Sickness Dream Meaning

What Does it Mean to Dream About Being Sick?

It is highly likely that you will be feeling exhausted, either mentally or physically, when you have a dream about sickness. Perhaps you haven’t got enough time to do everything that is expected of you. Maybe you have emotional problems or you are feeling anxious. It can be worrying to have a dream about sickness especially if we are healthy in our waking life. We will wake up feeling low and perhaps we will worry if the dream is a premonition. Are you or someone you know going to become ill?

Dreaming About Vomit

To dream about vomiting is quite common. and usually means that there is something that you need to get rid of in your waking life. Perhaps it is a thing like cigarettes, a person who’s bringing you down, or maybe an aspect of your career. Maybe you need to change jobs altogether. However, although the dream might be unpleasant, it is usually a good omen. It is time to move on to the next chapter of your life. Things can never stand still and you have to realize this.

Dreaming About Chronic Sickness

It isn’t nice to have a chronic illness that you suffer from continually with little chance of being cured. If you dream about this, then you are probably exhausted. Perhaps you have been fighting for something, but have been coming up against a brick wall. The dream is telling you to stand up for what you believe in, however difficult it is. 

Dreaming of Being Ill

It is a warning if you dream that you are sick and then subsequently die. The dream is telling you that you\re not going to be on this earth forever, so make the most of the time you have here. Enjoy yourself and take pleasure from the little things in life. The dream can also be telling you to let go of things that aren’t good for either your mental or physical health. Maybe you have a toxic friend who you would be better off without. 

If you see yourself lying on the floor feeling ill or vomiting, it can mean that you are over-indulging. Perhaps you are overeating or drinking too much alcohol.

In ancient dream books, being sick and dying in your dream means that you are going to be transformed and will find peace. Perhaps you are terminally ill in your waking life and death will bring you the peace you need. 

Dreaming About Someone You Know Being Sick

If you dream that someone you know is ill, it can mean that you need to tell this person that they are doing certain things wrong. Perhaps you have a daughter who is dating someone who is unsuitable. Perhaps he deals drugs. Maybe you have a co-worker who is doing everything wrong at work and who may bring you down with him or her. The dream also indicates that you are afraid of how this person will react to what you tell them. Remember that you are doing this because you care for them.

Dreaming of Your Own Sickness

In ancient dream dictionaries, to dream that you are sick, it can mean that there will be unpleasant changes in your waking life. Your emotions are going to be put through turmoil. You probably are already aware that your life is topsy-turvy at the moment and the dream just reinforces it. 

Alternatively, to see yourself sick in a dream could mean that you are searching for a way out of a difficult situation. Perhaps you have promised somebody something and are now unable to deliver. Maybe you don’t feel able to deal with a problem in your waking life. 

Another meaning of seeing yourself sick in a dream is that you are filled with grief. Perhaps someone close to you is sick or has died. 

Hospitals are cold and unforgiving and if you see yourself as a patient in a dream, you want to have a fresh start in life. This could be in your career or in your personal life.  

Dreaming About Being Sick and Dying

In ancient dream dictionaries, it is a warning if you dream that you are sick and subsequently die. You need to make the most of the time you have here on earth as it doesn’t last that long. Everybody has one thing in common and that is to die.

Alternatively, this dream is telling you to let go of toxic situations or people. You have been hurt in the past and you need to put this behind you. You need to start your life afresh with positive thoughts. 

The dream could also suggest that you are anxious and you need to discover what is making you feel this way. Only then can you start to sort out these problems. 

Death is an important dream symbol. It means that you must decide what is important in your life and then work towards your goals.

Dreaming of a Family Member Being Sick

If you dream that your child is sick, this can mean that you are worried about them. They might not be sick in waking life, but they might have underlying problems. Perhaps they are not doing well at school. Maybe they are being bullied. 

If you have a dream where either your mother or father is sick, it can mean that you are losing control over something in your life. Perhaps everybody around you is ignoring you and your wishes. Maybe you feel as if your opinions at work don’t seem to matter.

If you are having problems in a relationship, you may dream of that person being sick. If you have been unable to speak up about the problems, the dream is telling you that things will get worse if you don’t say anything. 

These dreams also mean that you are concerned about your loved ones. You don’t want them to be sick or to have problems.

Dreaming About Being Sick in a Hospital 

We are all aware of sickness and death. Even if we try not to think about it, it is always there in the back of our minds. If you dream that you are ill in a hospital, this can be a good sign. We are cared for in hospital and so we will be in our waking lives. As a symbol, seeing a hospital in your dream can mean that you are going to be able to shape your own future.

To dream that you are being treated in a large hospital means that you will receive care and shelter in your waking life. If you are in a small hospital, your beliefs are reinforced. Keep to the road you have decided to travel along. 

If the medical treatment you are receiving is good, it could be that you are ready for challenges in the near future. Perhaps you have been training for a marathon or maybe you are going to be promoted. Alternatively, this dream means that you are in a position to help someone who has either mental or physical problems. 

