Ex-Girlfriend Dream Meaning

Dreaming of an ex-girlfriend can manifest when you have some anxieties about the future. You are worried about where your life is heading, and the choices you’ve made to get here. You may be missing your ex or the person you were when you were with her. Your feelings for a current partner may reflect those in a past relationship when everything was good, which can make you have this dream. You might even feel dissatisfied in your current relationship – but remember you’re comparing a relationship that seemed easier, or you had a deeper connection because you’re remembering the whole of the relationship, not the start. It takes time to get there. Or you simply just got on better with your ex. If you believe in different dimensions and inter-dimensional travel, your ex-girlfriend dream is an alternate reality, where you stayed together. Alternatively, this dream is a “What If” dream, where you wonder what the future might have looked like if you stayed together. That’s not to say that you regret the relationship ending, it’s a natural thing to wonder what if.

If you’re currently in a relationship where you can’t imagine being any happier than you are now, and you dream of your ex, you’re in a state of reflection where you’re comparing one against the other, to measure your current relationship. 

If you are single, and you dream of your ex, at a time when you were happy and fulfilled, this indicates you’re lonely, and ready for a new relationship in the waking world. In order to decode your ex-girlfriend dream, it’s important to look at the circumstances within your dream, and how your ex acted, and how you felt during the dream.

The Meaning Behind Your Ex-Girlfriend Dream

Dreaming of an ex-girlfriend years after the relationship ended may suggest you’re not happy with the way your life is now. This dream might not even have a specific meaning or a sign you need to act on, similar feelings may have surfaced in waking life and that’s why you had this dream. If you dream of your ex-girlfriend wanting you back, she may have thought about you recently, and looked back on the good times you had together. If you dreamed of your ex being pregnant, this indicates that you need to take better care of yourself, and focus on bettering yourself instead of wondering what might have happened, or what will happen in the future. Sometimes all it does is hold you back. If you dream of your ex acting crazily or lashing out, this is a bad sign for the future. You’ll struggle to overcome something.

Dreaming of wanting to get back with your ex relates to the emotional ties in your life. You’re basing your decisions on your emotions and how you think you’ll feel about an outcome, or you feel that someone is emotionally manipulating you, and you need to get a handle on the situation.

 If you dream of your ex pouring their heart out to you, this indicates an issue in the future which will make you struggle emotionally. Because the relationship has ended, an ex-girlfriend appearing in your dream can be a sign of something else ending in waking life. You’ll feel a similar upset balance or loss of identity, something will leave a hole in your life that you’ll need to fill. If you dream of your ex proposing to you, this is your subconscious fulfilling your desire to see her again – you miss her. It can suggest you need to move on – as that relationship is in the past, and better things are ahead. 

If you’re happily in a committed relationship, and you dream of your ex-girlfriend, your life or relationship needs more spontaneity, you’re stagnating within a set routine. If you have sex with your ex-girlfriend in your dream, this suggests you’re longing for a deeper connection with your current partner, like you did with your ex. If, in waking life, you’re single, and you have this dream, you’ll have an emotional imbalance in the future. It also suggests you shouldn’t focus on your lack of a relationship right now – concentrate on your hobbies, and bettering yourself, and a relationship will come around at the right time.

Dreaming of your ex-girlfriend being murdered, or you were murdering her, indicates a problem to relate to others and to be honest with them. The appearance of your ex in this dream may not mean anything – a dream like this can indicate a future situation which will require you to be in tune with your emotions, and be willing to be vulnerable. You may have to take a chance on something or someone, and while you could get hurt, you could also benefit greatly.

Dreaming of loving your ex-girlfriend can suggest you’ve been thinking about this relationship with rose-tinted glasses, where you’re remembering the very best times, and not the worst. Dreams of an ex-partner are very common as it can reflect the impact they’ve had on your life. The dream itself might suggest the importance of not being complacent in a relationship, don’t take them for granted, and make sure you both put the effort you want out of the relationship, or you’ll find yourself drifting apart. 

Dreaming of a current partner’s ex indicates a fear of losing them. Maybe you feel as though their ex understood them better than you do, but that will come with time and patience. You value what you have now, and you don’t want it to end. This is similar to a dream of your partner cheating on you with their ex, you don’t want to lose them, but this may also embody trust issues or low self-esteem. It might help to talk it out with your partner, and make sure you’ll never stop talking to each other, as this can prevent a lot of issues. A nightmare of your partner cheating on you and then getting back together with their ex or getting them pregnant indicates you feel the world is against you, and you think this bad luck will inevitably lead to problems in your relationship. Again, this signals trust issues and a low self-confidence, which is coloring your expectations for the future. Try to think about how your partner loves and respects you, and the thought of cheating on you probably hasn’t even crossed their mind. 

Ex-girlfriend dreams are very normal dreams to have, as ex-partners leave their mark on your life and can change who you are and how you see yourself. This dream may occur after some introspection or a spiritual journey, or can even suggest you’re about to start a brand-new path that will similarly transform you, and at the end, there will be a clear line where you’ll look back and know exactly when you changed, and why.

Dreaming about your ex can indicate that you’ve been on their mind lately, maybe she’s also been looking back at the good times, and nostalgia can be a great thing. It can make us look forward to the future more, and appreciate what we have right now. 

Your subconscious can also explore the “what if” nature of the dream, in a scenario where the relationship with your ex never ended. Perhaps something in the present has come along to make you question where you are now, and how your decisions impact your future. 

Waking life reflects the feelings you had with her, so the memories have resurfaced to mirror the present, where you’re happy and secure in the present, and that’s a nice place to be. 

In Your Dream, You May Have:

  • Had sex with your ex-girlfriend
  • Relived a past moment with her
  • Fought with your ex
  • Never broken up, this is a “What If” dream
  • Had children with your ex
  • Seen your ex murdered
  • Seen your ex fall in love with you again
  • Worried – your ex was missing
  • Dreamed of her years after the relationship ending
  • Seen your partner’s ex-girlfriend
  • Seen an ex who is dead
  • Dreamed your ex was pregnant
  • Seen your ex get with someone else
  • Seen your ex get revenge
  • Dreamed your ex went crazy
  • Made up with your ex, or forgiven each other, if you haven’t in waking life

Feelings You May Have Experienced During Your Ex-Girlfriend Dream

Nostalgia. Love. A desire to get back with your ex-girlfriend. Bittersweet at seeing her again. Awkwardness. Wistfulness. 


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