What Does It Mean To Dream Of Stealing Or Someone Being A Thief?

Dreaming about stealing can be quite a personal attack. A dream concerning stealing links to your own identity, and the loss of something important. This may be a trust that you’ve placed in another person, or a relationship, something more concrete, like a business failing. The object being stolen can wildly influence the meaning behind your dream. For example, if … Read More

What Is The Dream Meaning Of Shooting?

What a horrible dream! I bet you woke up feeling like you ran a marathon, or checked your body for holes. It’s always the worrying dreams that we want to know the meaning of the most. We want to put our minds at rest, and apply some logic. Something that makes sense. Unfortunately, dreams don’t always follow a logic that … Read More

What Does A Shower Mean In Your Dream?

Simply put, dreaming of a shower suggests that you’re trying to get rid of your problems. Water in a dream connects to our inner emotions, and in this case it’s a desire to be rid of anything currently plaguing you. This is not to say that you’re running away from your problems – you might just be tired of dealing … Read More

What Does A Stab Mean In Your Dream?

A dream where you were stabbed, or you witnessed a stab, or perhaps you stabbed something or someone, is a bad omen. Dreaming of being stabbed suggests you feel attacked by someone’s words, complaints or criticism. If you dreamed of being stabbed from behind, this indicates someone disloyal in your life, or an impending betrayal. A stab in the dark, … Read More

Sex Dream Dictionary

Today we deal with a very spicy topic! It’s sex dreams. Although not everyone will admit this, anyone has probably had a sexy dream or two in their lifetime. And sometimes these dreams can seem awkward and confusing, and definitely in contrast with our real-life sexual desires.  So what’s that all about? Sex dreams can often be about ourselves, not … Read More

Shark Dream Meaning

What does dreaming of sharks mean? Let’s take a closer look at the animal in question. If you’re after an apex predator, you can’t go wrong with a shark. Sharks have been around for roughly 450 million years, and that’s a head start of 66 million years on us. Not many animals will pick a fight with a shark, and … Read More

Dreaming of Swimming In The Sea

We’ve talked about dreams involving water, swimming, and swimming pools, but what about the sea? The sea provokes emotion. The last time you went to the beach, what did you feel? Even if it’s something as normal as being annoyed by the wind whipping salt into your face, or the smell was a bit strong, or maybe you got hair … Read More

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Snake Bite?

If you already don’t like snakes, I bet the part you don’t like the most is the thought of them biting you. When we think of snakes in stories, probably the most famous of which is the one from Adam and Eve. The snake persuades Eve into eating the fruit she’s been specifically told not to eat from the tree … Read More

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Swimming Pool?

We visit swimming pools to burn off stress, exercise, and relax. So it won’t be a great surprise that dreaming of swimming pools links closely to your emotions, specifically those that don’t always make it to the surface. The swimming pool might indicate you need to look at your feelings more closely, perhaps there is something you have not considered … Read More

Yellow Snake Dream

What would you do, if a snake was in front of you? Scream? Run the other way? Attack it? Evolution has drilled into us that snakes are predators, they are dangerous, and you should be wary.  A dream with snakes involved can be unpleasant. It can even turn into a nightmare, but its symbolism isn’t as rooted in fear as … Read More