What Do Dreams About Dying And Going To Heaven Mean

Have you had dreams about dying and going to heaven?

What sort of feeling do you get when you dream of such?

We get it completely – this type of dream may be concerning, yet at the same time make you feel happy.

There is something quite optimistic about being able to go to heaven. However, a dream that involves your death can be rather grim and confusing.

Let us shed light on this dream and what it really means. Then, you will be able to have a better understanding of it the next time you witness it in your life.

Dreaming about Heaven and Its Hidden Meaning

Everybody yearns to go to heaven one day.

After all, heaven is a symbol of eternity and enlightenment.

There is nothing but beauty and peace when you hear the word “heaven.”

Thus, it is not surprising that after seeing heaven – or being in heaven – even if it is only in your dream, this gives you a feeling of joy.

But what does the dream actually mean?

A dream of ascending or going to heaven sends an important message.

For instance, it depicts being able to surpass difficulties. Now, you are able to reach an eternity of joy and peace.

In some instances, it can mean that you are slowly going from a low state of life to a higher state. This is why you may feel like you are ascending… In every sense of the word.

To reach heaven could mean reconciling yourself. If you encounter problems in your life, yet you have eventually overcome them all, there is no such greater feeling.

Dreaming of heaven could also mean other things. It could be a symbol of contentment and your spiritual nature. You are positive about being able to overcome all troubles, no matter how difficult they may be.

Visiting Heaven in Your Dream

But what if you did not completely die in your dream? Yet, you were able to see the gates (see also Why Am I Dreaming Of A Gate?) or doors of heaven?

What does this mean, then?

When you witness this in your dream, it has significant meanings. For instance, you are in a state in your life where things are unfolding smoothly and naturally.

You are not worrying about anything at all.

All of your desires and aspirations are just waiting to be fulfilled – and you are able to achieve your goals in life.

The vista of the golden gates may also depict being able to obtain support from individuals. In fact, these may be those whom you are not expecting to receive assistance from.

Do Dreams Actually Mean Anything?

Well, it is a fact that your dreams arise from your subconscious.

Your thoughts in your waking moments tend to reflect in your sleeping state. Thus, your dreams say something about what you are feeling and thinking when you are awake.

Those who live each day with perfectionism may see heaven in their dreams rather often.

They may experience issues with accepting facts in their life… That they always need to be in perfect control of every single thing.

You may also be struggling to accept the truth that some things stay in life – tough or easy ones.

This is why when you undergo such difficulties, and you do your best to escape from them, a dream involving heaven appears.

What this is merely trying to say is that you can achieve a better, lighter state once you have surpassed all your difficulties at the moment.

Dreaming of heaven could also be a symbol of change. It means that change is happening, and it is something that you cannot and should not stop: It just needs to happen.

Perhaps, you are on your way to coming up with the toughest decision in your life. It may be something that requires you to think and contemplate very well before you commit to it.

Generally, a dream of heaven means new beginnings, new life, new hope. This is why if you have this dream, this is a good sign for you to change certain aspects of your life – and then you can begin fresh.

It is about welcoming the next chapter or phase in your life. Time to get rid of the old and reserve some space for fresh, new things that will benefit you the most.

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A Heaven Dream Is a Challenge to Strengthen Your Spirituality

Dreaming of dying and going to heaven is an invitation to be more spiritual.

You need to reconnect with your spiritual self; with the divine.

There is a strong calling to restore your hope, confidence, and optimism in life. You may have gone through the most challenging things and almost lost hope.

Yet a dream of heaven is telling you to never give up – answers are coming your way!

Final Words on Dreaming about Heaven

It is always so beautiful to see heaven in your dream.

All those things we understand about heaven and what it means are definitely true – enlightenment, peace, joy, evolution.

When you dream of heaven, it means so many things. It could depict a fresh start, a problem that is about to be solved or having all your aspirations come true.

These are all wonderful meanings behind this dream.

Sure, it is a dream that involves death. However, remember that dreams about death only means a new beginning?

Thus, when you dream of dying and going to heaven, it means you are about to surpass a difficult phase in your life. So, it is a great sign that should keep you moving forward and keep going in the right direction.

We hope we were able to help you answer your question about this dream, which can positively affect you in your daily life.


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