Urine Dream Meaning

What does it mean to dream of urine or peeing?


There are a couple of things that a release of urine in your dream may symbolize. The first is that you may need to try and let go of your control and emotions. The other one is leaning towards a more spiritual interpretation wherein you may be spending a lot of money than necessary.

Did you experience a dream where you cannot find a toilet so an unknown person told you to pee in a bowl in public and you did? There are so many bizarre and incredible things that can happen in our dream world. The universe gifted us with something wonderful, which is our body. It functions in several different ways. One of those is discharging waste and fluid products. 

A dream where your urethra is opening and you need to pee badly can be a gloriously positive one. However, there is social anxiety about your urine. We all pee multiple times every single day, In fact, you do it so frequently that it may feel like an almost monotonous task. How our entire genital area is designed and set up is somewhat prodigious. According to Sigmund Freud, who is a well-known dream psychologist, the reason you have pee in dreams is that you have a full bladder in the waking world. 

If that’s the interpretation of Freud, what could its spiritual meaning be? If you see yourself in the restroom taking a pee in your dream may signify that you need to cleanse yourself emotionally in your waking life. If you want to learn more about the possible interpretations of your urine dream, then keep on scrolling down.

What is the general meaning of urine in a dream?

It is quite common to see urine in your dream or the need to go to the toilet to pee. Usually, it means that there are emotions in your waking life that you need to let go of and release. In general, to dream of your own urine may mean that in some way your life is getting out of control or there is a disorder. 

On the other hand, if in your dream you are watching someone urinate, it may signify that it may be time for you to have better communication with others. Consider if it’s truly worth your time. Nonetheless, not listening to others does present danger and the consequence of this dream is a loss of control. Fortunately, according to the 1930s dream texts, it describes a dream that involves pee may lead to financial gains in the near future.

What does it mean to be urinated on in a dream?

This is a dream of urine is not that great. It may suggest that you have a lack of control in your waking life. Do you notice any problems in your current life? This may be indicative that you be able to solve just about anything. If you see yourself peeing in the street in your dream and you cannot wait to go, this dream may then be related to how people perceive you. It implies that there is a need for you to have more privacy in your life.

Meanwhile, seeing a dog peeing in your dream may mean that someone close to you, such as a friend or family member is going to approach you shortly. They may want to spend time with you and this is an excellent chance for the two of you to talk things through.

Generally, any type of mass urine in your dream does not hold a negative meaning. Nevertheless, the dream instead points to a positive aspect of your current life. Fertility is another significant meaning of seeing an animal pee in your dream. According to the Persian dream tradition, if you’re a woman, then to dream of your own urine may be a prediction that a baby is on the way. Consider your actions in your waking life. A Urine dream is vital since it may suggest that can think about attributes that will eventually result in you becoming a better person. Both inside and out of course! 

Did you see the urine of other people in your dream? This may imply that you have no control over a situation where someone is offering their hands to help you out. Meanwhile, if you see a toilet filled with pee, it often suggests that there is a benefit coming your way that you are not expecting. This may be regarding a massive amount of money. In ancient Greek tradition, urine in a dream is a symbol of big wealth and significant financial luck. 

Furthermore, the dream may represent some sort of antisocial behavior as well of some type. Think about how you have been acting lately. Have you been adjusting? Is there any part of your life you can change to adapt to society? Try to ponder on these questions and consider making some positive changes in your life. 

If you are queueing up waiting to urinate in your dream, it may signify that there’s a need for you to focus on your own life rather than care for others. Perhaps you have been waiting in your waking life way too long.

You have a lot of stuff to digest here. But hopefully, these things have given you a general idea about what it means to dream about urine. In a lot of spiritual texts, a urine dream is a message that your insights and thoughts throughout your life have been shaped. Therefore, there is a need for you to free those. 

