What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Swimming Pool?

We visit swimming pools to burn off stress, exercise, and relax. So it won’t be a great surprise that dreaming of swimming pools links closely to your emotions, specifically those that don’t always make it to the surface. The swimming pool might indicate you need to look at your feelings more closely, perhaps there is something you have not considered or acknowledged. 

For some, swimming pools appear in nightmares more than dreams. This can stem from fears from memories of learning to swim, being in deep water, or bad past experiences. Swimming pool dreams in themselves are not positive or negative, but they’re a signifier of both.

Psychologists Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung both argued that events in your life and the way you react to them affect your dreams. These are not always in ways we expect. Freud believed that dreams stand for repressed wishes, and the purpose of a dream is to satisfy them. You forget what these were once you wake up. In Jungian theory, the conscious mind is worlds smaller than the unconscious. Doesn’t that make finding what your swimming pool means infinitely more interesting?

Water Consistency

A nice starting point to a swimming pool dream meaning is the water itself. It’s also probably the easiest detail to remember. If the water was nice and clear like those in your visions of an ideal holiday, this is good news. Clean water signifies your good health and wellbeing, while dirty and stagnant water is something to watch out for. Dirty water symbolizes troubles ahead, or it can be something that has worried you for too long, creating more stress than you need to carry with you.

Dreaming About an Indoor Pool

The last time you went to an indoor pool, what was the first thing you noticed? The smell. Unpleasant, overwhelming, and you stop noticing it after a while. You’re cut off from the outside and fresh air. If you’re dreaming of an indoor swimming pool, you’re likely feeling trapped, and you don’t realize it. You may feel far away from others, or you need to take a break and reconnect.

Dreams About an Outside Pool

Dreaming about an outside pool is a sign of good things. Traditionally, an outside pool symbolizes that you’ll have good luck in romantic relationships. It can also mean a general run of good luck, so if you’ve been planning new projects, now is the time to start them. 

Emotions and Swimming Pools

While a swimming pool appearing in your dream links to your emotions, it’s worth noting that water has a significant spiritual meaning all throughout history. Used to cleanse the body and spirit, as well as a symbol of survival, adaptability, and renewal, a swimming pool dream can be one or all of these.

Any body of water making an appearance in your dream also indicates your current state and how you feel. The difference lies in the size: a swimming pool in your dream offers a briefer picture of inner feelings, a backdrop to the rest of your dream and its events. Dreaming of a lake or a sea (see also Water Dream Meaning) lingers more on your emotions and inner wellbeing.

Dreams About a Private Pool

Dreaming about private pools? Your subconscious is helping you recharge to prepare for a lot of time with others soon. This may be in a professional context where the stakes are high and you’ll feel the pressure to impress, or it could be a new stage in a relationship. If you own the pool, this means relationships will be a great success. If you don’t, this is longing for something you believe is impossible. Dreaming of a pool you don’t own is a call to action, to rethink what the impossible consists of, to go after what you want. 

Dreams About Swimming in a Pool

Swimming in a pool in a dream is reminding you to look over anything you haven’t finished. Now’s the time to bring it to a close so you can move onto something new. It’s also a symbol of your effort in overcoming problems, and as each project will teach you something different, you’ll be wiser for it. If you are floating in the water, it’s time to start something new and let go of the past.

The State of the Pool in Your Dream

While the type of pool you’re dreaming of can provide insight, so can the state of the pool. The amount of water directly links to your emotional state, giving you a more in-depth meaning behind the symbolism of your swimming pool dream. 

What does it Mean to Dream of a Swimming Pool Without Water?

An empty pool in your dream is your inner self telling you of negative feelings that you might be ignoring during the day. You could be feeling alone, dwelling on past mistakes, or feeling empty and cut off from your emotions. An empty swimming pool can also manifest grief, bitterness, or going through a dark period in your life. Dreaming of an empty pool can help you process these negative emotions, as it gives them somewhere to go.

What does it Signify to Dream of a Dirty Swimming Pool?

A dirty swimming pool in your dream is a sign of upcoming problems. It may be one problem that brings forth a host of new issues, or many problems that can’t be solved at once. As Neil Gaiman in Neverwhere puts it, events “run in packs, and leap out at [you] all at once.” So take time to recharge now, you’ll need that extra energy when you come to sort through them. It can also be a sign that something in your life is unclear and you need to take some time to reflect. If you were swimming through dirty water or even trash in the pool, this reveals that you’ve been holding onto your problems too long. A burnout is imminent if you don’t take time to care for yourself.

Dreaming of a Swimming Pool that’s Half Full

If the water in your dream only touches half of the pool, this can refer to underlying problems in relationships in your life. This may be something simple like reflecting your uncertainty of where you stand with someone, indicating that it’s time to clarify with them so you know how to move forward. A half-full swimming pool symbolizes a lack of connection somewhere in your life, or a desire to connect more deeply with someone you know. 

