Dream Glossary: Dreams symbols beginning with A – Part 1

A If you dream of the letter “A”, this reveals a new start shortly in your future. You’re moving onto something better, a new stage in your life. It can also suggest that you’re feeling superior to someone else less fortunate, or someone in your life believes they are better than you. “A” can also indicate someone in your life … Read More

Rain Dream Meaning

Rain is quite a common symbol in dreams. Sometimes the rain in dreams is simply in the background, just setting the atmosphere for the dream. Other times, the rain has a dominant role in the dream, such as when you are getting soaked by rain or find yourself in a storm. In any case, rain does have a strong symbolism … Read More

Ring Dream Meaning

What do a piece of jewelry worn on the finger and the sound alarm make have in common? They’re both called “ring.” This word has a lot of homonyms, and as dream symbols, they mean different things. In this article, we’ll go over possible ways a ring can appear in a dream, and how to interpret that.  What Does A … Read More

Mouse/Mice Dream Meaning

A mouse is an animal that can carry a lot of different meanings. Mice are tiny and cute, especially when we see them in a cartoon or a nature documentary. In real life, however, they can often cause fear. Many people are afraid of mice and seeing a mouse in your own home can make you feel unsafe.  So, at … Read More

Poop Dream Meaning

What Does Dreaming About Poop Mean Poop / Feces When you dream about poop, it is indicative of a situation wherein you are overcome with stress. Did you have a dream of poop and curious about its meaning in your waking life? Don’t worry you’re not the only one. Yes, it is common for these filthy and smelly things to … Read More

Urine Dream Meaning

What does it mean to dream of urine or peeing? Urine There are a couple of things that a release of urine in your dream may symbolize. The first is that you may need to try and let go of your control and emotions. The other one is leaning towards a more spiritual interpretation wherein you may be spending a … Read More

Pregnancy Test Dreams

What does it mean to take a pregnancy test in your dream? Pregnancy Test When you dream about taking a pregnancy test and you are happy with the outcome, this is a representation of your good fortune. Did you experience a dream of a positive pregnancy test? In terms of spirituality, this is an excellent dream to experience. When you … Read More

What Does A Shower Mean In Your Dream?

Simply put, dreaming of a shower suggests that you’re trying to get rid of your problems. Water in a dream connects to our inner emotions, and in this case it’s a desire to be rid of anything currently plaguing you. This is not to say that you’re running away from your problems – you might just be tired of dealing … Read More

What Does A Stab Mean In Your Dream?

A dream where you were stabbed, or you witnessed a stab, or perhaps you stabbed something or someone, is a bad omen. Dreaming of being stabbed suggests you feel attacked by someone’s words, complaints or criticism. If you dreamed of being stabbed from behind, this indicates someone disloyal in your life, or an impending betrayal. A stab in the dark, … Read More

What Does The Toilet Mean In Your Dream?

Ah, the toilet dream. I bet you can remember having at least one of these. Toilets can appear in our dreams in many different situations, and these dreams are usually anxiety-based, reminiscent of that horrible feeling when you really need to go and you’re not one hundred percent sure you’ll make it! Mostly, though, dreams about toilets are considered to … Read More