Lice in Dreams: Meaning and Interpretation

You suddenly wake up, feeling a bit disgusted. What is it that disturbed you? You suddenly realize you have been dreaming about lice. No matter how this dream makes you feel, you’ll probably be glad to learn that dreaming about lice is actually not a negative sign. On the contrary, traditional dream dictionaries usually interpret lice as a positive sign! 

There is another common meaning of lice dreams. What is the first characteristic you have in your mind when you think about lice? You are probably thinking something along the lines of: they are annoying, and certainly something I don’t want in my hair. This is what lice often represent in dreams – something persistent that’s bothering you.  Along that line, lice can represent enemies, or someone who does not deserve to have you trust. There might be someone with hidden motives trying to harm you. 

The positive interpretation and this second one sometimes merge into one. In that case, dreaming of lice means you will deal with your enemies (or anyone who does not have your best interest in mine) successfully. 

Interpreting Lice Dreams 

To find the right interpretation, it’s important to consider all of the details in the dream. What did the dream remind you of? How did you feel in the dream? How did you feel after waking up? Who or what was in the dream besides lice? On whose head were the lice? Or they were somewhere else? All of these are questions that can help you find the true message behind your dream. 

There are many possible interpretations for lice. This is because they are connected with ancient symbolism, but at the same time have contemporary significance too. Head lice, for example, bring back memories of kindergarten and elementary school for many of us. So that would be one possible interpretation. Of course, it depends on the person and whether the one who is having the dream has had any personal experience with lice. If you are a parent and your children caught head lice (we hope you don’t get to experience that!), your dream could very well be connected to that experience. 

On the other hand, there are some very unexpected possible interpretations of lice. For example, in some ancient traditions lice were connected with good sex life, or sometimes men who are successful at charming the ladies. Go figure. 

Another common topic in lice dreams is the search for a cure. In your dream, you might have been trying to cure lice. Was it easy or were they persistent and not reacting to your attempts? Who helped you find the cure? Or maybe you couldn’t find one? This could very well be pointing to your attempts at weeding out some bad influences from your life. 

What does it mean to dream of lice?

Lice are parasites. They literally feed on our blood. This is why it makes sense to think of lice in dreams as representations of our enemies. Lice are the real blood-sucking devils. They do not only feed on our blood, but they multiply quickly, they are hard to get out, and they are very persistent. Plus, they crawl into any hairy areas of the human body which makes them even more creepy. Again, this is why it makes sense to ascribe a negative meaning to them. However, this is not necessarily true! When it comes to dreams, things we dream of can often have exactly the opposite meaning. This is often true with lice. As we mentioned before, they are sometimes connected with good luck or even a good sex life. 

What is the main dream interpretation of lice?

We’ll get into the positive interpretations of lice a bit later on, but the negative connotations are the most common meanings of lice in modern times. After all, they are always unwanted guests. Lice often represents something that is sucking the life out of you – in whatever sense. It could be an unhealthy relationship, or it could be something else that is taking too much of your energy. On a lighter note, dreaming about lice can be a warning, telling you to identify what’s coming to you and act to get rid of it or find a solution, before it’s too late! 

What does it mean to dream of killing head lice?

There are many ways to get rid of lice. There are shampoos, over the counter medicine, and many folk remedies. Sometimes they work, but sometimes it’s incredibly hard to kill these little parasites, as they can become resistant. Sometimes even the medicine prescribed by your doctor doesn’t work.  That’s why dreaming about killing head lice can symbolize dealing with something really annoying or frustrating. 

In your dream, you might have been attempting different remedies to get rid of lice. No matter if your quest was successful or not, these kinds of dreams usually mean you are taking steps to deal with something that’s harming you, and that’s usually a good thing. 

On a lighter note, dreaming about getting rid of head lice can be a good sign, in the financial sense. According to ancient dream lore, killing head lice signifies financial gain! Now, some people think these old interpretations are pure superstition (see also Itching Superstitions And What They Mean). Is it? Who knows. In any case, if you are getting rid of something that’s bad for you, that ought to bring some benefits down the line. And who knows, maybe they will even be financial. In any case, dreaming about killing head lice could mean you have already done what was in your power. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

Dreams about lice could also have some significance relating to your love life. In terms of love, this dream is usually connected to some old love. Maybe a flame has been extinguished and now you want it rekindled. The head lice you have killed might represent the problems you’ve had with your past relationships, and now it seems they are all gone. In general, this dream means there are good times ahead if this encounter with an old love is realised. 

What does it mean to dream of someone else having hair lice?

This kind of dream is especially common for parents. Usually it is the children who get head lice, and this is what parents could be dreaming of. If someone at your kid’s school has head lice (or even your kids), this dream could obviously reflect anxieties about dealing with head lice. 

