Dreaming Of Fighting


Did you dream of fighting? This type of dream often symbolizes confrontation, disagreement, and conflict. It could represent your inner struggle regarding a life situation, with other people, or painful emotions. Likewise, it may imply either holding back or trying to prove yourself to others. 

Do you experience intense jealousy or bitterness in your waking life? A dream about fighting may signify your feeling that you need every ounce of your energy just to achieve a goal. It could also be that your emotional state is heightened during an argument. You feel as though the people around you do not truly like you or are trying you with an unwelcoming attitude. There is this feeling that people have turned against you. It may also represent your resistance to addiction.

 To dream of fighting presents different meanings in waking life. These include stress, broken arguments, misinformation, demands being placed on you, confronting ignorance, and unfairness. Alternatively, fighting in a dream may indicate your effort to cope with trauma or fight back against your problems. You may be unwilling to put up with an existing problem anymore or endure poor treatment one way or the other. Perhaps you are now ready to stand up for yourself.

What It Means To Dream Of Fighting

To see other people fighting

This may be a representation of the aspects of yourself that conflict with each other. It can be about opposing beliefs, goals, or areas of your life. Do you feel like your values are conflicting?

Moreover, fighting may also reflect a conflict in your waking life with a relative, family, co-worker, or other people.

To dream of fighting to stay alive

Dreaming of fighting wherein you are trying to stay alive in a fight may symbolize how desperate you feel to remain relevant. Are you struggling with an excessive jealous conflict in real life? Is something or someone you know at work making you feel threatened and is trying to embarrass you or forcing you to fail? The dream may mean confronting people that resent you. 

Furthermore, it may imply that you are battling a serious illness or trying desperately not to lose your job (see also losing your job dream symbols). Do you see yourself struggling to resist failure? Maybe you are resisting or struggling against someone you feel is a terrible person in your current physical life?

To dream of dogs fighting 

It may symbolize serious or emotional arguments. It may indicate your feelings about a fight you are anticipating as well. You may feel extreme hatred or anger towards another person. It is likely a representation of people who are trying to defend themselves emotionally. Also, you may be experiencing a conflict of differing loyalties or ongoing bickering in real life.

Examples Of Dreaming Of Fighting

Example 1: 

A man dreamed of fighting to stay alive. In his waking life, the man was facing a very severe sickness (see also sickness dream symbols).

Example 2: 

One woman dreamed of fighting with her mother. In real life, she had and her mother got into a huge argument and she got thrown out of the family home.

Example 3: 

This woman dreamed of fighting with a man at her job. In waking life, she was experiencing issues with this particular individual in her workplace.

Example 4: 

A woman dreamed of fighting zombies. In her waking life, she was striving to combat feelings of indifference in her relationship.

Example 5: 

A man dreamed of fighting demons. In the waking life of the man, he was trying to better himself spiritually by combating bad habits and resisting addictions that have held his life back.

Example 6: 

One young woman dreamed of fighting with her cousin. In waking life, she was opposed to being a lesbian.


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