Basically, the dream suggests that you can control anything you want in your life. However, you need to let go of certain situations and events. The truth of the matter is that at some point in our lives, we all experience suffering from pent-up emotions. So when pee makes an appearance in your dream, you have to realize that you may feel that you are being held back in your waking life. Perhaps you are most likely wondering what you can do about it. 

There are specific dream meanings for both men and women. Urine in any form seen in a dream is linked with our own emotions, plans, and our personality. Sometimes we can by chance inherent inclinations that pee is nasty or repugnant. Hence, it makes us see urine in the wrong way. In fact, you can use pee in methods that enable you to live better, as well as be spiritually free. 

Similar to other bodily fluids, you can consider urine as somewhat of a magic substance. During ancient times, pee is used to be applied for special healing rituals which are still practiced today, which we will go over a bit later on. So, just keep on reading to find the meanings of your urine dream!

What does it mean to dream of someone else’s urine?

A dream about urine that is not your own symbolizes that someone is being a hypocrite in your work life. If the pee is splattered all over the floor, it may reveal that you are concerned about losing financial stability and you have money concerns in the future. This pee dream is often related to your negative feeling about others and may mean that you are working on ridding yourself of a negative position in your daily existence. Additionally, it further highlights your need to be worry-free in the future.

What does it mean to wet yourself in a dream?

Did you wet yourself in your dream? Usually, this is associated with money. Going forward, think about how you can save money. If your dream involves you wetting yourself, this may be an indication that social problems are about to come your way. Make sure to stay away from any conflicts within your circle. 

On the other hand, a dream of wetting the bed can mean that at the moment you are going through a challenging period in your life from a financial standpoint. The good news is that you can interact with other people powerfully. However, the bedwetting highlighted in your dream may imply that you must think more about your style. You also need to consider the way you approach other people particularly in your career or at work. But if you see others wet themselves in your dream, it may mean that money is going to come your way!

It is very common to see dirty toilets in a dream wherein they are overflowing with urine. This often suggests that there is a certain situation in your waking life wherein you need to take a stand for your own needs. A lot of people experience this type of urine dream numerous times. 

Meanwhile, if you see a restroom full of pee in your dream, it signifies that you need to let go of any troubles and problems in your waking life. To see overflowing toilets may also symbolize your pent-up emotions. If a bathroom is drenched in urine, it means you need an emotional release. Are you angry at someone close to you? It is normal to have this dream if that’s the case.

What does it mean to drink urine in a dream?

Drinking pee in a dream can be quite disgusting. Nonetheless, it presents a lot of health benefits spiritually. To dream of drinking urine is an omen of property and plenty of money, as well as very good health in your waking life. But if you feel in pain in your bladder while you are peeing, it means that you are not truly open with your close friends or family at the moment.

What does it mean to urinate in strange places or in pots (odd things) in a dream?

Peeing in unfamiliar places while in your dream state symbolizes that a situation is about to transpire where you have to use your natural ability to rise above any problem. If you see yourself urinating in a park, it may imply you will find wonderful potential in your own projects. 

On the other hand, to see yourself pull your pants down quickly to urinate in unusual or odd places may imply that you need to express the many layers of your personality. Doing so can mark your territory in life. Peeing in a house or at work in an office can mean that there is a need for you to connect better with others. Meanwhile, to pee in a bowl or bottle in your dream symbolizes that you are holding onto your emotions and somebody is making you cross.

What does it mean to see a baby urinating in a dream?

To see a baby urinating in a dream actually holds a spiritual meaning, believe it or not. It has a connection with your need to release your emotions to attain rebirth. This type of pee dream indicates that there’s a need for you to get rid of negative sentiments. A dream of a baby urinating signifies rebirth and a fresh start. Having this dream is a clear message from the universe that you have the power to overcome everything. 

Frequently, this dream of urine happens when it seems like you cannot accomplish anything. Perhaps it is a result of having a negative mindset. If in your dream you see a baby boy (see also baby boy dream meaning) peeing in the air, it may mean that you are going to experience happiness and comfort soon. On the other hand, to see a potty and toddler peeing or that you are the one going through potty training in the dream may signify purity, new beginnings, and cleansing your karma.

