Rain Dream Meaning

Rain is quite a common symbol in dreams. Sometimes the rain in dreams is simply in the background, just setting the atmosphere for the dream. Other times, the rain has a dominant role in the dream, such as when you are getting soaked by rain or find yourself in a storm. In any case, rain does have a strong symbolism and you should definitely consider the meanings connected with it when interpreting your dream.

So what exactly is the meaning of rain in dreams? That can depend on the context. However, the most important part of interpreting rain is to understand that rain is essentially water. Water in dreams is almost always related to the emotional realm, so this should guide your interpretation of rain. 

Rain in dreams often symbolizes something positive in your life. It suggests that things are flowing and going forward. This could be related to some project you have started, for example. Rain in dreams sends a message that you should not be stagnant. Rather, one should keep moving and let the energies flow freely, like water. 

On the other hand, rain can also be connected with negative emotions. A hard downpour can be a symbol of depression. It could mean you are feeling like you are drowning and doubting your own ability to pull yourself out. 

Common Situations in Dreams About Rain: 

  • Watching the rain fall
  • Getting rained on or feeling the rain on your skin 
  • Wearing a raincoat 
  • Opening an umbrella or being unable to open it 
  • Being stuck inside a storm

A Rain Dream Has a Positive Meaning If: 

  • The rain was ending or it was behind you 
  • You saw sunshine coming through the clouds (often near the end of the dream)
  • You felt peaceful and calm in your dream 

Detailed Rain Dream Meanings 

Since ancient times, raind has been included as a symbol in almost every dream dictionary. However, the interpretation hasn’t been consistent – you could find a variety of meanings connected with rain depending on which dictionary you consult. There is one common denominator of every interpretation, though: rain always has something to do with emotions. 

First of all, rain in dreams has been connected to forgiveness. The need for forgiveness always stems from some kind of disagreement and emotional dissonances. The rain in the dream is telling you it’s time to forgive and move on. On a similar note, the dream could be pointing to feeling rejected or otherwise hurt by others. In any case, the rain in dreams usually indicates it’s time to work through emotions that have caused us pain. 

Older dream dictionaries also associated rain in dreams to bad luck. But this doesn’t have to be the case! 

In any case, to find the right interpretation for your dream, it is very important to consider the context. How were you feeling in the deram? Were you scared of the rain, cold, annoyed, or were you feeling comfortable and calm, or maybe very happy and positive? 

If the feelings are negative, the dream could suggest you are having troubles processing your emotions. There might be too much going on in your life and you just don’t know how to deal with it all. It’s important to find time for yourself. 

One very positive sign in rain dreams is when you see the clouds (see also Cloud Dream Symbolism) clearing and the sun coming out. But even if you don’t see that in the dream, it is important to know that the sun inevitably always comes after the rain. This is something everyone should remember during difficult or challenging times. 

If in your dream you are protected from the rain, and just watching it pour, it might actually mean that you will need to deal with difficult situations in your waking life soon. In that case, try to figure out what the rain represents. Consider also any other objects or events that appeared in the dream. The dream might be preparing you for what is to come, so look for lessons it can teach you. 

In some dreams, the position of the rain could also be meaningful. If the rain is behind you, it could mean that you have worked through emotional problems and lighter times are ahead. If the rain is in front of you, it suggest strong emotions in the present or future. 

Common Rain Dreams

Heavy Downpour 

A heavy downpour (but not a violent storm) in your dream could be connected to your spiritual side. Heavy rain in dreams suggests increased flow of your inner energies. Seeing rain pour down in your dream can be indicative of spiritual development. 

Running in the Rain 

If you dream you are running (see also running dream symbols) in the rain this is a message that you should follow your heart. Don’t be afraid of your emotions and don’t stop yourself from achieving happiness. This is usually connected to friendships and people close to you. Sometimes the brain and the heart don’t agree on what one should do, but this dream is a message that you should let your emotions guide you, at least for now. 

Being Wet From the Rain 

It is common to dream of getting soaked by rain. This is often a good sign, suggesting that good times are coming for you. Being wet from the rain in a dream can also be connected with your hobbies and interests, suggesting that they are important to you. 

Storms and Thunder 

There is a big difference between a calm, soothing rain and a raging storm. They are both associated in emotions, but while regular rain has a more peaceful meaning, stormy weather is connected with strong emotions like anger or grief. 

Dreaming about storms usually points to some tensions in your life, which could be related to a relationship (see also relationships dream symbols) with someone close to you. It can also point to feelings of frustration and repressed anger in any area of your life. 

Hearing thunder in your dream is a strong indicator of anger. If you have been enraged by something in your waking life, this dream definitely has to do with that situation. However, it could also be about anger or resentful feelings you have repressed. Sometimes, our emotions can be quite childish, and our conscious mind can suppress these feelings because we deem them inappropriate. In dreams, these feelings tend to resurface. 

Dreaming of an Umbrella 

Umbrella gives us control and keeps us protected from the rain. This is why dreaming about opening an umbrella could be a message that you need to protect yourself in your waking life. 

Umbrella in dreams can also be a symbol of control or authority. There might be a strong authority figure in your life that has enforced firm principles upon you, but these principles could be keeping you separated from your true emotions. 

An umbrella could also mean you are trying to protect yourself from emotions. You could be afraid to be vulnerable in front of others. There could be some emotional issues you have been avoiding. 

Dreaming of a raincoat has a similar meaning. The raincoat is even more connected to feeling comfortable and protected from outside influences. 

This Dream is in Association with the Following Life Scenarios: 

  • The realm of emotions and matters of the heart in general 
  • Feeling emotionally vulnerable 
  • Feeling emotionally unavailable 
  • Fear of relationships 

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