What Does The End Of The World Mean In Your Dream?

Dreaming that the world is coming to an end is a sign you’re under tremendous pressure or stress. Your end of the world dream could feature a natural disaster, or an impossible event. Wondering how the world will end is a popular curiosity, one which has been explored throughout religion, myth, and pop culture. 

In This Dream, You May Have

  • Tried to survive the end of the world
  • Tried to secure the safety of loved ones
  • Saw buildings collapse
  • Witnessed explosions
  • Known you couldn’t stop it
  • Been trapped

Positive Changes Are Coming, If

  • You survived the end of the world
  • You didn’t die in this dream
  • Your loved ones survived

Decoding Your Dream of The End of The World

Have you been experiencing any financial troubles lately? This dream can manifest as part of a problem of security – financial or otherwise. Any stress in your waking life can cause you to have a dream of the world coming to a close. Perhaps you feel your world has suffered, with a divorce, change in job prospects, or a loss. This dream is mirroring your feelings, and you may wonder how you’ll go on, but you will. Dreaming of the end of the world can also suggest you need to be more in tune with your inner emotions or instincts, and can be a sign of an emotional conflict which you need to resolve. 

Dreaming of an apocalypse signifies a transition in your life, or a fear of something ending which you don’t want to lose hold of, or a new chapter beginning.

We all fear death to an extent, and this is an extension of the fear of the unknown, and you’ve probably had at least one dream or nightmare of the end of the world. You may wonder what lies after death, if anything, and that might be the cause of this dream.  Freud has suggested that a dream involving the end of the world suggests a lack of physical contact, and as always, his interpretations of dreams come down to hidden sexual desire or repressed needs. In terms of what your dream of the world ending meant for you, you could do worse than remembering how you felt during the world’s end. If you felt relieved, you are tired of a problem in waking life, or people coming to you with problems. Your subconscious is telling you in no uncertain terms, you need a break. You need to focus on yourself for a while, in order to come back whole and energized for the future. If you dreamed of the world ending and nearly woke up screaming, this – surprisingly enough – is a good sign. You’ve got many things you feel you still need to do, and if those thoughts surfaced, it couldn’t hurt to get started. It’s also a testament to the people in your life and the relationships you have, if you dreamed of worrying about them at the end of all things.

You may wake up and question the state of things as they are now. You might pay too much attention to the negative, and news reports that insist that everything is horrible! Yes, things can be bad, yes, we probably can do something about it, but most likely, the Earth will be here long after we’ve gone, and that’s a reassuring thought. 

Feelings You May Have Experienced During Your Dream of the World Ending

An overwhelming sense of doom. Helplessness. A strange sense of freedom, or relief. Worry about your loved ones. A fear of death. 


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