Clouds Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Some dream symbols are a direct reflection of your being, an embodiment of your state of mind, both consciously and unconsciously. 

While water in dreams represents the state of your emotions, clouds embody your conscience, your general outlook, and how you want life to be. 

Dreaming of clouds is your way of reflecting how life is going, and if there are any issues preventing you from being where you want to be, how to get there.

What do Clouds Mean in a Dream?

Clouds represent your current state of mind, your subconscious filling this dream with all the emotions waking life has caused you lately, no matter how big or how small.

They also play an interesting role within dreams, often seen as ‘protective’, of signs of things that are developing. 

As clouds can predict storms and nasty weather, they are a way of stopping negativity from building up, or a warning of things that could come your way. Rainfall within your dream is a release of pent-up emotion, and a reassurance that things will clear.

How these clouds move in your dream, the speed and the direction, informs the meaning.

Clouds rising above you suggest a new level of spiritual awareness. Slow-moving clouds reflect a state of tranquility, calm, or inertia.

Clouds that roll quickly across the sky embody an undercurrent of stress, or anger.

If you touch clouds within your dream, you will make some new connections with people, and these will be incredibly helpful in the future.

Regain Your Perspective

As trees are a symbol of being well-grounded in dreams, it makes sense that clouds have the opposite meaning. 

Consider the phrase ‘head in the clouds’, where you’re either not considering how reality factors into something, or you’re refusing to believe that things will work out differently than what you hope for.

Dreaming of clouds suggests that you have to regain a sense of reality, or perception, before reality does this for you in an unpleasant, shocking way.

You Need to Tend to Your Spiritual Needs

What better image to represent the spiritual side of you than the clouds above? Dreaming of clouds represents that you need to take some time to care for yourself spiritually, whatever that means to you. 

Focus on what fulfills you, what adds extra speed to your drive or motivation, and then stoke it higher. Your dream may be a warning that an impending change or situation will test you to the core, so if you tend to your spiritual side now, it may help guide you in the days to come.

Maybe you’ve lost sight of what really matters to you, and you have fallen into the trap of focusing on things that don’t really need your attention right now, such as material gain, or instant gratification.

This is especially important if you dream of storm clouds, as they indicate there is significant change ahead of you. This dream is also drawing your attention to the need to stay open-minded, as your beliefs may shift with this change, too.


An abundance of clouds within your dream refers to a suspicion that you aren’t seeing things clearly, or for what they are, but you’re not entirely sure how to go about changing that. 

Whether you dreamed you were blundering through a sea of endless clouds, or you were wading your way through a thick fog, these clouds reflect your state of mind. 

Be careful of taking risks in the near future, or placing your trust in someone. You may risk losing something vital to you.

Get Rid of Your Negativity

If you dream of only falling through a mass of freezing clouds, this signifies that you are focusing too much on your negative thoughts and emotions. 

You’re constantly plagued by worry, your doubts of not being good enough, or fears that you won’t measure up to people’s expectations. You need to search for the sun instead of the cloud, and balance out your perspective, where you can see both the positive and the negative aspects of things. 

Different Ways Clouds Appear and Their Dream Symbolism 

Remembering the clouds’ appearance in your dream will go a long way to help you decipher it, as it can pinpoint the meaning. 

Clouds Being Burned Away By The Sun

Dreaming of the sun emerging from clouds is one of the most positive dream images you can wake from. You may feel refreshed and relieved, lighter for having this dream. 

Any current problems you’re trying to deal with will soon disperse, and you’ll be free to enjoy waking life in a state of peace, for a little while.

Clouds Blocking Out The Moon

Dreaming of clouds blocking out the moon implies a longing for something to change, in a meaningful way. You hope that things will become better as they change state, and you want more meaning out of life than you currently have. 

You feel it’s time to shake off those old vulnerabilities and insecurities which have been holding you back for so long. You’re sick of feeling the same way when things get tough, and you want to become a better version of yourself.

Lying on a Cloud

A dream where you lie on a cloud is your subconscious warning you that you need some quiet, away from the chaos of everyday life. 

You need to rest and recharge, away from the worries that constantly prevent you from doing this in everyday life. You require time to be able to reflect on how things are going, so you can adjust accordingly.

Distinctly-Shaped Clouds

Clouds that form as unusual shapes in your dream suggest that there’s a driving force behind your life, and unfortunately, it isn’t you. 

Something else, or someone else, has a profound impact on your life, and you should ask yourself whether this is a positive thing, or something that you should move away from.

Gray Formless Clouds

Dreaming of gray, formless clouds reveals a period of anxiety, confusion, sadness, or depression. It can also indicate that you need to cultivate a better sense of direction, whether that is literally, or more figuratively speaking.

Clouds Streaked with Red

If you dream of clouds which are tinged or streaked with red, this implies that something in your life is coming to an end, making way for something new.

Alternatively, dreaming of red clouds points to anger, passion, or another equally strong emotion dictating your choices. You are letting your emotions decide for you, instead of looking at all the facts.

Gold Clouds

Gold clouds appearing in your dream refers to a restored hope, clarity, or optimism.


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