There are a couple of other interpretations of this dream. You would have to look at the dream as a whole to get the full picture. Maybe you are experiencing inner healing or perhaps the dream is warning you about a medical issue that is going to affect either you or someone close to you.

Dreaming that a Sick Person is Healthy

You might have a dream where you see a friend or relative healthy when in reality he or she is sick. This means that you want to help this person but you don’t know what would be the best thing to do. Instead of being negative, try and act positively around this person. Encouragement is better than a sad face. Try to be cheerful around him or her even if it’s difficult. 

This dream invites you to be helpful. We want everyone to be healthy and we shouldn’t abandon people just because they are sick.  

Dreaming About a Terminal Illness

Having a terminal illness is not good news. You will be treated, but mainly this is to relieve pain. Eventually, you will die. Terminal diseases are progressive and include cancer (see cancer dream meaning) and heart failure. If you dream that you have a terminal disease, it doesn’t mean that you are going to get sick. Instead, the dream suggests that you are wasting your time. Perhaps you are putting a lot of effort into a relationship and getting nothing back. Maybe it is time to end this relationship. The dream could mean that you are suffering from self-pity. Perhaps you have lost your job and are feeling sorry for yourself. Alternatively, you could be angry with yourself. Maybe you had an opportunity to do something exciting but didn’t take up the challenge. You are now regretting the missed opportunity.

Dreaming About Mental Illness

Mental illness affects many people, some long-term, others when something bad happens to them. It can affect our daily functioning. We may lose friends as others don’t often know how to deal with people with such illnesses like depression and schizophrenia. If you dream that you have a mental illness, it can suggest that you want to move forward in life. You need to decide which challenges are the most important.

If you see yourself as depressed, it means that you need help from either family or friends. Perhaps you have had some problems in your waking life, but have been too proud to ask for help. The dream is telling you that other people will be more than willing to help you. 

To have a dream about mental illness may cause you to wake up feeling anxious and even having a panic attack. Don’t worry too much about this. It is likely to be a one-off thing, but if this keeps happening, maybe you should have a word with your doctor. 

In ancient dream dictionaries dreaming that you are mentally unstable can mean that you are scared of losing something that is important to you. This could be a thing, a belief, or a person. If you feel that you are thinking unclearly in your dream it indicates that you need to turn to people close to you for help. 

A final meaning of being mentally ill in your dream is that you are afraid that you are going to be rejected. This could be by one person or a group.

Sigmund Freud’s Theory About Being Sick in Dreams

Freud believed that we should always be aware of death. Sickness and death are all a part of life and there is nothing we can do to avoid death. He said that we all react to death in different ways and that there is nothing unusual to dream about being ill or dying. Freud thought that while these types of dreams weren’t a prediction, we could become more anxious in the future. In his books, Freud interpreted dreams about death due to sickness. He said it was common to have these dreams because people are afraid of death. Nobody knows what happens after we die. Some believe that there is nothing, while others think that there is a spiritual world which we become part of. Whatever we believe we won’t know until we die. 

Freud believed that we dream of sickness and death because we want to achieve something impossible in real life. Perhaps you have secret dreams about becoming president. Maybe you want to fly to the Moon. 

Carl Jung’s Theory About Death in Dreams

Carl Jung believed that death is an important part of life, especially if you are elderly. It is as important as birth. He thought that if you dream about becoming sick and dying, it means that you are denying something that is going to happen, like it or not.

Dreaming About a Dead Father

Sigmund Freud believed that most people imagine that death is difficult and admire those people who have gone through the process. Because of this, if you dream about someone close to you dying, for example, your father, it means that you admire him for something he has done. He may have worked extra hours to keep his family fed and clothed. Perhaps he made sure that he spent the weekends with you when you were a kid. Your father doesn’t have to be dead for you to dream that he is. Instead, it can be a warning. Your father is obviously older than you and to dream about him being dead, is a sign that he’s not immortal and the chances are high that he will die before you. 

You need to think about how you felt in the dream. Were you not bothered that your father was dead? If you weren’t, it means that you have issues with your father and they need to be resolved. You will feel guilty when he does die if you haven’t sorted out the problems between you two.  If you felt depressed and sad that your father had died in the dream, something good is going to happen to you and your father in waking life. 

If you dream that your father is dead and he really is in your waking life, it indicates that you are missing him and feeling very low. He could have died years ago, but you still miss him and he lives in your heart.

Children Dreaming of the Death of Their Parents

Children might dream about their parents getting sick and dying. For them, it is a nightmare. However, it doesn’t mean that this is actually going to happen. The dream is a symbol of change and new starts. Perhaps the children are going to a new school.  Maybe the family is emigrating and the children are afraid that they won’t make new friends.

If you have just gone through the difficult task of explaining death to your children, it won’t be surprising if they dream that you die and they will be left alone. 

