Ocean Dream Meaning

What does an Ocean mean in your dream?

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When you dream of the mighty ocean, it implies that you full of emotions that are strong and deep similar to the tides of the ocean.

A dream of water, but more specifically the ocean is one of the most common symbols in a dream. In fact, it is perceived to be the dream that most humans often have. The reason for that is because our body is composed mainly of water and the ocean carries the majority of this element. There is nothing more wonderful and powerful, as well as possibly terrifying as this enormous body of water.

Some of the things that you may experience or happen in your ocean dream are the following:

  • You may have fallen off a boat (see also Boat Dream Symbolism And Meaning) and into the ocean with the feeling of drowning, which symbolizes a metaphorical drowning in all of the emotions of your waking life.
  • Encountered a tidal wave about to crash into you. Tidal waves are common examples of extreme stress or worry that slaps into you and ravages you. When this occurs, the best thing you can do is to try to sort out your feelings as fast as you can.
  • Survived a tidal wave from the ocean.
  • Saved others from drowning in the ocean.

There may be forthcoming positive changes if:

  • Upon falling off the boat, you chose to swim pleasantly along with the animals in the ocean. Hence, you are showing your ability to flourish in any kind of environment, as well as accept your emotions for what they are.
  • Endured a tidal wave from the ocean which shows that you are not only strong but also versatile enough to take on even the most treacherous tides.
  • You save other people from drowning, making you both a counselor and a helper. You help others and pull them away from drowning in their own emotions.
  • You choose to voluntarily go for a swim in the ocean.

A detailed interpretation of dream about an ocean

For men

In terms of becoming or feeling comfortable with expressing their emotions, men are stereotypically challenged. That means they are more likely to have to push through these types of dreams. The reason behind that is because they do not have any other outlet. And when this occurs, a man needs to become one with the problem he is currently facing. Doing so can help him stop drowning in the ocean of inverted difficulties. Any type of emotion is going to be a big help, especially prolific expression. 

For women

As a whole, women are intuitive creatures. And although it is not as hard for women to express their sentiments and emotions, they do often get caught up in them, especially when things go out of hand. The result of this is often doing too much. Therefore, they have to be mindful of controlling their emotions constructively. This will ensure that they will be able to vocalize their needs and not internalize them.

For all

If you dream that you are at sea or stranded somewhere in the ocean is an indication that you are feeling lost with your emotions. Likewise, it may mean that you are not grounded. Furthermore, it may imply that there’s a need for you to have a more solid footing in your current waking life. When you experience these kinds of dreams, it may also suggest that the things you desire are out of touch with reality in the waking world.

Most common ocean dreams

To dream of high tides

If there are high tides in your dream of an ocean, it may mean you are going through the toughest phase in your life.

To dream of moonlight dancing on the ocean surface

A dream where you are sitting near an ocean at night denotes that you are lingering over your past and memories.

To dream of aquatic creatures

If you are swimming happily with the different aquatic creatures in the ocean, it may mean that you are about to have a terrific time with your friends or at work. Also, it may imply your desire to have a new beginning or inner contemplation and withdrawal.

The following are the scenarios in your waking life associated with this dream

  • Emotional outbursts
  • Divorces or relationship endings
  • Frustrations with family or friends
  • Concerns about your busy life

These are some of the feelings that you may have encountered in your dream about an ocean

  • Comfort
  • Sensation
  • Emotional
  • Frustrated
  • Afraid
  • Unknowing
  • Loving
  • Compassionate
  • Clear
  • Communicative
  • Happy
  • Content
  • In Love
  • Intuitive
  • Present
  • Free-flowing
  • Adaptable
  • Strong

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