What Does It Mean To Dream Of Doors?

We rarely pay attention to doors during our waking hours, unless we can’t go through one. What are everyday and unremarkable objects in waking life contain a lot of symbolism in dreams, and it’s one dream symbol worth paying attention to.

Doors in dreams typically signal a period of transformation or change and may be a sign of great luck, a wealth of opportunity and excitement, or coming misfortune, stress, and fear.

But how do you tell the difference between a good dream of a door and a bad one? It’s all in the context of the dream.

Why Am I Dreaming Of A Door?

You might dream of a door when you have the unavoidable feeling that things are about to change drastically, but you have no idea why you feel this way.

This suspicion becomes amplified in your dream, and your subconscious gives you the visual of a door, as an outlet, but also as something that needs your attention. 

Doors in dreams may also represent a fresh start, mystery, security, hope, or despair, depending on the context of the dream, including what type of door you dream of, whether it is open or shut, and how you feel when you see it.  

Doors also serve as a divide between events, life paths, hope and despair, protection and vulnerability.

A dream of a shut door may signal an opportunity that is no longer possible for you, and a locked door represents an impossible situation, dreams you can’t currently achieve, or a secret being kept from you.

An open door denotes opportunity, hope, and achieving your dream. 

Seeing a door attached to a building implies that you are limited in waking life right now, and you need to find an opportunity to grow past what you think are your limits.

Dreaming of a locked door in an unknown building suggests that you’re about to encounter an argument or a misunderstanding with someone important to your life, or it may suggest that now is not the time to go after your long-term goals.

The Door Dream Symbol

A door may manifest itself in your dreams when you are too scared to commit to something, whether that’s because you’re afraid that the decision you’re mulling over is the wrong one, or you don’t have the answer you need.

Many doors may appear in your dreams when you feel overwhelmed, or there are too many paths to choose, and you’re not sure which will be the right one for you.

If you dream of trying to close a door, but you are unable to, this is an anxiety dream. It suggests that you are trying to close a chapter of your life before it is finished, or you’re desperately trying to deny something.

But doors can be incredibly positive signs in dreams, too. A door may protect you from harm in your dream, reflecting how you are supported and protected in waking life, and your wealth in your support system.

The door may also signal that you’re about to go through a dramatic change somewhere that will improve many aspects of your life. 

This might be a deepening relationship, a new relationship or friendship, a change in your career, your family getting bigger, or moving somewhere new.

A door that is firmly shut in your dream may suggest that there is a lot more going on in your life than you realize. Maybe it’s time to look deeper.

The act of turning a door handle in your dream reflects how you are uncovering new opportunities in waking life.

A nightmare that features a door is not bad in itself. It can come as a helpful warning that you are trying to fit something into your life that is impossible to do so. 

This might be a belief, a problem you cannot solve on your own, or a relationship that doesn’t suit you.

Dreaming of holding a key in your palm and looking at a door implies that you have a wealth of potential ahead of you. You just need to go ahead and take it. 

The Significance Of An Open Door In Your Dream

You’ll probably be able to guess this one. A dream where you see an open door reflects a new opportunity to start afresh in life or a different way of tackling your problems.

As a door is a way of connecting two rooms or different areas, it may also suggest that your actions are opening up new pathways in life, and different sets of opportunities to choose from.

Spiritually speaking, it refers to a new purpose, belonging, and feeling free.

You may dream of an open door when you long for a new start in life, or you are keeping as many options open as possible so that you can make an informed choice about which is better, or feel freer. 

In older dream interpretation, a dream of a door left open implies that some of your greatest hopes could come true soon, and luck is on your side. 

Or, it may suggest that you will have company at your home soon. If you haven’t got a romantic partner, there is a chance that you will meet someone suited to you shortly.

However, dreams of open doors aren’t always positive. If you feel nervous when you see the door, and you’re afraid to see what it contains, this denotes an unexpected development in your life soon, one that you won’t be comfortable with.

If the door squeaks in your dream, this suggests there is a strong possibility that you’re about to argue with someone you love, or you’re about to suffer some misfortune.

What Does It Mean To Knock On A Door In Your Dream?

Knocking on a door in your dream suggests that you are becoming more open to new possibilities, and this will help you soon. 

If you are running from something in your dream, and you hammer on a door to be let in, this is a call to lean on your support system for some advice or another opinion. Maybe you’re in over your head in some way. 

