to have! This dream is bringing your suppressed feelings to the surface of your dream, and in this case, anger, hatred, and aggression are the order of the day. You may not associate these feelings with your mother – perhaps you’ve got a very healthy relationship with her, or she might not be in your life – but these feelings are present all the same, and your subconscious picked someone who represents a great pillar of support in life. This image of your mother may represent yourself or someone else in your life, as dreams are rarely literal. It can suggest that you or someone close to you has let you down, you believed they could be perfect, when humanity is about flaws. To love someone is to acknowledge their flaws and love them anyway. Try to think about who your mother is representing – if it’s her, you, or someone else. While anger can motivate you for a time, it’s not healthy to hold onto it in the long term and can impede your judgment.  

What does it Mean to Dream of Shooting Your Father?

Similarly, a dream where you shoot your father shows you’re not in a good place. You’re keeping hold of that negative energy for one reason or another. Is your father in your dream actually your father, or is he a placeholder for someone else? Perhaps it’s someone you’re having trouble with, and you want them to change their behavior, but you know this is unlikely. If you see your father shooting you in a dream, this suggests that you’ve set too many boundaries for your potential. Dreams of shooting your father can reveal a similarity you share and have recently noticed – perhaps it’s one you don’t like and want to change. This dream is also a call to stop focusing on the negative in people – yes, they’re capable of terrible things, but there’s a lot of good going on you can’t notice because you’re angry.

What does shooting a Stranger Mean in A Dream?

A stranger in your dream can be your subconscious projecting part of yourself you need to take notice of. Perhaps you’re holding onto bad habits, or you’re too focused on a past version of you to believe you’ve changed. You might be rejecting a part of yourself – maybe a trait you feel is unattractive in someone, an ideal you’re holding yourself hostage to. A lot of people say you can’t change – but look how far you’ve come in your life. Perspective changes everything. 

What does it Mean if You Dream of a Gun Not Loading Properly?

You dreamed you couldn’t load the gun. The ammo wouldn’t slot in right. The bullets fell to the floor. This dream can link to your future goals, and how they might not be on track. You may be the source of jealousy for someone in the future, or you’ll feel jealous of someone else. Dreaming of being unable to load a gun suggests that someone will try to sabotage you in the future, whether that’s impeding your progress toward a goal, or spreading malicious rumors to discredit you, it will stem from jealousy. It can also suggest that you’ve lost your sense of purpose. Maybe a situation has made you realize you don’t want what you thought, and now you feel a bit lost without that goal. Maybe you know you’ve been working really hard lately, but you are impatient for visible progress to validate you. This dream suggests that wanting something hard enough is not enough – you need to set yourself some clear goals in order to move forward. Whatever this dream means to you, stay true to yourself. Keep looking at your long term goals and modify them as the present changes.

What does shooting a Sniper Gun in a Dream Mean?

Sniper rifles are an interesting symbol in a dream. To operate one in life, you need to be excellent at planning, research, predicting possibilities and making snap decisions. This dream may suggest that you’ve done all the groundwork for your goals, but despite all your hard work, you don’t feel confident. This lack of faith in yourself may hinder your progress, and you may find it much harder to achieve your goal. It can also suggest you’re not looking far enough ahead in the future. Perhaps you haven’t planned enough or accepted that there may be different outcomes that you need to prepare for. If you dream of shooting someone with a sniper rifle, this suggests a rather grim outlook on life currently, and if you can work on changing it into something more positive, you’ll find your goals become more realistic as a result. 

What does Shooting a Pistol Mean in a Dream?

A much smaller firearm to be sure, but a pistol still has the potential to do some serious harm. As we know, shooting in a dream represents your future dreams and goals. If a pistol misfires in your dream, you need to take another look at your goals and adjust them accordingly. Dreaming of shooting a pistol can also reveal that in the future, you’ll be the object of someone’s jealousy, and they may try to sabotage you in some way to stop you achieving your goals, making them feel better about themselves. This dream might mirror your hard work and all the effort you’ve put in lately, but it could be a warning not to neglect the other areas of your life. 

What does shooting a Rifle Mean in a Dream?

A rifle in a dream traditionally connects to targets you’ve set yourself. If the rifle you dreamed of failed to shoot, you may be in a stressful period of your life. It may suggest that you need a break from your routine – especially if it’s a routine you rarely deviate from. Something you’ve gone through may have left you tired, especially if you’ve been hard on yourself or haven’t taken a break for a while. This dream suggests you need to reduce the amount of stress in your life.

What does shooting a Machine Gun Mean in a Dream?

Machine guns fire at a rapid rate, and so a dream involving a machine gun suggests that you need to take some swift action. Perhaps you’ve been kicking something down the road, or pushing someone away when you should ask for their opinion. A real machine gun can fire up to three hundred rounds every minute, and while you’re not superhuman, it suggests quick action is the way forward. This dream may also be mirroring the amount of opportunities you have in the future, and the difficulty in deciding which one to take.

What does it Mean to Shoot a Stun Gun or an Air Gun in a Dream?

