Window Dream Meaning

Windows in dreams are connected to our minds. They are also the windows to our souls. In addition, they are a symbol of looking at situations and following your dreams. However old you are, you can still reach your goals. A dream about windows encourages you to think about the life you want. It is the right time to succeed. … Read More

What Does Flooding In Dreams Mean?

Water in your dreams relates to how you feel, and any past emotions which still affect your present state of being and behavior. Floods appearing in your dreams denote a “torrent” of emotion, which can be either positive or negative.  They can represent past emotions which are resurfacing, or your success of pushing past old and new issues, “washing” clean … Read More

What Is The Dream Interpretation Of A Crocodile?

Like the dream symbol of a snake, a crocodile appearing in your dream indicates someone will deceive or betray you.  It represents enemies you didn’t know you had, and impending changes in your life you couldn’t predict. Crocodiles also embody power, wisdom, the ability to adapt, and strength.  These animals are long-lived, and when they’ve appeared in our myths and … Read More

Island Dream Meaning

An island is a powerful image in a dream. You may have dreamed of a lush island, with strange bird calls and unrecognizable animals just out of sight.  Or, you dreamed of an island with sand as white as marble, and a sea as blue and clear as any holiday advert you’ve ever seen.  Maybe you dreamed of a rocky … Read More

Black Snake Dream Meaning

Black Snake Black symbolizes danger and if you dream about a black snake, you should be careful in your waking life. Black snakes are usually a negative symbol and can indicate that you are going to have some unfortunate incidents in the near future. In ancient dream books, it says that if you dream about a black snake, it can … Read More

Dreams About Giving Birth

Dreaming of giving birth or seeing a child being born is a very positive dream. It indicates that you’ll soon enjoy some success, financially, in your professional life, or you’ll reach a long-held dream. You might wake from this dream and feel vaguely sick at the prospect of giving birth, but this dream indicates a big change in life which … Read More

Dragon Dream Interpretation

Dragons were a common symbol in different cultures across the world pretty much since the dawn of time. Their meanings might differ, but the essence is the same. A dragon is one of the most powerful mythological creatures, and whether it’s pictured as good or evil, it certainly is a power to be reckoned with. Throughout the cultures from the … Read More

Clothing Dream Symbols

How you dress in daily life reflects your personality, and how you want to be seen by other people. Dreams about clothing or noticing what you have on in a dream reflect the choices you make in wanting to create a certain perception of yourself, and can reflect your current state in waking life. Apron Dreaming of an apron indicates … Read More

Disaster Dream Symbols

Disaster dreams often occur as a result of worrying about the future, and what it has in store for you. The nature of the disaster embodies a specific area of your life which you feel a lack of control in, or you’re having doubts about. Disaster dreams are an outlet for your negative feelings about the future, and you may … Read More

Deer Dream Meaning

It is usually positive to dream about a deer or reindeer. They are spiritual creatures who are also noble and beautiful. You are likely to receive good news or good luck if you dream about one. Deer are also associated with a new start. In this article, we will be looking at different dream scenarios with deer and telling you … Read More

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