Killing Snakes In A Dream: Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism

Snakes have a bad reputation, and in dreams, they can be symbols of protection, instinctual wisdom, or someone or something that means you harm in waking life.

Exactly how you should interpret a dream involving a snake can be complicated, but this is doubly so for a dream of killing a snake.

Essentially, a dream like this can be read in two ways: either killing the snake in your dream is a good sign, of conquering enemies, sources of negativity, or it can be very negative, where you are suffocating your inner wisdom and power.

Let’s take a closer look.

What Does Killing Snakes Mean In A Dream?

Depending on the context of your dream, killing snakes in your dream can be an indicator of positive or negative change.

You may soon enjoy success and avoid any traps set for you by rivals, where you’ll be able to shed anything that no longer serves you, allowing for more room for positive change to occur in your life.

You’ll also be able to recognize good opportunities for what they are the moment they come along, allowing you to move forward along your life path.

However, killing a snake can also denote overpowering negativity in waking life.

For example, if you are forced to kill snakes in your dream before they kill you, and this is not so much of a choice as it is a necessity, this is a bad sign.

It suggests that things are threatening to overwhelm you in waking life, to the point where you feel you have no control over anything.

As snakes in dreams represent grounding, you may have very unrealistic expectations of how something will play out.

You may feel so blinded by events that you can’t see the reality of a situation for what it is, and you will be tempted to silence your intuition because you won’t want to hear the truth.

Sometimes a dream of killing a snake can come as a warning. 

Consider The Type Of Snake You Killed In Your Dream

It’s worth looking at the type of snake that you kill in a dream, as this can affect the symbolism more than you might think. 

Killing An Anaconda

Dreaming of killing an anaconda is a positive sign. It suggests that you’ll be successful in any tasks you undertake soon. Any problems will soon fall away.

Killing An Adder

A dream where you kill an adder means that you’ll uncover someone’s bad intentions, or you’ll discover someone was lying to you.

Killing A Cobra

Killing a cobra in your dream indicates prosperity, good luck, and gaining more independence in your life. You may also have more control over the outcome of a situation.

If you kill a black cobra, this indicates that everything will go to plan.

Killing A Rattlesnake

A dream where you kill a rattlesnake suggests a new friendship or improved connections.

These connections will be greatly helpful soon and may act as a shortcut to help you get closer to a long-held dream.

Killing A Boa Constrictor

If you kill a boa constrictor in your dream, this suggests change is coming.

Often, dreams of killing boa constrictors refer to a new place, and this may mean a new place to live or work.

Killing A Black Mamba

A black mamba in your dream stands for illness, evil, and bad intentions, so killing one within your dream is a very good sign for the future.

Killing A Python

Dreaming of killing a python suggests that you’ll soon avoid difficulty by the skin of your teeth.

The possibility of something awful that seemed unavoidable will disappear from your life.

Killing A Viper

A dream where you kill a viper implies a long and happy life.

It also suggests that someone that has hurt you in the past will not be able to do so again, but you must still be wary of who you trust in the future.

Killing A Water Snake

Dreaming of killing a water snake implies success and satisfaction in your work life.

Killing A Grass Snake

A dream of killing a grass snake is not a positive dream, unfortunately.

As these snakes are largely harmless, and as they are associated with grounding and wisdom (see also Brown Snakes Dream Meaning And Symbolism), this implies that you will ignore your intuition, and you’ll refuse to see the reality of a situation.

How Different Colored Snakes Can Affect The Meaning Behind Your Dream

The color of the snake can also influence the dream’s meaning (see also Red Snake Dream Interpretation). Let’s take a look.

Killing A White Snake

Killing a white snake points to profit and success in a business deal.

Killing A Pink Snake

A dream of killing a pink snake suggests you’ll have to get involved in a difficult or sad situation soon.

Killing A Black Snake

Dreaming of killing a black snake refers to a good surprise in the future.

Dreaming Of Killing A Red Snake

Killing a red snake reveals a new hobby that will enrich your life.

Dreaming Of Killing A Yellow Snake

Dreaming of killing a yellow snake denotes a better connection with the people you work with.