If you are a parent and you dream that your child becomes sick and dies, it means that you are scared of losing him or her. It could also mean that you are losing connection with your children. They are growing up and want to do their own thing.

Dreaming of Your Mother Being Sick

If you dream that your mother is sick or dying, it suggests that things are going to change between you and her so be prepared. The changes could be positive or negative depending on the kind of relationship you have with her. Maybe if you haven’t been getting on, this could change for the better. Perhaps you don’t like a part of your mother’s personality and you want her to change. However, she is who she is and you can’t necessarily change another person. The dream is telling you to accept your mother as she is. Remember that because she is older than you, she is more likely to die first. If you don’t make peace with her, you may regret it when she’s gone.

If your mother is dead in real life, to dream that she is sick indicates that you are missing her and are feeling very sad.

Waking Up Crying After Seeing a Parent Sick in a Dream

Losing someone we are close to is traumatic and you can have these feelings in a dream. If you dream that one of your parents is sick, you may even wake up crying. This can mean that you have been under a lot of stress lately or something traumatic has happened in your life, perhaps even death. You probably need time to heal. If you don’t give yourself enough time to cry and to get over what has happened, you may continue to have bad dreams.

Dreaming of Your Dead Father

Dreaming of your dead father is pretty common. Perhaps there are things you wished to say to him before he died. Maybe you feel guilty about an argument you had. Perhaps you didn’t make peace with him before he died. However, the dream could be much simpler than this. It could be that you just miss him. Maybe you feel that he was a good role model and dreaming about him keeps him in your heart.

Dreaming of Your Grandparents Sick or Dying

If you have a dream in which one of your grandparents is sick or dying, it can mean that change is in the air. This change will either strengthen the relationship you have with your grandparent or you will become less close. You will have to compare this dream with your waking life. What is your real-life relationship with that grandparent? It could be that you reject his or her old-fashioned values and beliefs and have been arguing with your grandparent. If you see a grandparent dying in the dream, perhaps you regret falling out with him or her. If your grandparent is still alive then there is still time to make up. 

If your grandparents have passed away in real life and you dream about them, it simply means that you are missing them. There may, however, be a tinge of regret if the last time you saw them, you fell out or if you didn’t have a chance to say goodbye. 

The Meaning of Sickness in Your Dreams

If in ancient dream dictionaries you dream that you or even someone else is sick, changes are afoot. The changes are more likely to be negative and could even indicate that you are going to have an emotional breakdown.

To dream of your own sickness suggests that you aren’t capable of dealing with a difficult situation. Alternatively, it can mean that you are grieving for someone or something. Perhaps someone close to you has died. Maybe you have lost your home as you haven’t been able to pay the mortgage. 

It can be distressing to see yourself vomiting in a dream or, even worse, being diagnosed with a terminal illness. However, don’t despair. Sickness is a symbol and to dream about it doesn’t mean that you are going to become ill. Look into your subconscious to discover the real meaning of the dream.

Dreaming of a Hospital

If you dream that you are sick in a hospital it indicates that you need to heal yourself. Maybe you have been through a bad break-up. The only person that can heal you is yourself,  Alternatively, you could feel that you are exposed. Perhaps people you know have discovered secrets about you that you didn’t want to share with anyone else.

Dreaming about a hospital can also be a warning. Perhaps you have a medical condition in real life that you are not aware of. The dream is telling you to have a check-up before the illness takes hold. 

Dreaming About an Incurable Illness

If you dream that you have an incurable illness, it can mean that you are hurting inside and need to heal. Perhaps you also feel as if your friends and family have abandoned you. The dream can seem like a nightmare, but just because you have a dream about an incurable illness doesn’t mean that you are going to get one.

Dreaming About a Psychiatric Hospital

A dream in which you are either a patient in a psychiatric hospital suggests that you haven’t been listening to other people. It is time that you find a way to understand people better. 

If you dream about a psychiatric hospital and see lots of mentally unstable people wandering about, it means that you are worried about losing time. Perhaps you are drifting through the days and time is passing you by. You probably want to do something memorable and reach your goals so it is time to stop dreaming your life away. 

Another meaning of this dream is that you are frightened that you will be rejected by society in the same way as many mentally ill patients are.

To conclude, sickness is a part of our lives. There aren’t many people who can say that they’ve never been sick. Because of this, it is not surprising that we dream about sickness and death. It is present in the back of our minds and we know that we’re not immortal.

If we look through ancient and modern dream dictionaries we will see that dreams about sickness are connected to peace after pain. These dreams generally aren’t premonitions that you are going to be sick or die. If you are sick in waking life, you may have a dream about sickness because you are worried about your health. In the same way, you can dream that a close friend or relative is sick because you are worried about them. However, if you aren’t sick and neither is anyone close to you, the dream could be connected to the past. Perhaps you were very ill previously and you are worried about becoming ill again.


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