Dreaming of a stun gun suggests something that you haven’t considered will stop you from making progress. It may be a situation you won’t anticipate, or an action from someone you love, either good or bad. It can also be associated with a stage of healing. Maybe you’ve been in the middle of a difficult situation, and it’ll soon come to an end. Shooting an air gun in a dream suggests there’s a potential threat headed your way. This may be an accident waiting to happen, or the result of someone doing something stupid. Dreaming of someone shooting an air gun (see also gun dream meaning) can be worrying, you may feel like you’ll die in the dream, but air guns are rarely lethal. It indicates that while a problem will occur, it won’t cripple your ability to make judgments in the future. 

What does shooting a Shotgun Signify in a Dream?

Shotguns in dreams have interesting and varied symbolism. They can be a representation of wanting to protect yourself and those you care about, and they can also suggest you have a lot of built-up anger. Dreaming of a shotgun can also suggest you’re at a crossroads, where making the right decision will be crucial for the future. It also calls for you to notice the power and control you have to influence your life and those around you. If you dream of shooting a shotgun at someone, you may need to turn your gaze inward and unpack any inner feelings that may be affecting your behavior. It may also suggest that you’ll have some problems at home soon. If the shotgun misfires in the dream, this suggests you need to re-examine your goals.

What does it Mean to Dream of Shooting with a Laser Gun?

Laser guns or guns with laser sights in dreams are interesting. They’re a reflection of personal goals and how far you can see ahead. Lasers can cut through a lot of things – never breaking their straight line. If you dream of trying to shoot people with a laser gun, this suggests an immediate need for a break from something. Maybe people have been frustrating you lately! You need to let the negative emotion go, so it doesn’t affect your outlook. If you dream of playing a game with a laser gun, this suggests a change in your life, one you’ll enjoy. If you dream you’re visiting a gun range, this suggests there will be a degree of truth and accuracy in your future, and you’re able to look at things objectively. When you dream of someone else shooting this gun, this suggests your attention is focused on the wrong thing.

What does it Mean to Shoot a Gun and it misfires?

The essential meaning behind a misfiring gun in a dream is a loss of control. This may be over a specific situation, or you may have lost the belief in your power to change things and influence situations positively. Only you’ll know which one your dream is referring to.

What do Dreams of Shootings and Massacres Mean?

What a horrible nightmare! We can theorize all we want about why people do awful things, but that doesn’t stop a massacre that’s already happened. The focus in a dream of a massacre is not the person behind it or the violence itself, rather the awful wake it leaves behind. Dreaming about a massacre suggests there’s a sudden change coming, one that will leave you reeling. If you had dreams of being the shooter, this suggests a deep-seated fury that you should seek help for. Not one person deserves that kind of negative energy you’re devoting to them, and you’re better off trying to change your life positively instead of dwelling on the negative. Dreaming of being a victim of a shooting suggests a new start in life.

What does a Dream Mean When You’re Shot In The Chest?

Oh, I bet that hurt. You may even have checked yourself for holes or a pulse upon waking! Dreaming of being shot in the chest is a warning of future heartbreak. This may not necessarily mean a romance but someone you’re close with might hurt you. Their choices might disappoint you, or they behave in a way you can’t reconcile. If you dream of shooting someone in the chest, you need to keep a hold of your feelings, or they’ll control your life. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Being Shot in The Head?

Dreaming of a shot to the head suggests future rejection. If you dream you turn a gun on yourself, you might be wondering about your approach to life. You might not like the conclusions you immediately jump to, or you don’t want to feel something in particular. We’re often more critical of ourselves than others see. It’s your imperfections that make you interesting. No one wants to know you’re perfect, as that means you’re impossible to live with! This dream suggests that you should be kind to yourself, and concentrate on bringing positive energy to your life and those around you.

What does it Mean to Be Shot in a Dream?

To be shot in your dream reveals some negativity you’re harboring toward yourself. Perhaps you don’t like the way you look, or you feel you haven’t achieved something, or you’ve reacted badly to something. This dream indicates it’s time for a change, even if that’s just shifting your opinion to something more positive – focus on what you have, rather than what you haven’t done. 

What do Arrows Mean in a Dream?

Arrows being fired or raining down in a dream is a sign of danger. Something will come at you quickly, and you may not know what hit you! It will turn out to be a good thing in the long run, so don’t worry about any potential problems, and focus on what’s more concrete.

What does Being Shot in a War Mean in a Dream?

Dreaming of being shot at during a war reveals you want to protect something that you feel is yours. Is it actually yours? If it’s not, try not to stress. You can’t lose something you never had. It may suggest you fear losing a relationship, a friend or a lover. This may come as a new age in your life, where other people will make room for others.

What does Dying from a Gunshot Mean in a Dream?

Any kind of dream where you die is an indication of change. You may become more independent, rely less on your feelings, and part of you will solve what you’re going through by yourself. Time to take control. If you’re feeling afraid during this dream, it’s time to push past your fear and look at what you want. What’s stopping you?

What does it Signify to Dream of being Shot in the Leg or Hand?

