Dream Of Being Shot In The Chest – Key Facts You Never Knew

It is never fun to dream of being shot in the chest.

In fact, it is a dream nobody wants to experience. After all, being killed this way is absolutely terrifying.

Yet, this kind of dream seems so real… Even after you have woken up.

Why do you dream of such and what does it really mean? Discover the fascinating explanation behind this dream and what you can do about it.

What It Means to Dream Of Being Shot in the Chest

It is completely terrifying to be shot by a bullet in a dream.

You wake up right away when this happens, and it just leaves you bewildered.

There are cases when you don’t even die in the dream after going through this horrible situation. You may end up fighting for your life or wriggle your way out of the assailant’s grip.

So, why do you dream of such violent things? What is it trying to tell you?

Basically, dreams reflect your subconscious. These are your desires and thoughts that happen in your waking moments. This is why you tend to see different things in your dream. They are as complex as what goes on when you are awake.

Your dreams represent your hopes, feelings, fears, and deepest emotions. Even if you don’t normally think or feel these things, the truth remains that you have these in your life.

Dreams of Being Shot in the Chest Meaning

When you dream of yourself being shot, the emotions that go on are anger, confusion, and fear.

You go through that rage, yet at the same time, you feel that you are a victim. That person hurts you, and you obviously have the shorter end of the stick.

The gun (see also gun dream symbols) is a symbol of your life being at risk. And you are fighting against death and hoping to run away and survive.

It is also worth noting that a gun represents your strength and dominance. You have that strong desire for your life.

On a different note, the gun also means your social status. You have a certain career or lifestyle that you do not want to give up on. Thus, you hold on to these things until they eventually weigh you down.

Guns may also mean defense and response. When you see a gunman in the dream, you are battling for your life. You are looking for a better and stronger defense that will keep you alive.

The meaning of this dream is a little different if you are shot.

Death, as we know it, is a sign of a new life. But when you dream of dying due to violence, it shows your struggle with rejecting who you really are.

You are pushing away a certain aspect of yourself. It means you have not accepted yourself completely. There is a struggle with loving everything about you.

Interestingly, the person who shot you in the dream may mean this person has hurt you in your real life. They are the reason why you are not very happy with yourself.

Perhaps it is a parent who has always rebuked you, or it could be a friend who always poked fun at you (see also Former Friend Dream Meaning).

In other words, these people in your waking moment made you feel bad about yourself, at one point or another.

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Bullets and Guns in Your Dream

Did you watch a bullet shoot (See also dream meaning of shooting) you in the dream?

This is very disturbing to see, yet it means something very important. You are going through a tough time in your life.

Perhaps, you experience being attacked or reprimanded all the time. There may be a tough level of competition in your workplace or family life.

Thus, you feel like you are losing control because someone is better than you. As a result, you see yourself being shot in the dream. It is as though you are simply giving up and no longer wanting to fight for what you want.

There are feelings of overwhelm, stress, and difficulties in your waking moment. You feel that people are against you. Sadly, these are the people whom you love and trust the most. Individuals whom you thought would be there for you all the time.

Unfortunately, it did not end up to be this way. You feel isolated, withdrawn, and left to suffer. Just like in your dream where you are suffering and in pain after being shot in the chest.

Your chest depicts your way of interacting with the people around you, with the world. It is very important for your survival, just like your brain.

In addition, there are organs inside your chest that give you that power, energy, and vitality. This is why if you are shot in this area, it could mean serious things.

The wound is also very difficult to bear. This is why in your dream, you may be working to achieve survival and doing the best you can to escape from your attacker.

If you successfully survived the gu shot, then it means your efforts have paid off. Your suffering has been transformed into joyful delight in having a new chance at life. And yes, all your efforts have paid off. Your patience and determination to survive from such a horrible state have brought you to your new life.


A dream of being shot in the chest could mean many things, depending on the specifics in your dream.

This is why it is best to understand every single detail to have a deeper interpretation of this dream for your own peace of mind. Always remember that our dream tells us something.

So, when you have such dreams, make it a point to acknowledge it completely. This is the only way to turn these dreams into life’s lessons imparted to you.


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