What does it mean to dream of urinating in a toilet?

To dream that you urinated in a toilet may be a representation of certain feelings that you just rejected recently. Additionally, the dream may foretell that you have total control of your life. That is a good thing. Nonetheless, it may hinder you from experiencing how good it feels to be spontaneous. 

You are letting to express who you truly are, and it may imply that you are wearing a mask. You believe that this will protect you from any bad intentions that people around you may have. To say the least, you are marking your territory in all aspects of your life. Still, you will encounter some challenges in your personal life soon. There is someone who will prove to you that it is not possible to always get what you want.

What does it mean to dream of a urinal?

If your dream involves urinating in a urinal it can indicate that your pride and ego are hurt. Even though you may think that you can have everything, there are times that things in life will simply not work out in your favor the way you want them to be.

A very interesting spiritual paper on dreams published in 1932 by the London Press presented an interpretation to the dream of a urinal. According to it, seeing urinals in your dream may symbolize your need to let go of your ego and plan your next move. Often, this dream transpires when you have the chance to fix any problems in your relationship with others. Meantime to see a row of men’s urinals in your dream can imply that you may face a conflict with the opposite sex.

What does it mean to urinate blood?

Dreaming that you are urinating blood is a very strange one. But do not be alarmed if you had such a dream. To dream that your urine is blood or red may foretell that you are losing passion in life. When it comes to the waking world blood found in your urine means that you may be suffering from anemia, have kidney stones, or a UTI. 

Meanwhile, if you peed blood (see also blood dream symbols) in your dream, some dream texts predict that a painful moment is about to come your way. Nevertheless, you will be able to find the best way to attain your goals through this.

What does it mean to urinate on the floor?

If in your dream you urinated on the floor, it may denote that you are losing control of your life. This may be because of the people around you who only want to see you fail or fall. Spiritually, you have an idea who these characters are. So make sure to listen to your intuition. If you see a floor covered in urine, it may symbolize that others will ask for your advice.

What does it mean to urinate in public?

If you urinated in a public place in your dream, it may be a revelation of the irresponsibility of someone. Likewise, it may signify that need privacy in your waking life. There may be someone close to you in real life that has been under the limelight because they want admiration from people. 

The meaning of this dream is all about being private in life. Remember that discretion can go a long way. This is especially true if there are people in your dream watching you pee. But if someone else is urinating over you in the dream, it can imply challenges. Again, if there is a basic lack of control and this has an influence over your self-confidence in a negative way, this dream is common. On the other hand, if you feel self-conscious and embarrassed in your dream, it may mean there is a hidden power in your life.

What does it mean to dream of wetting the bed?

To pee in your bed in the dream may foreshadow a traumatic experience from the past that may still be haunting you to this day. There are times when dreams of urinating can truly simply mean that there is a need for you to go to the toilet in your waking life.

What does the smell of urine mean in a dream?

Urine that smells in your dream can mean that you are truly dehydrated in your waking life. If you smell that pungent pee in your dream, it may be an indication that your body is telling you that you need to drink more water. So go ahead and have a glass of water.

If the scenario of your urine dream involves you walking into a smelly toilet, it may imply that you must have control over a situation. This is particularly true in the work context. On the other hand, smelling pee in the spiritual context may suggest that you have a strong sixth sense and intuition.

What does it mean to be unable to find a place to urinate in a dream?

If you are having a hard time finding a place to pee, it predicts an emotional release. You may want to unveil all the emotions you are suppressing and reveal to others how you truly feel. However, your low self-confidence is getting in your way, which is blocking you from accomplishing your goals. 

If you are looking for a place to go urinate in your dream, this may mean you actually need to pee in real life. Most of us have experienced waking up from a dream like this one wherein we really have to go to the toilet. So it may simply be a way for your brain to tell you to wake up and pee.

