Dream About Ex Getting Married To Someone Else – What It Really Means

It is never fun having a dream about ex getting married to someone else.

This kind of dream can be full of confusion and perhaps some other negative emotions.

Why does this dream ever occur when you sleep?

Most importantly, what does this kind of dream actually mean?

Let us explore further the hidden meaning behind dreams about your ex getting married to someone else (see also Dreaming Of Getting Married Meaning). Then, you can stop wondering about it and have peace of mind after knowing what it truly signifies.

Dreaming About Your Ex – The Psychology Behind It

Your ex is basically nothing but a remnant of your past.

But what if thoughts of this person still haunt you in your waking moment?

The most common thing that may happen is actually seeing this individual in your dream. When you are frequently dreaming about your ex, it could mean a number of things.

Below are just some of the reasons why dreams of your ex sometimes occur. This should help you realize the problem and do something about it.

1. Some Unresolved Issues with Your Ex

Our dreams are a reflection of what is going on inside us.

This is why if you dream about your ex getting married to someone else, it is highly likely that you have some hang-ups with your relationship.

You may have experienced issues with your ex, which is not resolved yet.

It could be an argument, a bad breakup, and overall, so much negativity revolving around you and your ex.

This is why if you dream about your ex (see also ex-girlfriend dream meaning) a lot, you need to put closure to the past.

It helps to sit down and have a heart to heart conversation with him or her. Forgive and bury the hatchet, particularly if you have hurt each other.

This is the only way to move on completely and get rid of these resentments between you and the other person.

2. Concerns about Your Present Relationship

If you have just come from a troubling relationship, you may have several concerns about your present one.

The past can leave scars that may torment you time and again.

You may have some thoughts that continue to haunt you. Thoughts of you not being good enough for your present partner may come and go.

This is particularly true if your ex has frequently expressed negativity towards you. Maybe you have been blamed a lot in the past for a failed relationship.

Or maybe it was you who blamed your ex for the collapse of such a relationship.

No matter what the cause may be, you need to put an end to the past. This will help you move on freely and peacefully to the present.

After all, you can never be at peace with someone if you are not at peace with yourself.

3. A Problem That Needs to Be Sorted Out

Are you feeling confused about your current relationship?

In this case, you have to address these issues with your present partner. Sitting down and discussing important things can be very helpful in a relationship, especially if you are feeling out of sorts.

Additionally, you may also do some contemplation within you to understand why you and your ex had to go your separate ways.

An honest reflection on what was can help improve what would be.

4. Secretly Holding On To the Past

A dream about ex getting married to someone else simply means you are not over this person.

You still have deep, romantic feelings towards him or her. Thus, you are hoping that the two of you can get together once again.

It is completely normal – we all have these hang-ups at one point in our lives and another.

But that does not mean you should always dive into these things. There is no point in going back to the past when it is completely over.

Things end for a good reason. There is always something better coming your way, and you just have to embrace this fact.

So, if you still want to make amends to your ex, it is fine. This is as long as the purpose is for a peaceful breakup.

However, do not expect to get back together if you are certain that nothing mutually beneficial will arise out of it.

Sometimes, you just simply need to let go to allow a new opportunity to come your way.

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Forgiveness and Resolution Will Do You Good

There are dreams that leave us feeling at peace afterward.

These dreams fill our hearts and mind with so much love and inspiration. When you wake from such a dream, you feel as though everything is going right.

On the other hand, there are dreams that are just a hard pill to swallow. And this is what a dream about ex getting married to someone else may be.

It is just difficult to move on when you have such a painful dream.

This is why we recommend that you learn to forgive and forget the past. It is the only reason why you have such dreams of a past relationship that leave you feeling hurt.

You need to understand that the power to release and stop these dreams is all within you.

Only you can put an end to such dreams, which is by becoming at peace with the past.

A good breakup can be beneficial to you since you no longer have any anger or hurt in your heart.

Having a light and peaceful heart will greatly help you not just in your waking moment but also in your dream state.


Your dreams reflect your thoughts and deep-seated emotions. Thus, if you dream about ex getting married to someone else, it helps to reflect on why you keep having these dreams.

Be at peace with yourself, with your ex, and with your past. This is the only way for you to release these negativities and no longer invite them in your life.


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