Dreaming of a Full Swimming Pool

A dream with a swimming pool filled with water is a good omen. The water represents wealth in many aspects, including health, monetary gain, and good luck. Dreaming of a full pool is confidence going into business relationships or a fresh start that might otherwise have been daunting.

What does Swimming in a Pool with Someone Symbolize?

In your dream, if you’re swimming with someone you know, this represents how they are on your mind. You may have a deep connection with them, or have a desire to interact with them more, or you’re concerned about them. If they act worried or aloof, this is a reflection of your current feelings toward them, or even how you think they feel towards you. Feeling positive next to them can symbolize your close relationship with them in life, or how you want them to feel about you.

Swimming with a stranger in your dream makes promises of a new relationship that will form effortlessly. A stranger can also be a subconscious part of you, butting in to tell you something you need to hear but haven’t yet realized in the daytime. A more negative meaning, associated with any feelings of fear or loneliness while you’re with them, is a fear from your waking life transferring into your dream.

What do Lots of People in Your Swimming Pool Dream Mean?

If the pool in your dream is swarming with people, this can be a sign that you’re about to mold your life into more of what you want rather than what you’ve been given. Some changes need making, or new faces are coming into your life soon. 

If there are naked (see also naked dreams) men in your dream, this suggests future embarrassment, something you won’t want to look back on. If there are naked women (see also dream of women), this indicates some sort of drama descending onto your life, perhaps you’ll be caught up in a scandal of some kind, so beware! If you’re dreaming of being naked in a swimming pool, something is holding you back from your full potential, and you want to sever the link so you can grow with the future.

What does it Indicate to Dream of an Empty Pool in a Dream?

While we’ve explored the meaning of empty water in a pool in your dream, there’s a little more to it. The combination of being alone in a pool with no water suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed, there’s an issue that you can’t see your way out of, or you’re having difficulty confronting your feelings. Being alone in a full swimming pool reveals you feel far away from other people, detached from a distressing situation, unable to process your emotions, so you feel numb. Conversely, it can signify being comfortable in your own company which is good for your wellbeing.

What does it Foretell to Dream of a Swimming Pool Party?

Dreaming is thought to be the brain’s method of filing memories away in a way that makes sense to it. Your experiences often reappear in your dreams in different ways, and a party is a common one. A swimming pool party within a dream is a positive indicator. It reflects the positivity currently in your life or the future being kind to you. It has a heavy emphasis on relationships and how they affect your life and outlook. 

If you’re hosting this pool party, your dream is reflecting how you’re thriving, getting a lot out of the relationships in your life, and your sense of belonging with the people you love. If you’re a guest in this dream, you feel supported by those who you’re close to, or you long to be part of a crowd, and you know the way to solve that! 

What does it Mean to Dream of Diving into a Swimming Pool?

Diving into a swimming pool in your dream (see also Dream Symbols Beginning With D Part 2) means there are some big changes in store for you. Life-changing changes. If you’ve been dwelling on making a decision, this means that the choice you come to will have a big impact on your future. A dream of diving in is a good sign, as it’s a forewarning, which can allow more time for you to decide what’s best for you. It also represents a desire to reconnect with anyone you may have lost contact with, or take your life in a new direction. A more negative meaning of diving into a pool in your dream is a sign that you need to take a break before you tire and it takes longer to recover.

What Your Swimming Pool Dream Means

Here’s a handy list to summarize the meaning behind your ethereal swimming pool adventures.

  • Seeing a swimming pool = reflecting your inner emotions, or a new emotional period coming into your life.
  • Swimming in the pool = finish overdue tasks, be clear about your feelings.
  • A gorgeous, bright blue pool = good times ahead, a confidence boost.
  • A dirty swimming pool = bad times ahead, let go of current problems.
  • Clear water in the swimming pool = good news, positive health.
  • Cloudy, dirty water in the swimming pool = trouble ahead.
  • Naked people in the pool = take another look at your relationships.
  • A swimming pool with no water = overwhelming emotions, grief, loss.
  • A swimming pool full of water = abundance, wealth.
  • A half-full swimming pool = relationship problems.
  • Warm water in a pool = protection from troubles.
  • Icy swimming pool water  = fear, bad luck.
  • An outside pool = luck in romantic relationships.
  • An indoor pool = feeling trapped, negative emotions.
  • Naked in a swimming pool = time to cut out negative forces from your life.

What Your Swimming Pool Dream Wants You To Know

Your swimming pool dream is usually a good sign. It can be a desire for change, a sign you need to reflect on your inner feelings, or a sign of good times ahead. It can mean you need to let go and enjoy the moment more, whether it’s a good or a bad event in your life. The swimming pool reflects your inner state and subconscious, allowing you to reconnect with yourself.


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