Bird of Prey Dream Meaning

Birds, in general, are connected with freedom and liberation. However, when it comes to interpreting a bird in dreams a lot depends on the type of bird you dream about and the situation in which it appears. Dreams about birds of prey, such as a hawk, an osprey, or an eagle, are almost always connected with issues of power and liberty. But how exactly should you interpret such a dream? This guide is here to help. 

Common Bird of Prey Dreams 

As mentioned in the introduction, dreams involving hunting birds are almost connected to freedom and power. They can also be connected with life and death symbolism. To interpret such dreams, the situation that is happening in the dream is extremely important. The bird of prey could symbolize you, or you could actually be the prey in the dream. This is something you’ll have to figure out for yourself, but pay attention to what the bird does in the dream as well as how you feel about it. 

Below, you can find some of the most common tropes that appear in bird of prey dreams. 

Bird of Prey Flying Free 

When you see simply a bird of prey, flying, maybe high in the sky, the bird will usually signify you. In such dreams, you might feel the predominant theme of the dream is freedom – just flying wherever you want without anyone or anything stopping you. 

Bird of Prey Catching Its Prey 

Often when we dream about birds of prey (see also owl dreams), we dream about that primordial image of a bird catching its helpless prey. If in your dream, a hawk, an eagle (see also eagle dream meaning), or some similar bird is swooping down and catching is prey, often it will be a good sign. It shows that you are determined to do what you imagined, have a clear focus on your goal and there is almost nothing that can stop you. 

Bird in a Cage 

Dreaming about a bird in a cage, tied down with a chain, or trapped in any way is also a common dream trope. Moreover, suh dreams tend to come to us as repetitive dreams that keep replaying themselves until the underlying issue is resolved. When you are having such dreams, it usually means you are feeling trapped in some way in real life. It could be that you are feeling that the things are out of your control or you lack the power to achieve something you want to. 

Bird of Prey Dead on the Ground 

Dreams involving a dead bird of prey often belong to the group of dreams where a bird of prey represents you. Don’t worry, though, this kind of dream does not foretell death! However, it does signify certain hopelessness. A free bird of prey signifies strength and liberty, so to see a dead one means these ideals seem unachievable to you. 

Chasing Away a Bird of Prey 

If you look at old books that describe dream meanings, you’ll often find an entry describing the case where a young woman dreams about chasing away a bird of prey that wants to attack her kids. We won’t get into the reasons why, but this dream seems to be common since the dawn of time and has a deep spiritual meaning. For a young woman who dreams this, it is an extremely good premonition It means that the woman is strong and nothing will stop her from doing what she wants to or needs to. 

Tips For Interpreting the Bird of Pray in Your Dream 

Dreams that involve birds are often metaphoric. The bird is usually a reflection of some aspect of ourselves. Such dreams often point to some issues that might be simmering in our subconsciousness. For this reason, when you dream about a bird of prey, always think about your life, recent events, and how you have been feeling lately. 

To interpret your dream right, also make sure to consider all the actions connected to the bird of prey that happen. This can tell you a lot about the deram. Also think about whether you can remember what kind of bird it was exactly? Hawk dream meaning and eagle dream meaning might not be the same, especially if you have personal memories connected to those birds. 


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