Clouds Dream Meaning

Clouds can often appear in dreams, but have you ever tried to interpret their meaning? In this article, we are going to take a look at how dreaming about clouds relates to our waking lives.

Clouds Dream Meaning

Clouds in your dreams can focus on your mood and the state of your mind in your waking life. Do you feel sad, happy, fearful, or angry? They can also signify any anxieties you may have as well as your hopes and needs. 

Because clouds often bring water in the form of rain, they can indicate that you are going to grow in some part of your life. However, if the rain is heavy, it can indicate that a worrying time is ahead. A large black cloud indicates depression. On the other hand, white fluffy clouds usually mean that you are due some happiness.

The movement of the clouds in your dream also has some significance in interpreting the dream. If they are moving quickly, it is time for you to think about any stress that you have in life. A cloud floating upwards can mean achievement and power. If you are flying in the clouds, there is something your spirit guides are trying to tell you. Being so high up indicates your closeness to God. If you pull on a cloud, you could be about to meet up with sympathetic and positive people.

Here are Some Common Associations for What Clouds Mean in a Dream

Faith and Hope: It’s not uncommon to think of angels sitting on clouds. If you dream about them, it can mean that you have faith, not necessarily in God, but in somebody you are connected to or something important in your life, like your career. If a ray of sunshine makes its way through the clouds, you can have hope that something you are concerned about will turn out positive.

Finding Clarity: You can sometimes feel that you are wandering through a fog, unable to make decisions. Seeing clouds can mean that you need to find more clarity in your life. It is time to sit down and discuss your concerns with someone you are close to. If you see clouds lifting or moving away, bringing out the sunshine, you can rest assured that you will be able to focus on whatever has been worrying you. 

Changes Ahead: You often see clouds when the weather is about to change. Perhaps a storm (see also Tsunami dreams) is coming and the clouds you now see are dark instead of white, or vice versa. When white fluffy clouds appear they indicate a beautiful day ahead. If you see the clouds change, you could be about to go through a change of fortunes, but this could be either negative or positive. If the clouds have cleared, you can expect that bad luck is a thing of the past. However, if you see storm clouds approaching things might not be going right for you in your waking life. Perhaps depression will affect you, either in yourself or in a member of your family.

Feeling Confusion: Clouds often stop you from seeing things. Perhaps they are hiding the sun or maybe you are at a high altitude and are walking through clouds. Also, you could be trying to make your way through the fog. This tells you that you should proceed with caution in daily life, be it in a relationship, or your career. Fog clouds can also indicate that you are unsure about something or someone.

Reaching Goals: Clouds can often reflect our desire to achieve something. However, it isn’t always positive. Haven’t you heard of the expression, ‘building castles in the air’? This means that perhaps your goals are too unrealistic. You need to plant your feet firmly on the ground. If you dream about a gray cloud, it usually indicates that you are unhappy and that you are finding it difficult to achieve your goals. You need to try and be more positive and assured.

Being Ungrounded: This is the opposite of having your feet firmly placed on the ground. It means that you aren’t facing up to reality in your waking life. If you see clouds in your dream and are shutting your eyes to problems, they can be telling you to come back down to earth and face your problems. Another meaning can be that you are caught up in conflicting emotions and don’t know what to do. You have to sit down, consider how you feel, and make a decision.

Other Special Things to Consider When Dreaming of Clouds 

When deciphering your dream about clouds, it is important to consider what the clouds are doing. If, for example, you see a rainbow amongst the clouds, you could be due some monetary wealth.

Clouds Clearing to Reveal Sunlight

The sun appearing amongst clouds is a positive dream. Your life may not be going quite as you want it to be, but the sun peeping through indicates that things are going to get better. The dream is telling you to be hopeful. You might have to get rid of some beliefs that have held you back, but it will be worth it in the end.

Clouds Covering the Sunlight

If you see clouds covering the sun in your dream, it can mean that you aren’t being true to yourself. There are blockages ahead and you need to work through these. If you do, the sun will come out for you and you will be who you want to be.

Flying in the Clouds

If you see yourself flying through the clouds in your dream, it can indicate that you want to be free from restraints. Day-to-day life is holding you back and you want to be free to do what you want. If you see yourself floating on a cloud, you are going to be content and happy.

Developed Clouds (Square, Round, etc.)

If you dream of a cloud in an unusual shape, there is a hidden force controlling your life. You need to find out if it is someone or something. Only you can change your life if that’s what you want. You have to consider if this is force is positive or negative.

Moving Clouds

If you see clouds moving swiftly, it can mean that something important is going to enter your life. You need to focus on this otherwise these opportunities might pass you by just as the clouds do.

Bright White Clouds

It is a sign of spirituality if you dream about fluffy white clouds. They can also symbolize optimism. You have hope for the future even if things are challenging at the moment. 

To see a white cloud in a sunny sky can mean that you will achieve your goals. If you see a rainbow, you have a clear purpose in life and are bound to do well in what you want.

Gray Clouds

Gray clouds in your dream are not a good sign. They can be saying that you are anxious and worried and can’t find a way out of the situation you’re in. Before you go forward, you have to think through your plans to make sure that they are achievable.

If you dream of gray clouds, you are probably depressed, and things are taking a long time to get sorted. 

Black Storm Clouds

If you see pitch-black clouds in your dream, it indicates that you have struggles to overcome in your waking life. There could be trouble brewing so caution needs to be taken.

Rolling Clouds

Rolling clouds can either suggest that you are lost in your own emotions and can’t relate to anyone, even if they are offering you help. You are probably volatile and can’t find your direction in life. It may be time to swallow your pride and accept help.

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