Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With A – Part 3

DREAMS SYMBOLS BEGINNING WITH A – PART 1DREAMS SYMBOLS BEGINNING WITH A – PART 2DREAMS SYMBOLS BEGINNING WITH A – PART 3DREAMS SYMBOLS BEGINNING WITH A – PART 4 Amnesia Dreaming of amnesia indicates that you’re rejecting part of yourself that you don’t like. This will only result in more pain, and fighting what the future may bring.  You need … Read More

Bees And Beehive Dream Meaning

Dreams of animals often have deep meanings, and dreams of bees are no different. These insects have an important role in nature, from pollinating flowers to producing honey. The phrase “busy as a bee” was first used in “The Canterbury Tales,” and we still use it nowadays to refer to someone that’s hard working and active.  As symbols, bees appear … Read More

Dreams About Bats

Bats are mysterious yet fascinating creatures. They’re the only flying mammals, and they live all around the world. When you see these animals in your dream, that could mean a lot of different things. Although they’re usually considered scary, the meaning behind their symbols is sometimes quite the opposite. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most common dream … Read More

Arrested – What Does Getting Arrested Or Seeing It Happen Mean In A Dream?

Dreaming about being arrested can be very unsettling. But it also doesn’t have to be. Sometimes, we dream about getting arrested in the first person. In this case, we might be feeling guilty and that we are getting what we deserve. On the other hand, sometimes the dream can be like an action movie. Maybe you’re the hero, maybe you’re … Read More

Dreaming About Cockroaches and What it Means

Cockroaches are not the best insects to come across. They are ugly and they carry diseases and to dream about them can be very scary. However, a dream about them can be positive in certain cases. The cockroach is surprisingly spiritual. It is connected to rebirth and to dream about one can mean that you are going to make a … Read More

Cancer in Dreams

Cancer is one illness that is generally feared. You can feel fine one day, but the next, you start to feel sick. However, it isn’t a death sentence these days. Yes, of course, people will die of cancer, but many others are cured.  If you dream about having cancer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get it. … Read More

Dreams About Bridges

It is quite common to dream about bridges and if you do you will possibly be receiving a spiritual message. Maybe it is time for you to think hard about your life and decide if you are on the right path. Bridges also represent communication, stability, and moving forward. In the occult, dreams about bridges mean that you are going … Read More

Candle Dream Meaning

As symbols, candles have deep roots in every religion and sacred practice around the world. There’s something so symbolic in the way candles create a flickering flame and the warm aura around it. They are a burning representation of romance, safety, hope, mystery and spirituality, to name just a few. The flame it creates is inspiring, enlightening and comforting.  In … Read More

What Do Birds Mean in Your Dream?

Birds in Dreams Birds are connected to peace, love, communication, and spirituality. If we dream about birds, meanings will vary with the type of bird and its color. However, in general, they are connected to our path in life. Also, because they fly way up high, they indicate our spiritual power. They usually suggest that good things are going to … Read More

Children In Dreams

What does it mean to see a child in your dream? It would be nice if we could give you a quick answer to this question. However, we can tell you right away – that is impossible. Children in dreams cannot be reduced to any singular meaning. After all, children are the younger version of ourselves.  To ask what it … Read More

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