Swimming Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Swimming is one of those activities that is instinctual, so it’s no surprise that a dream of swimming is a common one to have. Although it’s a widespread dream, it will mean something slightly different to everyone, as your associations with swimming, related memories, and your relationship with water will be completely different from other people’s.  Here’s everything you need … Read More

The Biblical Meaning of Snakes in Dreams

It is usually believed that the snake is your enemy. We just need to look at the serpent in the Bible who tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. The snake is deceitful and can easily lead us astray. The deceit could be within ourselves or it could be from an enemy. Perhaps you are the deceiver, or maybe somebody … Read More

Black Snake Dream Meaning

Black Snake Black symbolizes danger and if you dream about a black snake, you should be careful in your waking life. Black snakes are usually a negative symbol and can indicate that you are going to have some unfortunate incidents in the near future. In ancient dream books, it says that if you dream about a black snake, it can … Read More

Dead Snake In Dreams

Snakes are a common dream symbol, dead or alive. These reptiles are such unique creatures. One of the most fascinating things about them is that, as they grow bigger, they shed their skin that doesn’t fit them anymore. In a way, they’re reborn. So in a way, a dead snake in a dream can also symbolize rebirth. Maybe you’re at … Read More

What Do Many Snakes Mean In Your Dream?

Many snakes appearing in your dream can be unsettling to say the least. Spiritually speaking, a dream of lots of snakes suggests you’re breaking free after a period of feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and you’ll experience a regeneration of energy, or you’ll grow as a person. At a glance, your dream of many snakes can mean: You need to heal, … Read More

Sickness Dream Meaning

What Does it Mean to Dream About Being Sick? It is highly likely that you will be feeling exhausted, either mentally or physically, when you have a dream about sickness. Perhaps you haven’t got enough time to do everything that is expected of you. Maybe you have emotional problems or you are feeling anxious. It can be worrying to have … Read More

Dreaming of Snakes Attacking Your or Someone You Know

Today, we are here to talk about a very strong dream symbol, that of snakes. Pretty much every dream dictionary since ancient times has addressed the issue of snakes in dreams. Depending on the tradition, snakes can be given different meanings, but one thing is undeniable – they always carry strong symbolism with them.  Now, dreaming of snakes is one … Read More

What Do Green Snakes In Dreams Mean?

Green Snakes In Your Dream Snakes are interesting symbols when it comes to their presence in our dreams. They can be a warning, of either troubling times ahead, or someone in your life who will bring you trouble, where their intentions might not be what they seem. Snakes in a dream can also be a sign you need to use … Read More

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Stealing Or Someone Being A Thief?

Dreaming about stealing can be quite a personal attack. A dream concerning stealing links to your own identity, and the loss of something important. This may be a trust that you’ve placed in another person, or a relationship, something more concrete, like a business failing. The object being stolen can wildly influence the meaning behind your dream. For example, if … Read More

What Is The Dream Meaning Of Shooting?

What a horrible dream! I bet you woke up feeling like you ran a marathon, or checked your body for holes. It’s always the worrying dreams that we want to know the meaning of the most. We want to put our minds at rest, and apply some logic. Something that makes sense. Unfortunately, dreams don’t always follow a logic that … Read More

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