What Does It Mean When Your Nose Itches?

A random nose itch during the day isn’t something we would ordinarily pay attention to, or think there was any superstitious meaning behind it, unlike the sensation of itchy feet which is more common.

However, this everyday itch has a lot of interesting folklore, and it’s also said that an itchy nose can predict your future.

Let’s take a look at what an itchy nose can tell you in superstition.

Consider Where On Your Nose You Have An Itch

It’s worth noting that where on your nose itches dictates the superstitious meaning, as different areas are associated with different aspects of life, so let’s get to it.

If your nostril itches, you should expect a change in your circumstances.

If you have an itchy tear trough, expect good fortune coming your way soon.

An itch on your domes means that someone you love will reach out to you soon. Traditionally, this used to be in the form of a letter, but it may mean any method of communication.

The tip of your nose itching implies that you should expect someone to call on you soon.

Your nasal bridge itching signifies that you will hear some news shortly. This may be good or bad.

Your columella itching implies you’re about to come into some money.

The infratip break itching signifies that anything you’ve been hoping for will soon materialize.

Your philtrum itching suggests someone will call on you soon.

An itch on your nasal bridge you’re being too outspoken, noisy, or your mouth will get you into trouble soon.

An itch on the left side of your nose means a man will visit you shortly.

An itch on the right side of your nose means a woman is going to visit you.

A red nose reveals a bad habit, or how you are overindulging in something. Traditionally, it means that you drink a lot!

Why Do I Have An Itchy Nose?

An itchy nose can happen for any number of reasons. If we’re talking about physical reasons, you might have allergies of some kind, such as hay fever or allergies to animals such as cats or dogs. 

It’s also common to have an itch on your nose when you have a cold, a nasal allergy, sunburn, or just dry skin.

A persistent itch may mean that you have an infection, or something else that requires your attention, so it may be worth getting it checked out, especially if it is uncomfortable.

On a less concrete level, an itchy nose can mean that you are about to come into some very good luck, or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, you might be cursed! Both of these interpretations should be taken with a grain of salt, however.

Another interesting take on an itchy nose is that someone is gossiping about you behind your back, and this will travel fast. Alternatively, feeling that your nose is itching may indicate that you’re about to come into a chunk of money. 

An itchy nose may also mean that you should consider other people’s opinions or feelings more. Perhaps you haven’t been doing enough of that lately, and this will come back to bite you.

The Biblical Meaning Of An Itchy Nose

If we turn to the Bible, Genesis 2:7 suggests that God gave life to man by breathing it into his nose, and can refer to your relationship with the divine. It may be a call to return to your spiritual path.

The Spiritual Meaning Of An Itchy Nose

Some people believe that an itch on your nose is a spiritual message that you should not ignore. 

It’s usually a positive sign that you’re about to receive something fantastic, whether that’s a new way of seeing things, a new purpose, or something else entirely that means you make progress along your spiritual path.

In some cases, you may gain a deeper sense of wisdom, faith, or begin to heal from a traumatic event, or you may even get a sense of what the future could look like for you. 

Another spiritual meaning is that you’re about to meet someone new soon. Not only this, but how you judge people to be good or bad for your life will be heightened, and you’ll be able to tell almost instantly whether this person is good news for you or not.

An itchy nose may also be a call to practice more gratitude in your life. It can be easy to get caught up in problems and only see the negative side of things, but for the most part it’s an amazing thing that you’re here, right now, and the world holds so many possibilities.

The History Of Itchy Nose Superstitions

There is no definite point as to when itchy nose superstitions started, but rest assured that it is a very old one. 

Perhaps one of the oldest written records of it (as these things often pass through word of mouth rather than through books) comes from Astrogaster, where a man named Melton said “That when a man’s nose itches, it is a sign he shall drink wine.”

Further into the article, he suggests that to have an itchy nose was a sign that you would meet someone new.

One of the older superstitions surrounding an itchy nose has some spiritual significance. When you have an itchy nose, it is a call to pay attention to your spiritual path. 

Maybe you have wandered from it, or you’re about to encounter a large problem that will make it tough for you to move forward.

Some people believe that an itchy nose is a very good sign, where you might meet someone new and this person will become very important to you. 

But the meaning also depends on where you live. In Wales, for example, an itchy nose implies a new job opportunity, while in parts of North America, your nose itching may suggest you will kiss someone silly, or you are someone with a bad temper. 

In France, an itchy nose is considered a good omen, where people are only talking about you in a positive light. 

Other superstitions involving an itchy nose suggest that you need to come to a decision soon. Perhaps you can’t make a choice because you don’t know what the right answer is, but you need to commit. 

Other Superstitions Involving Itchy Noses

Among the most common superstitions of an itchy nose is that you are about to be visited by someone. If you have an itch on the left side, a man will come calling, while the right side denotes a woman coming to see you.

There are some less-widely accepted superstitions that involve an itchy nose, but they are also worth mentioning. 

Some people believe that an itch on your nose suggests that you’re about to have a big argument with someone you love. Expect emotions to be high, and insults that no one means after the heat of the moment to fly around. 

To feel the tip of your nose itching, this suggests that you’re about to hear from someone who is usually very remote, or they are doing some traveling.

An itchy nostril implies that you will be approached romantically by someone you never would have predicted.

An itch on the far right side of your nose implies that you will reconnect with someone you love soon.

Others believe that an itchy nose means you will meet someone who takes risks or is foolish in some way. It can also mean that you have a secret admirer.

Another interesting superstition is that an itchy nose can mean you’re only just exploring the surface of a situation which needs your attention, though you may feel like you have all the answers. 

Consider the phrase ‘follow your nose’, as you may need to look deeper into a situation.

A persistent feeling of an itchy nose that lasts for days or weeks may imply that something is about to be very unfair, or someone will treat you badly. Make sure that you aren’t letting people take any liberties.

Is There Anything You Can Do About An Itchy Nose?

If your nose itches, and it keeps on itching, it may be worth speaking to your doctor. It may just be allergies, a cold, or environmental causes such as pollen, fumes, dust, or even someone’s perfume! Maybe you like peppery food, which can make your nose run too.

Sometimes cold weather or even a strong wind can cause a nose itch, but if none of this applies, it’s definitely worth talking to a pharmacist or doctor about it. 

There are ways to stop an itchy nose, from topical ointments for itchy and irritated skin to nasal sprays and antihistamines for an internal irritation. 

Saline sprays can also help, but be careful of overusing them. You might find that your nose becomes too used to the sprays to the point where if you stop using them your nose becomes extremely blocked very quickly! 

Antihistamines are one of the best ways to cure an itchy, irritated nose when you have allergies, but always consult your doctor first. If you have eczema on your nose, one of the most common treatments is a steroid cream containing hydrocortisone.

Always speak to your pharmacist or doctor before treating a chronically itchy nose yourself, as you may end up using the wrong form of treatment, and you may make things worse.

There are some nightmare stories out there, where insects, bugs, or small flies can get up your nose and cause a lot of irritation! 

So don’t put off going to the doctor if you have a persistent itch, as while this can be rare, it does happen, and the thought of it is uncomfortable enough! 

Final Thoughts

An itchy nose can mean many different things spiritually, and it can be complicated wading through different superstitions to find out what it means. It’s not as easy as deciphering a dream can be, as there is less detail to go on!

The key to unraveling the meaning behind an itchy nose is to go with your intuition. Explore each superstition equally, and go with the one that ‘feels’ right to you.


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