Dead Snake In Dreams

Snakes are a common dream symbol, dead or alive. These reptiles are such unique creatures. One of the most fascinating things about them is that, as they grow bigger, they shed their skin that doesn’t fit them anymore. In a way, they’re reborn. So in a way, a dead snake in a dream can also symbolize rebirth. Maybe you’re at that point in your life where you need to reinvent yourself, whether it’s regarding your business or private life. You’ve turned over a new leaf, in a good way.

But to interpret any dream, it’s never enough to focus on an isolated symbol. A snake biting you in a dream has a different meaning than when you’re killing it instead. So let’s see some possible dream scenarios regarding this reptile and what they signify. 

In This Dream You Might Have

  • Killed a snake.
  • Watched someone else kill a snake.
  • A snake was chasing after you.
  • Saw more than one snake.
  • Have found a dead snake in your bed.

Snakes are one of the most dangerous living things on the planet. So when you see a dead snake in a dream, that symbolizes the possibility of fighting and overcoming any situation in life, even the ones that seemed impossible. 

To get a more detailed interpretation, consider the locations where you’ve found the dead snake. For instance, if you see a snake’s dead body floating on some kind of water, whether it’s a lake, sea or a river, that usually means someone will give you good advice sometime in the near future. On the other hand, a dead snake in your bathtub or a shower means you feel exposed and vulnerable in certain situations. Again, this could be connected to both your personal life and your career. 

Snakes were a common symbol throughout different cultures, front the Americas to Australia. In many of those, they were seen as deities, usually representing wisdom and renewal. Snake cults can be traced back to the Bronze Age, around the territory of modern-day Israel. 

Interestingly enough, a live snake in a dream can represent deceit and betrayal. So it makes sense that a dead snake has quite the opposite meaning. You can sleep calmly at night, knowing that a guardian angel is protecting you from getting stabbed in the back. 

Seeing a snake cut in half is always a good omen, and it means that good luck awaits you. What’s more, it might also mean that you will find the middle ground if you’ve wronged someone in the past.

But, if you dream about dead snakes everywhere around you, that means you’re surrounded with problems and you don’t see the way out. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution. The answer is around you, but you’ve been searching for it in the wrong place all along.

For those who are starting a new business deal or undertaking a private practice, the dream of a dead snake could symbolize good fortune and wealth that is coming your way in the near future. Your troubles might not be over, but at least money is not something you should be worried about. There’s a long but prosperous road ahead of you.

Here’s a strange yet common dream scenario: a snake is chasing you, but at the end of the dream, it dies. Regardless of who killed the snake in a dream, it symbolizes an unexpected present from a person you’d least expect.

When interpreting a dream, the truth lies in the details. The color of the snake in your dream further defines what it symbolizes. So a black snake, for instance, means you’re entering a joyful period in your life. All the troubles you’re currently facing are soon to end, and happiness will follow you whatever you do. A blue snake also represents happiness, although in the distant future. 

A green snake usually means that any dangers you are facing in real life will magically go away. This could refer to a certain colleague that’s been trying to steal your credit. On another note, this dream could also be about a friend who’s been talking about you behind your back. 

Purple snake as a dream symbol is usually related to mental health. Seeing a dead purple snake possibly means someone close to you is dealing with certain mental issues. But, it appears as a positive omen, which means that person is on a road to healing. 

We often associate the color red with passion and affection (see also What Does The Color Red Mean In Dreams?). A red snake in a dream has a similar meaning. It might be a prediction of a passionate relationship in the near future. If you’re already taken, then maybe a wedding is coming down the pike. 

A white snake can be related to spirituality. Taking care of yourself means focusing on both physical and mental health. Your soul seems to be disconnected from its spiritual essence, and it’s time to strengthen the bond with the other side. Meditation is one way to reestablish that connection. On the other hand, a dead white snake could be a prophetic dream. You’re going to receive a gift from an unknown source. This doesn’t have to be something materialistic. 

A yellow snake, when it appears dead in a dream, is usually a symbol of wealth. Maybe you’re expecting a raise for the new project you’re working on. Or, you’ll receive money from a dead relative’s will.

Seeing a dead snake in water is a common dream scenario. Usually, it indicates favorite circumstances that are within your reach, yet you’re unaware of them. You’re blinded by all that’s burdening you every day. When you stop being preoccupied with trivial things, only then you’ll be able to see what’s truly important in life.

If you dream of a beheaded snake, that means rough times are ahead. Going through that won’t be easy, but have faith, as it will all work out in the end. If you’re eating a snake in a dream, that’s your talisman. Things are clear, you’ve been guided by luck, and whatever you do, you’ll be successful.

Finally, if a dead snake suddenly comes alive in a dream, that’s a warning. Something you’ve held secret for a long time will be revealed. Your subconscious might be telling you that some people should hear it from you first, not as a rumor.  

Emotions Youe Felt During A Dream Of Snakes

  • Worry about a snake coming back from dead
  • Struggle to understand the meaning behind a snake’s death
  • Fright from being surrounded by snakes
  • Depression from not being able to find the solution to a certain problem

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