What does it mean to see someone urinating in your dream?

It may not enter your mind but seeing someone urinating may be a spirit trying to communicate that you must achieve your goals with confidence. When it comes to this pee dream, there is something quite interesting when you are watching other individuals pee. It may indicate that you feel as if you are out of control because of others. If in your dream you saw a child peeing, it may be express that you are on point about your perception of others.

What does it mean to see a man urinating in a dream?

To see a man urinate in a dream (see also Man Dream Meaning) may denote that you need to tap into your masculine side, regardless if you are a man or a woman. Learn how to make positive choices since this is what will bring happiness to your life. If you see several men urinating in your dream, it may imply a male is about to offer you some advice and you have to listen to it.

What does it mean to see a female urinating in a dream?

If you are a man and in your dream, you see a woman urinating, according to Freud, this may indicate that you are frustrated with your sexual life. Furthermore, seeing a female urinate may imply that you need to start working on your sensitive female side. 

This dream or urine may also symbolize anxiety. If you are a woman yourself and you witness another woman going to the toilet in your dream, it is all about your emotions. Women often go to the toilet together when they are out clubbing, However, if you have no idea who the female in your dream is, it may suggest a potential breakdown of a friendship. Now, all dreams that you will experience are unique to you. If there was any shame regarding the woman peeing in your dream, it may mean that you need more privacy in your waking life.

What does it mean to urinate in a high arc in a dream?

To see yourself urinating in an arc shape may be related to your own self-confidence, as well as declined responsibility. If you will turn to dream psychology, the pee as per Freud described a sexual urge of freedom and connection. Many different books have also stated that the urine itself is related to semen.

Some more interesting urine dreams

You saw an animal urinating in your dream 

It foretells a bothersome event in your life due to someone else’s negligence. Your dream about urine may be warning you to watch both your words and actions.

The smell of urine made you feel sick in a dream

This pee dream is not so nice as it indicates a negative period in your life. But the good news here is that you have the power to overcome the problems quickly. And this is all thanks to your strong sixth sense. Likewise, it may signify that you are bout to find an optimal solution that works for everyone involved. 

You urinated together with someone else 

It suggests that you will discover a deep connection with the person in real life. If in your dream you urinated over someone in a sexual manner, this may be connected with releasing your pent-up emotions about love.

What is the spiritual meaning of urine?

To dream of peeing spiritually means a release of your negative energy and contained emotions. Seeing urine in a dream, according to ancient dream texts signifies a disorder in your private life. There is a spiritual practice known as Amaroli, which is urine therapy. This unique practice is where pee is drunk and massaged into the body for health benefits. 

There is a very interesting book called the miracles of urine where it says that there have been observations and practices where pee has enhanced the health of several various subjects. Moreover, this a practice in Buddhism and monks. They have long been drinking their own pee. Along with that, Romans use urine in brushing their teeth and washing their clothes. Meanwhile, pee is deemed as a waste product in the Western tradition. 

Proverbs 5:15 in Christianity states that to drink waters out of one’s own Cistern. So in conclusion, there are a lot of spiritual practices where individuals drink pee to cure diseases and depression, as well as to keep their eyes bright and skin glowing.

There’s also urine therapy, which is an ancient natural technique that there is known scientific basis yet. But we’re not saying here that you should go right ahead and drink your own pee. We just thought that these interesting facts may change how you think of your dream about urine. Keep in mind that pee is not truly disgusting. Moreover, pee has been utilized since ancient times to repel ghosts in the spiritual sense. In hoodoo, urine is applied to cleanse and in magical work.


Your dream of urine was not negative in any way. That means you have to take full responsibility for your finances. Our kidneys are a complicated filter system, and you must not see your dream are dirty in any way. In fact, it can express your need to free your emotions or evaluate your current financial situation in life. 


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