Garlic Symbolism And Dream Meaning

Garlic is a common ingredient in cuisines across the world. In this article, we’ll help you understand the meaning behind the dream of garlic. Common Meanings Of Garlic In Dreams This powerful herb can mean different things. To understand what it means to dream of garlic, you need to consider different cues from your dream. How you used it and … Read More

Artist and Art Dream Symbol Meaning

Dreaming about art is quite common, and also quite interesting! Dreaming about art in all forms has to do with creativity. If you dream of paintings, music, sculptures, or anything else that could be created by an artist, what you are really dreaming about is the power of every human to create. In fact, this is one thing that makes … Read More

Apple Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Apples are surely among the most popular fruits in the world. However, they are not only tasty and common in all corners of the world, they are also connected to many stories, legends, and have a deep symbolism. Just think about Eve, or Snowhite. But what does it mean when an apple features prominently in your dreams? Today, we tackle … Read More

Jobs and Workplaces in Dreams

Many of us spend a lot of time at work so it isn’t surprising if we dream about our present or past jobs. Sometimes these dreams can almost be nightmares if we hate our jobs or have been mistreated by our bosses. What Does it Mean to Dream of Having a Job or Being at Work? If you dream about … Read More

Road Dream Symbol Meaning

It is common to dream about roads, particularly as they can represent our journey through certain experiences and also our life in general. In this article, we will take a look at the meaning of roads in different types of dreams. What Does it Mean to Dream About Roads? Dreaming of roads can have a spiritual meaning. They can represent … Read More


Have you experienced dreaming about a mountain? In this article, we will take a closer look at what your dream may mean to your waking life. There is not a single continent in this world where mountains do not exist. These natural, timeless creations are massive and sustain all sorts of terrains and climates. Hence, the flora and fauna you … Read More


The teacher in your dream is any type of individual who is there to teach you a lesson or provide you with information or some kind of wisdom and insight about a certain situation. There are situations in life when you will encounter rivals or stiff competition. We usually see teachers as authority figures, which may mean that you are … Read More

Platypus Dream & Spirit Animal Meaning

If you wonder what 30 million years of physical separation from the rest of the world can do to a continent’s flora and fauna, look at Australia. More than 80% of animals and plants endemic to this continent are found nowhere else on this planet. One of these animals is the platypus. It’s a mammal like no other. It lives … Read More

Peacock Dream Meaning

Peacocks are definitely among the most extravagant-looking birds on the Earth. Their beautiful iridescent blue-green colored feathers spread out in a train make them look out of this world. That’s why it’s not surprising that these birds appear as sacred in different cultures and religions. Peacocks are native to India. As a consequence, some of the oldest legends related to … Read More

Mockingbird Spirit Animal and Meaning

The mockingbird is a very interesting type of bird. From the outside, a mockingbird does look special at all. It is a grey, humble-looking bird. But, mockingbirds have a knack at imitating every sound they hear. They often sing like other birds and imitate various insects and amphibians. In cities, they even tend to pick up on random urban sounds, … Read More