Feeling stressed while knocking on a door in your dream denotes that you are long overdue for a decent break. When was the last time you took a holiday from your worries? 

If someone knocks on your door in a dream, this suggests that there is a hidden chance somewhere in waking life that you’d do well to take.

Opening A Door In Your Dreams

Generally, the act of opening a door in your dreams suggests that you’re about to have a revelation, which will sweep away any doubts you have about not going after what you want.

Closing A Door In Your Dreams

Closing a door in your dreams suggests you’re moving on to a new life path, or, you are refusing to face a situation.

Dreaming Of A Very Small Door

A very small door in your dreams implies that you are unaware of your potential in life, or you feel it, and you simply don’t want to try and realize it. You’re happy with where you are in life.

Being unable to fit through the small door at all reflects a difficult problem in waking life, and you can’t see a way through. It may be time to call upon someone else to help you.

Seeing Several Doors In Your Dream

Many doors in your dream refer to the sheer possibilities you have ahead of you. It will be difficult to decide between them.

Dreaming Of A Broken Door

Seeing a broken door in your dream signifies that something in your life isn’t working as well as it should, and to get it back on track, you need to figure out what this is and fix it.

It could be that your perception of things right now is biased, based on what you want to happen or what you worry will happen, instead of the most likely outcome.

Or, a broken door suggests that your energies are blocked in some way. Maybe you’ve been focusing on work so much that you don’t have any time for yourself, or your personal life is eating into your responsibilities.

If you believe in chakras, it may be time to do some cleansing or healing work.

A dream where you break a door to get in refers to your determination in life to get what you dream of, and it may also suggest that a solution that you’ve been looking for is close at hand.

If you dream of someone trying to break into a door to get at you, this can refer to how you feel vulnerable somewhere in waking life, or how your internalized aggression or a source of conflict is hitting you hard.

It may be that you’re ignoring something that your intuition is telling you, something that would greatly help you make progress in life. 

The good news is that if the door breaks open enough for you to see into/out of it, this suggests that there is a new beginning coming into your life.

Or, your dream of a broken door may be suggesting that your approach to something or someone isn’t working. Maybe you’re being too stubborn when a situation calls for a more delicate or understanding manner.

Dreaming Of A Front Door

A front door in your dream is linked to self-image, the side of you that you show to others the most, and the surface of a situation in waking life.

If you see a corridor of front doors, this implies that you are seeing circumstances from the wrong side, and you want to get to the ‘face’ of it, or perhaps confront something head-on.

A front door in your dream may denote that you are at the start of a new journey, or a problem you’re facing is much bigger than you think.

A Dream Of A Back Door

A back door in your dreams points to trying to avoid predictable problems in waking life and trying to do it by yourself. 

Or, it may suggest that you are avoiding a situation with every fiber of your being. You don’t want to know. 

Dreaming Of A Prison Door

A prison door denotes how you feel trapped somewhere in life. Your decisions aren’t your own, or you don’t think you have any breathing room when it comes to making choices. Perhaps there’s only one that feels right, even if it’s the last one you want to make.

A Car Door In Your Dream

Dreaming of a car door is connected to an adventure in life or unexpected events. 

If you dream of being unable to open a car door, this implies that you’re struggling to move on from something, and this distraction is getting in the way of enjoying life. 

There may also be a stranger but simpler explanation. If you are trying to sleep in your bedroom that isn’t very restful, this dream can reflect your subconscious feelings about how you aren’t getting enough good sleep.

It may be that your bedroom is also used as a study or a workout space, not just a space to sleep, in which case your brain is not associating it with rest. Maybe there’s too much noise outside, or a particularly annoying light shines right into your window.

Consider how you might remedy this to improve your quality of sleep, as well as your dreams.

If you dream of being unable to open a car door because it is frozen, this suggests that you feel others are acting coldly towards you, and this is stressful, to say the least.

Struggling or failing to unlock a car door in your dream suggests that you are having trouble focusing on what you want from the future. Maybe things are busy enough right now that you don’t have any energy to devote to how you want life to turn out.

If you see a car door with a dent in it within your dream, this suggests that you may be on the receiving end of a harsh truth soon. It will hurt, but it will also serve to get you back on track somewhere in your life.

Dreaming Of A Glass Door

Glass doors in your dream are connected to how you see things in your waking hours. You may have a clear plan of how you will work towards something or improve your life, in which case the glass in your dream will be clear.

