Dogs In Your Dream: The Meaning and Spiritual Symbolism

Dogs are among the most-loved pets in the world, and they have a huge impact on our lives, so it’s no wonder they appear in our dreams. The dream of having a dog is often associated with emotion. In particular, feelings of love, protection, loyalty, companionship, and security, but can also embody other emotions, too. The appearance of a dog … Read More

Dead Person Alive Or Living One Seen Dead Dream Symbolism

Seeing a dead person in a dream can be stressful or upsetting to say the least. You may have dreamed of someone you know who has died, or a stranger that you knew to be dead in the dream. In some cases, you might even dream of the dead coming alive again, stirring up emotions that you thought you’d dealt … Read More

Right Meaning And Interpretation Of Dreams of Dead People

Dreaming of dead people can be an upsetting experience to say the least, but there’s a reason your subconscious chose this theme, and it’s not something you want to ignore. A dream involving the dead is fairly common, but it’s not always talked about, as people can react in wildly different ways!  Read on to discover the meaning behind your … Read More

5 Spiritual Symbolism & Meanings Of A Dragon (Totem + Omens)

Dragons can manifest in your life in different ways, and similarly, there is a plethora of symbolism to look through in order to find what the dragon means to you. They are closely connected to emotions, as well as a range of personality traits. But there is some overarching symbolism to consider, too. Dragons, as mythical creatures, represent the intangible … Read More

Demon Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are demons real, visiting you in your most vulnerable state to tempt you, to convince you that everything is lost, and you should do what you want anyway? Or do they represent part of you, as many dream symbols do? Dreaming of demons can be a bewildering experience, as why they manifest in our dreams has been argued over for … Read More

Driving Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Dreaming about driving is synonymous with how in control of your life you feel, regardless of whether you drive in waking life or not.  For those that drive in waking life, dreaming of driving can reflect the skills you need in order to be safe, such as keeping your eyes as far ahead as possible, being vigilant, and the persistence … Read More

Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With D – Part 2

Detective A detective appearing in your dream points to risk, excitement or danger in part of your waking life. Dreaming of being a detective reflects how you are looking for latent talents or abilities you haven’t discovered yet. Or, you’re looking to solve something which has been plaguing you for a while. Dreaming of being followed by a detective indicates … Read More

Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With D – Part 1

D Dreaming of the letter D indicates a sub-par quality or something which is acceptable, but only just about. There’s nothing wrong with something, but there’s nothing great about it. Or, the letter D symbolizes being open to new ideas or opportunities, and a period of happiness. D is also the Roman numeral for 500. Dachshund Dreaming of a Dachshund … Read More

Dragon Dream Interpretation

Dragons were a common symbol in different cultures across the world pretty much since the dawn of time. Their meanings might differ, but the essence is the same. A dragon is one of the most powerful mythological creatures, and whether it’s pictured as good or evil, it certainly is a power to be reckoned with. Throughout the cultures from the … Read More

Disaster Dream Symbols

Disaster dreams often occur as a result of worrying about the future, and what it has in store for you. The nature of the disaster embodies a specific area of your life which you feel a lack of control in, or you’re having doubts about. Disaster dreams are an outlet for your negative feelings about the future, and you may … Read More

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