Dragon Dream Interpretation

Dragons were a common symbol in different cultures across the world pretty much since the dawn of time. Their meanings might differ, but the essence is the same. A dragon is one of the most powerful mythological creatures, and whether it’s pictured as good or evil, it certainly is a power to be reckoned with. Throughout the cultures from the … Read More

Disaster Dream Symbols

Disaster dreams often occur as a result of worrying about the future, and what it has in store for you. The nature of the disaster embodies a specific area of your life which you feel a lack of control in, or you’re having doubts about. Disaster dreams are an outlet for your negative feelings about the future, and you may … Read More

Deer Dream Meaning

It is usually positive to dream about a deer or reindeer. They are spiritual creatures who are also noble and beautiful. You are likely to receive good news or good luck if you dream about one. Deer are also associated with a new start. In this article, we will be looking at different dream scenarios with deer and telling you … Read More

Dreams About the Devil

Have you ever had a dream about the devil? Perhaps if you have, you have woken up scared, worried, and unsettled. However, is there any need to be frightened? Yes and no. Seeing a devil in your dreams can be negative, but it doesn’t mean that you are going to hell. In 1923, Sigmund Freud, the dream psychologist, did a … Read More

What Does A Dinosaur Mean In Your Dreams?

As we all know, dinosaurs are a thing of the past. They’ve been gone for millions of years, leaving only their bones as proof of their existence. So when you see a dinosaur in a dream, it’s clearly a symbol of something that’s in the past.  So for instance, a dream of a dinosaur can be related to a certain … Read More

Dog Attack Dream Meaning

Dog attack dreams are never pleasant. No matter if you are dreaming you are being bitten by a dog, running from a pack of dogs, or maybe fighting with one or multiple dogs, it’s not something any of us want to see. Especially if you love dogs in waking life.  So what are these dreams all about? Today, we’ll try … Read More

What Does Drowning In A Dream Mean?

Dreaming of being submerged in water can signify rebirth, and this is also an archetype in dream psychology, which is synonymous with the image of being in the womb. Drowning in a dream is either a really stressful experience or a tranquil one, and there’s no in between. You wake up stressed, confused, or strangely calm.  When it comes to … Read More

Dreaming of Someone Dying

It isn’t uncommon to dream about death. After all, it is part of our lives and is something that is always at the back of our minds. Most of us are afraid of death and a dream about dying can make us wake up feeling worried and stressed. So, is the dream a premonition? No, that is rarely the case … Read More

The Real Meaning Behind a Dream That Someone Died

We totally get it – a dream that someone died is never a fun experience. But then it does happen from time to time. You wake up feeling uneasy after such a haunting dream. Does it really mean someone in your dream will actually die such a fate? Or is there a hidden meaning behind this dream? We analyze and … Read More

What Do Dreams About Dying And Going To Heaven Mean

Have you had dreams about dying and going to heaven? What sort of feeling do you get when you dream of such? We get it completely – this type of dream may be concerning, yet at the same time make you feel happy. There is something quite optimistic about being able to go to heaven. However, a dream that involves … Read More

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