Dreaming About Airplanes


A dream of an airplane depicts the driving force or trajectory of your projects, plans, or ideas that you yearn to get off the ground. When it comes to the positive side of things, airplanes often reflect the development of successful experiences. It is about when every little thing comes together, ensuring a coveted yet controlled outcome.

On the contrary, airplanes may indicate the accomplishment of your projects, plans, or ideas that are not working as you’d expect them to be. It seems as if everything may be coming together but you have no way of stopping the possible outcome. Alternatively, an airplane may be a representation of your jealousy or frustration of seeing someone the plans of someone else gaining momentum or succeeding. You don’t like the idea of a person doing the things you can’t stop or unable to do.

What It Means To Dream About Airplanes

To dream of missing a flight

Did you miss your flight in your dream about airplanes? This may represent the opportunities you’ve lost. It may also indicate that you feel like all the things that can go wrong are going wrong. You feel like the thing that you are aiming for and working hard to achieve is somewhat elusive. This dream may be telling you that pushing harder may not be the right solution to the problems you have. Likewise, it may be better for you to slow down for now and it may be helpful if you plan and prepare things out carefully first.

To dream of an airplane taking off

An airplane taking off in your dream may signify the projects, plans, or ideas you have that are taking off. You are gaining momentum or progressing in the right direction. Likewise, it may symbolize a situation that you have no way of stopping.

To dream of an airplane crashing 

Did the airplane in your dream of an airplane crash? This may imply a loss of confidence, momentum, or progress. There may be projects or plans in your waking life which you believed would work well that suddenly fell. 

To dream of an airplane that aborts a flight 

This airplane dream may be a representation of the disappointments you have or delays on the projects or plans you have.

To dream of flying on a plane to another country 

This kind of dream about airplanes may embody the realization of your choices or plans heading to a complex mental state. There may be a situation in your current life that is moving you towards an entirely different focus or emotions.

To dream of an invisible airplane

A dream of an airplane that involves an invisible airplane may be a reflection of your uncertain feelings regarding the progress of a certain situation in your waking life. You feel that you have achieved success or have progressed but you are unable to effectively see this occurring.

Some Examples Of Dreaming Of An Airplane

Example 1: 

A woman dreamed that she was on an airplane that was always getting aborted. In her waking life, she was experiencing problems about how to turn a hobby of hers into a lucrative business venture. In this instance, her dream about an airplane signifies the problems that kept arising on her path, which in turn, were delaying her in achieving her goals.

Example 2:

There was a man who dreamed of an airplane taking off in the dark. In his waking life, he has a colleague or co-worker who is about to push through an aggressive business plan. And this was during a time when things are pretty much uncertain where starting a new business comes with high risks.

Example 3:

The dream about an airplane of a man involves him seeing an airplane parked in a hangar. In waking life, that man was going through unemployment at the moment. His dream may be a representation of his boredom at waiting for another job opportunity to come along his way.

Example 4:

A woman had an airplane dream where she is about to miss her flight to New York. In real life, she was quite apprehensive about the success of her upcoming business trip to New York. She feels as if she is about to miss out on an entire season to show off her products if things do not go well as planned or if something went wrong along the way.

Example 5:

A person’s airplane dream involved an evacuation airplane landing. In that person’s waking life, she was about to go through emergency surgery. Her dream may signify her feelings of anxiety over her current situation.

Example 6:

A man experienced recurring dreams about flights to China that never took place at all. In real life, he believed that his desire to become a doctor was being delayed or put off over and over again. It seems as though he will never realize his ultimate goal.


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