Itching Superstitions And What They Mean

Many superstitions worldwide are rooted in truth and historical beliefs, but some are just fascinating. 

But what does it mean when you have an itch? Is the meaning the same if a different part of your body itches? 

Let’s find out.

Itching Superstitions

One of the most common interpretations of an itch implies a change of scenery or a journey shortly, but some suggest that it comes from a lack of patience or focus that is affecting your life or even despair. 

Itching Feet Superstition Meaning

This is probably the most famous of the itching superstitions. Many people have heard of the phrase that someone has got ‘itchy feet’, but what does it mean? Well, if you are referring to someone else, it usually means they are about to travel.

When you might have itchy feet yourself, it has a similar meaning that you will go on a journey of sorts. You might be about to travel the world, go on holiday, or go on a more introspective trip. 

Whichever it might be, this will change your outlook on life, and how you view the world and everything in it. 

But this meaning can also change depending on where the itch is, and if it’s both feet, or just one. An itch on the top of your foot may suggest that you’re the topic of conversation, while an itch on the bottom of your foot implies that a new venture should pay off handsomely.

An itch bothering your left foot but not the sole of your foot suggests that you won’t enjoy a new journey or change in your life. If an itch occurs on the sole of one of your toes on your left foot, this means that this journey will take something away from you.

The interpretations turn more favorable if the itch is solely on the right foot, suggesting that things are about to look up. 

Itching Palms Superstition Meaning

An itch on your right palm suggests that you should expect a significant development soon, and it can also indicate that you will come into some money soon. 

Both palms itching refers to material wealth, but superstition warns against scratching, as this may block this prosperity from arriving entirely.

The left palm itching implies that you will need to pay someone soon. If you have an itchy thumb, this means you’re about to entertain guests soon.

What Does An Itchy Nose Mean?

An itching nose implies that you’re about to argue with someone (see also What Does It Mean When Your Nose Itches?).

An Itch On The Crown Of Your Head Meaning

The crown of your head implies recognition and a promotion at work, and good luck.

Itchy Ears Superstition Meaning

Itching ears suggests that you are the topic of conversation. Your left ear itching reveals someone’s love for you, while your right ear suggests gossip. 

Other Interesting Itching Superstitions Worth Mentioning

If you have itching ankles, this denotes a rise in your wealth, which may not be monetary. 

Itchy legs can suggest an unwelcome development in your life. Itching thighs imply that you may have a change of scenery or a new place to live soon.

The meaning of itchy knees depends on which one is itching. An itch on your right knee suggests you have a long journey ahead of you, while an itch on your left knee suggests that a trip won’t be what you want it to be. It may be filled with bad luck.

Both knees itching can signal some sort of jealousy in your life.

An itch around your toes implies that the future is going to come with a lot of obstacles. 

If you itch around your neck, the old interpretation of this is that you will be hanged for something. 

This is less applicable nowadays (thank goodness!) so modern superstition suggests that an itch around the neck refers to how you look at your life as a whole.

Final Thoughts

Superstitions about itching can suggest changes in your life, but also something that you need to pay attention to, depending on where you experience the itch.

An itch can also denote how you need to practice more patience or focus your energy on one specific goal.


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