Killing An Orange Snake

Dreaming of killing an orange snake suggests that a friend will step in to help you when you need assistance the most.

Killing A Green Snake

A dream where you kill a green snake implies that your relationship with your partner is in a great place.

Killing A Blue Snake

Killing a blue snake in your dream points to financial prosperity.

Killing A Brown Snake

Dreaming of killing a brown snake implies recognition for your success in your working life.

Killing A Gray Snake

Killing a gray snake in your dream reveals a better connection between you and someone you love.

The Symbolism Behind Killing Snakes In A Dream

Dreaming Of Killing A Two-Headed Snake

A dream where you kill a two-headed snake implies that you’ll clash with someone who you see yourself in competition with.

This may be in terms of business, or your personal life.

Dreaming Of Killing A Venomous Snake

Killing a venomous snake in a dream is a good sign, revealing a good business offer.

Seeing Yourself Kill A Snake In A Dream After It Has Bitten You

Dreaming of killing a snake after it has bitten you means you’ll enjoy financial gains.

Killing A Tiny Snake

Dreaming of killing a tiny snake denotes happiness and joy.

Killing A Giant Snake In Your Dream

A giant snake dying in your dream implies enjoying time with your friends.

Dreaming Of Killing A Fat Snake

A dream where you kill a fat snake implies getting more attention from people you are attracted to.

Consider How You Killed The Snake In Your Dream 

A Stone

Killing a snake with a stone in your dream implies that a course or learning curve will be shorter than you think.

A Stick

Using a stick to kill a snake in your dream suggests you are pushing people away from you, even though you’re lonely.

Your Bare Hands

Dreaming of killing a snake with your bare hands implies a run of good luck.


Killing a snake with fire in your dream implies you’ll come to an understanding with your parents or a guardian-like figure in your life. Your goals will align.

A Shovel

Using a shovel to kill snakes in your dream reveals an opportunity to travel or live in another country for a while.

An Ax

Dreaming of killing a snake with an ax signifies that you’re getting tired in waking life. Don’t push yourself too hard.

A Knife

Using a knife in a dream to kill a snake implies an agreement that will benefit you and someone else equally.

A Pitchfork

Dreaming of using a pitchfork against a snake is a positive sign, where you will reach a long-held dream.

A Hammer

Using a hammer to kill snakes in your dream reveals that you’ll be late for something important.

A Saber

Killing a snake with a saber in your dream implies feeling uncertain, sick, or on edge without a good reason. This will go on its own.

A Sword

Dreaming of using a sword to kill a snake points to despair and depression. 

A Fork

Dreaming of using a fork to kill a snake implies a great and welcome surprise.

A Gun

Dreaming of using a gun on a snake reveals that you’ll soon meet someone interesting, who will be a great friend to you.

Someone Helping You Kill The Snake In Your Dream

If someone helped you kill the snake in your dream, this can change the meaning behind your dream.

Your Mother

Dreaming of your mother helping you to kill a snake is a positive sign. It suggests that you’ll soon get what you want.

Your Father

Killing a snake with the help of your father in a dream reveals having to pay a lot of money soon, so it’s worth setting some aside! This may be good or bad.

Your Partner

Dreaming of killing a snake with your partner can either denote the strength of your relationship or suggest emotional turmoil.

The difference lies in how you felt when you killed the snake together. If you feel happy or relieved, it is the first interpretation.

Your Grandparent

Dreaming of your grandmother or grandfather helping you to kill a snake means a healing period in waking life.

Your Sibling

A dream where your sibling helps you to kill a snake implies great progress in your career.

Your Friend

Dreaming of killing a snake with a friend denotes better relationships with the people you love the most.

Someone Dead

If you dream of killing a snake with a dead person, this suggests a miscommunication or a blow to one or more of your relationships with your family.

Final Thoughts

Dreams of killing snakes are not difficult dreams to interpret, as long as you’re able to recall the details of your dream, and the emotions you felt when you killed the snake.

These dreams can offer insights into your waking life, but also anything lurking in your subconscious, too.


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