Dreaming of being trapped in a revolving glass door reflects your frustration in waking life. Something is preventing you from doing what you want.

If you dream of a stained glass door, this suggests that you may need to have more faith in some element of your life, or it can represent some emotional turmoil you’re going through, with each pane a different feeling.

Consider The Color Of The Door

In dreams, one of the most important details when it comes to interpretation is color. The color of the particular dream symbol can change the meaning entirely, so it’s something worth exploring.

A White Door In Your Dream

A white door in your dream is a spiritual reference and reflects your development along your spiritual path through life, as well as innocence, peace, tranquility, positive energy, and hope.

Dreaming of a white door may be a call to change your life into what you want, especially if you’ve been worried about where you are in life, or feeling stuck where you feel you’re living the same day over and over.

A Red Door In Your Dream

A red door in your dream implies that you are holding a strong emotion close to you rather than letting it out, such as love or frustration. Your dream encourages you to find a healthy outlet for your feelings.

Opening the red door in your dream denotes how you are ready to face what you feel. You want to be honest with yourself.

A Blue Door In Your Dream

Dreaming of a blue door implies that you’re going through a dramatic shift in your life, and you’re altering it to regain some sort of balance in waking life. 

A blue door may also suggest that you want to feel free of your problems, and achieve a different sense of meaning or happiness in your life. 

A Black Door In Your Dream

A black door in your dream represents secrecy, mystery, a fear of the unknown, magic, and daring.

To open a black door in your dream reflects an aspect of waking life where you are taking a chance, and you have no idea if what you will get in return is what you want. 

Older Dream Interpretation Of Doors

In older dream interpretation, a shut door implies that something is stopping you from making progress in life, or you feel someone isn’t telling you the truth.

A house without a door in your dream is a warning to be wary of what others say, as it may not be the truth.

If you dream of a trapdoor, this represents something that will take you by surprise, and this will lead to some introspection. 

From an older dream interpretation perspective, if you dream of running from something and shutting a door on it or them, this is a sign of reassurance. You’re about to meet someone who will help you through something you’ve been struggling with for a while. 

Hearing someone knocking on a door in older dream interpretation implies that someone will ask for your help in circumstances that are out of your hands, or something unexpected will surface soon.

If you dream of your doorbell ringing, this suggests that you need to be cautious of other people’s intentions.

Dreaming of knocking on a door refers to your assertive approach to something that matters.

A dream where your front door is on fire is considered a dire warning in older dream interpretation and may signal the death of someone you love. 

In modern dream interpretation, it is more likely that this denotes a dramatic change in your life.

Seeing a closed door in your dream suggests that you’re about to be disappointed in love, and closing the door yourself means losing out on something, maybe intentionally. 

Slamming the door shut refers to your desire to shut someone out of your life who is spreading gossip about you, and denotes how you will rise above it. 

Painting a door in your dream reflects your decisive nature in life, and how this will come in handy soon. Consider also the color of the paint, as this can change the meaning. 

A lighter color refers to good luck, a better shift in your circumstances, while a darker color can imply that you’re worried people don’t accept you for who you are.

A front door that is behind shutters in your dream refers to an uptick in your finances, but it may also denote how you want to protect yourself from something in waking life.

A door left ajar in your dream implies that you will enjoy the hell out of your relationships soon. 

Finding your door has been stolen refers to an unsettling event or invasion into your privacy in waking life, or how someone incredibly close to you will fall ill or suffer an injury.

The Biblical Interpretation Of Doors

In the Bible, doors are associated with heaven, a concrete understanding of yourself, and how you act when you know what the right and wrong things to do are. 

Your Dream Of A Door Is A Good Sign, If:

  • The door leads somewhere you want to go
  • You feel excited about going through the door
  • Someone you love waits behind the door
  • The door keeps out a threat
  • You open the door, or you are invited in

Final Thoughts

Dreams of doors can be complicated, as there is a lot to consider. 

Doors in dreams can refer to specific chapters or opportunities in your life, signaling the start or an end to something, or how you feel free or frustrated in waking life, but this is only the general interpretation.

However, if you focus on the details of your dream, especially the state of the door, its color, and if you go through it, this will make your dream interpretation a little easier. 

One way of streamlining this is to keep a dream journal, and then you won’t forget any of the details your subconscious gives you.


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