In traditional dream interpretation, being shot in the leg suggests there’s something preventing you from moving forward. Nevertheless, you’ll overcome it, but the point is that it’s usually the smaller problems that cause you the biggest trouble. It may be a single problem, or it could be several stacking up at once. Try not to get bogged down with a problem at a time, you may find several can be solved at once. A gunshot to your hand suggests your creativity will solve a problem. 

Why did I Dream of Being Shot in the Neck?

This dream suggests that your head and heart are at war. You need to take stock of your feelings, and what might be best. A dream where you’re shot in the neck also suggests there’s a person in your life who only pretends to care about you. Listen to your gut instead of your positivity.  

What does a Gunshot Wound to the Knee Mean in a Dream?

Dreaming of being shot in the knee suggests a foundation issue. Someone’s left you without support, or maybe you told someone something personal and they didn’t seem to care. Maybe they’ve got too much on their plate and can’t help you at the moment. If you’ve helped them in the past, this can create a false sense of injustice. Yes, there’s an element of give and take in a relationship, but no one owes you anything. This sense of injustice stems from a low self-esteem or lack of self-respect. This dream may be suggesting that you need to work on improving yourself, or sink some time into some self-care. 

At a Glance: Shooting Dream Meanings

  • In your dream, you shot an animal: this dream suggests you’ll hurt someone in the future, someone who didn’t deserve it
  • In your dream, you shot a stranger: you have trouble with connecting to people you don’t know. Opening up to someone doesn’t mean a bad situation will replay itself.
  • Many arrows injured you: you’ll have an emotional upheaval in your future, but you’ll pull through. Perhaps you’ve been ignoring your feelings.

In Your Dream

  • You shot an enemy
  • You shot a parent
  • You saw yourself shooting a stranger
  • You shot someone with a gone
  • You saw someone die from a gunshot wound
  • You were shot at, but not injured
  • You were shot, but you survived
  • You saw a massacre
  • You were shot in the chest
  • You saw yourself shot in the head
  • You shot arrows in your dream
  • You were at war, being shot at
  • You were dying from a gunshot
  •  Someone shot you in the leg
  • You were shot in the neck
  • Someone shot you in the knee

Feelings you may have Experienced during a Shooting Dream

Terrified. Anxious. Determined to survive. Furious at the attacker, or at someone you attack. Feeling vulnerable or exposed. Alone. Doubtful the situation will turn out okay. Powerful. Concerned for someone else. 

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Mass Shooting?

A mass shooting in a dream implies a disaster is around the corner, and it will be something that you’ll struggle to cope with. Expect lots of stress, mood swings, and making bad choices for a while.

What Is A Machine Gun Shooting Dream Meaning?

Dreaming of someone shooting a machine gun is a mixed sign. If the gun shoots a target, this is a very positive omen, where you will assume complete control over a troubling situation, and you’ll sort it out without any issues.

If, however, the machine gun is used on people, this implies a lot of pent-up aggression, frustration, or anger in your unconscious mind. You need to unpack it before you explode. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About Someone Getting Shot And Not Dying?

Seeing someone take a bullet in your dream is not pleasant, but it has a better meaning than one where someone dies from being shot. 

It suggests that you’re about to have a run of bad luck, but don’t get too worried. The survivor in your dream denotes that once you overcome these problems, you’ll be much more knowledgeable, and ready to deal with conflict.

In the long run, this misfortune will help you.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Being Shot In A Dream?

Spiritually speaking, a dream where you’re shot and injured mirrors waking life, a constant state of fragility or uncertainty. Something in waking life has you questioning everything you thought you knew.

A dream like this comes along as a way of testing how you cope with adversity in waking life, so that you may be better prepared for it.

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Shooting Someone With A Gun?

Dreaming of shooting someone with a gun implies that you desperately want to control a situation in waking life, but you feel you can’t do this without manipulating or influencing someone to do what you want. 

It also points to repressed anger, frustration, and self-esteem issues that you should explore further.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Someone Being Shot With A Gun?

Dreaming of watching someone being shot implies that you feel attacked or helpless while watching someone struggle in waking life.

If you dream of someone you know getting shot, this reflects your worry for them in waking life. You know they’re going through a tough time, but you’re unsure how you might help them.

Dreaming of a stranger being injured with a gun suggests that you’re rejecting part of yourself, or you feel vulnerable in waking life. Something is not going to plan.

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Being Shot By A Family Member?

Being shot by a relative in a dream denotes conflict, aggression, or frustration with this person. This sort of dream occurs when you’ve argued or there’s been a miscommunication overshadowing your relationship.

It also represents your worry that they might betray you or ignore you when you might need them the most.

What Does It Mean When You Are Dreaming About Guns And Bullets?

Dreaming of guns and bullets represents challenges, frustrations, and hang-ups distracting you from the important things in life. 

Maybe someone is aggravating you to the point where you can’t think clearly, or you’re taking every little thing as an attack rather than letting things go.

As they symbolize violence and great power, they can also denote how you feel you cannot get what you want through normal means, but this dream tells you that you’re overlooking something important.


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