The Real Meaning Behind a Dream That Someone Died

We totally get it – a dream that someone died is never a fun experience.

But then it does happen from time to time. You wake up feeling uneasy after such a haunting dream.

Does it really mean someone in your dream will actually die such a fate? Or is there a hidden meaning behind this dream?

We analyze and interpret death-related dreams and compile their meanings in this post. Have a read to learn more about the true meaning behind this disturbing dream.

The Basics of Death Dreams

A dream that someone died is never literal. That is a short and concise answer to many people’s questions about its true meaning.

In fact, dreaming of someone’s death means a number of things. There are several connotations to it.

This is actually not a bad omen. It is not a premonition of an individual dying.

Let us take a look at these examples that will prove to you why such dreams are not at all bad or negative.

A Dream That Someone Died – Interpretations Revealed

When you dream of someone dying, it reveals how you really feel about this person.

For instance, a dream about your parents dying simply means you do not want to lose them in real life. Perhaps in the present moment, they are suffering from a serious disease, or you have not seen them in a while.

This is why you may dream of these people dying – you are not prepared to see them go away.

You miss them terribly, which is why you have such sad dreams.

Here are different types of dreams that someone died and interesting interpretations to clear up your mind about them:

1. Change in Your Current Situation

Death is a signal of a new beginning.

When you dream of another person dying, it only means that there is a new life about to start with them. It could be a new love interest, new job or career, or setting fresh, new goals for one’s life.

This is why dreams of death are actually inspiring and optimistic. You are on your way to experiencing a beautiful new change in your life.

If the current moment is not at all great, then what’s the point of holding on to it, right?

The best way to go is to embrace the change, which is there to bring great possibilities and opportunities in your life.

2. Jealousy and Negative Feelings

Death could also depict hidden, negative feelings you have towards another person.

Did you and that person in your dream recently had an argument?

Your dream is showing you how you truly feel about that individual. After all, your subconscious reveals a snapshot of your conscious mind. When you dream of those things, you are actually thinking about them – whether you are aware of it or not.

Feelings of rage, jealousy or anger can appear in your dream as haunting images. This is why you may have death dreams that involve that person.

3. Guilty Feelings

Another meaning behind a dream that someone died is guilt.

You have probably said or done something that caused this person to feel upset. Maybe you hurt his or her feelings through your words or actions.

Thus, in the dream, you saw them die – right in front of your very eyes.

It shows how much you regret all that you’ve said and done to this person. This is why you have seen in your dream they are dying and fading away in your life.

On the other hand, having positive feelings and emotions in your everyday life will give you optimistic dreams. You will no longer have to deal with these death dreams that may be attributed to your remorse or guilty feelings.

4. Betrayal By Another Person

Do you feel that someone has betrayed you and lost your trust?

If this happened in real life, it could present itself in your dreams, too.

You may be feeling uncertain about this person, after hurting you. This is why in the dream, you witness them dying. You are unhappy with their presence, and seeing them go away completely may occur in your dream.

This kind of dream involving these people may merely show that you seek revenge. That it is the punishment they deserve for doing such a thing to you.

5. Being Controlled by Another Person

Is there someone in your life who is controlling you in one way or another?

Do you have a manipulative partner, parent, or friend (see also Ex-Friend Dream Symbolism)?

In this case, you unconsciously seek a way out of these people. And so, your dream of them dying is a sign that you want to be free from them.

This is your passive way of seeking a way to exit these people. You no longer want them to control you, yet you are not actively doing anything to be free from them.

Again, you are not wishing them dead. You merely want them to stop controlling you.

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What To Do About a Dream That Someone Died

If you experience this kind of dream, the best way to go about it is to make an honest reflection of your present moment in life.

Do you have any hang-ups or regrets in your waking life?

Are you feeling betrayed, controlled, or manipulated by someone?

Do you seek revenge for such feelings caused upon you?

This is why dreams are a good way to take action in your life. They are reminders that something needs to be changed. After all, life is constantly flowing and evolving.

Nothing is supposed to stay as they are.

So, use your dreams to make your waking moments more joyful and with zero regrets. This way, your subconscious will be happier, more at peace, and calmer. Then, you will get rid of haunting dreams that may impact you when you wake


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