However, there is a more positive interpretation for these dreams. When you dream of someone else having lice (anyone, not just your children) it could be a sign of luck. It could be that this person will help you somehow. It could also mean there is a raise at work coming your way. In any case, according to this interpretation, it is a dream full of positive energies. 

What do light colored lice mean in your dream?

In real life, adult lice are generally light in color. They are usually not white, but more of a grayish, pale color. You might also know that the eggs of lice are white. Now, when we dream about lice, they can appear in any color, black, whicte, or even pink or yellow. In any case, if the color of the lice is prominent or it is the main detail you remember from the dream, you should also think about the dream interpretation of this color. 

White or in any case decidedly light color would symbolize spiritual awakening (see also Color Dream Interpretation). 

What does it mean to dream of lice if you are getting married?

If you are getting married soon, dreaming about lice has a special significance. In this case, it could signify doubts you or your partner might be having, and an important conversation that needs to happen between the two. This dream means there are some issues between the two partners, but luckily, the issues are minor. The couple should, however, seek to deal with them before tying the knot. 

What does it mean to dream of talking to lice?

When lice are talking to you in your dream, it is indeed a strange sight. Such dreams where supernatural things happen usually mean something extraordinary is going to happen in your waking life. It might not be something as weird and impossible as talking to lice, but definitely something that does not happen every day. 

On the other hand, you might just be talking to lice without them responding. We already said that lice can represent something that’s sucking up your energy. Talking to lice could mean you are looking for solutions and taking steps to deal with this problem. 

What does it mean to dream of hair that has partial lice?

Sometimes in a dream, there are only a few lice in yours or somebody else’s hair. It could also be that the hair is infected with lice only in some parts. In any case, these dreams mean there are difficult decisions ahead for you. There might be a situation that could appear both good or bad – and you are not sure what to think of it. This could also mean you are about to make a false move that could have negative consequences. The dream could be a warning. What can you do about it? Well, sometimes nothing. But you could try just being more attentive to your surroundings. Think twice, cut once, as the ancient saying goes. 

What does it mean to dream about lice crawling on your head?

To dream about lice crawling on the head or body means things are slipping through your fingers in life. It’s often a sign that you are making bad financial decisions. If you think this could be the right interpretation, think about where you are losing money and if it’s possible to prevent that. You want to take action before it’s too late and you get into serious debt. If it seems like there is no solution, talk to a wise person you trust. There is always a way. 

What does it mean to dream of having lice?

Dreaming about having lice is always a sign of some persistent problems that you need to deal with. It might not be easy, but it must be done. It is for your own good. This problem or annoyance could be in any area of your life. It could be related to a friend, a relative, your job, or something else. Finally, this could also point to problems in your love life. Your partner might be an emotional vampire draining all of your energy and you might not even realize it. 

What does it mean to clean your hair of lice in a dream?

Getting rid of lice successfully in your dream is the sign that you are standing up for yourself and fighting your problems. Perhaps you have just learned how to put yourself first and take good care of yourself. If you are getting the lice out of your hair with ease (perhaps with a shampoo), it’s an extremely good sign. Everything in your life is ‘flowing’. You can expect positive changes and even surprises. 

What does it mean to dream of darker color lice?

Lice are usually not very dark, in real life that is. However, as we already mentioned, in dreams lice can be any color, and if that color draws your attention, it is good to think about the interpretation of this color. Luckily for you, dark colored lice usually mean success. And it is usually not just luck, but success caused by the efforts you have been putting into something. It could be a raise at work, increased cash flow, or something totally unexpected. There might be new opportunities for growth coming your way. 

What does dreaming of lice mean if you are married in real life?

According to ancient dream lore, when a married woman dreams about lice it is a sign that the husband is not doing his part in the relationship. You might feel that your efforts are not appreciated, you are not getting enough respect, or your partner is downright undermining your efforts to create a better life. This interpretation is usually only connected to women, not to men. However, if this doesn’t sound right to you, consider other interpretations listed in this article. Your marriage status might not be of significance here. 

What does a dream about lice eggs mean?

Lice eggs have similar meaning to any egg in dreams. This might be counterintuitive, but dreaming about lice eggs is usually a positive sign! It is a sign there are good things waiting for you down the road. Do not be afraid to take on new adventures and tackle new challenges – you are ready and you will succeed. There is a chance the quality of your life will improve significantly. We know that dreaming about lice eggs can be disturbing, but at least the positive interpretation can be of some comfort. 

Have you been dreaming about lice? What was your dream about? Did this article help you find the right interpretation? We’d be happy to hear your thoughts! 


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