Owl Dream Meaning

Owls are beautiful and majestic creatures who, throughout the ages and across different cultures, have been looked upon with both amazement and awe. That’s no surprise – owls are birds of prey, and even though we humans aren’t their prey of interest, the thought of us combating such a strong, mysterious creature makes us break out in a sweat. But what does it mean when you dream about owls? Hopefully, this article will help you find an answer to your question.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of An Owl?

Not many creatures have been a subject of contradictory beliefs throughout history like owls. In Ancient Greek culture, they’ve been a symbol of knowledge. Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom is often depicted with an owl as her companion. During the Middle Ages, however, they have been often associated with wizardry and dark magic. These nocturnal creatures were seen as an omen of evil. Finally, as the fear of witches (see also witches dream meaning) finally began to fade during the last century, owls have, once again, reestablished their position as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

So what does it mean when you dream about owls? Here are some common meanings.

Common Meanings For Owl Dreams

To see a large owl perched: Seeing an owl perched in a dream symbolizes wisdom and awareness in waking life. Owls can turn their head in a 360-degree circle – meaning they can see everything around them. An owl in a dream, therefore, can mean you need to open your eyes and be more mindful about things around you.

To see an owl attacking you: If an owl is preying or attacking you in your dream, that can symbolize hidden aggression towards you. Even though owls are birds of prey, humans are not the prey they’re after. The attacking owl in your dream can represent certain people around you who feel anger or jealousy towards you, but haven’t shown it so far.

To see a dead owl: A dead owl in dreams signifies that your conscious and subconscious aren’t on the same level. The dream suggests you to try to be more self-aware.

Questions To Ask Yourself:

What emotions did you feel during the dream? Did the owl scare you? 

Are there any areas in your life that require more self-awareness? 

Do you believe there are people in your life who are angry or jealous of you? 

Another thing to take into consideration when interpreting the dream about owls is the type of owl that appeared in your dream. Was it a barn or a true owl? The color of the owl can also be of significance. A snow owl, for instance, is a symbol of peace and happiness. A reddish-brown owl, on the other hand, can signify dignity, nobility and power. 

One thing you should always keep in mind when trying to understand the meaning behind the dream is that every little detail matters. The scenery, the weather, what people in the dream are wearing etc. Anything that caught your attention could be a possible symbol that affects the meaning behind the dream.

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