What Does It Mean To Eat Glass In Your Dream?

Ouch! A dream of eating glass can be quite worrying at the best of times. If your dream is especially vivid, you might wonder if there is something wrong with you. After all, it’s not exactly a staple in anyone’s diet.

But there is one thing you should know about dream interpretation. The crazier the dream, the louder your subconscious is trying to get your attention.

Let’s take a look.

Why Am I Dreaming Of Eating Glass?

A dream of eating glass comes to you for a reason. The sheer vivid nature and the sharp horror of a dream like this are deliberate, as it’s designed to be something you are unlikely to ignore and just go about your day.

As the dream focuses on eating, it draws your attention to your mouth, and how it may be landing you in deep trouble in waking life. 

You may be saying hurtful things without realizing it, boasting about things you shouldn’t to someone who doesn’t want to hear it or something else that will mean problems coming your way.

This dream warns you to make sure your ‘filter’ is on, and don’t let your mouth get you into trouble. If in doubt, it might be better to not say anything.

Consider the dream scenario in which you eat glass. Are you forced to eat the glass by someone? Or are you eating it in your dream because you ‘crave’ it?

A dream where someone forces you to eat glass suggests that you feel vulnerable in waking life, and while you may have turned to someone for help, they are now making more of your decisions than you are comfortable with.

If it is your choice to eat the glass in your dream, this may suggest that you are holding onto a lot of negativity, and self-doubt or your choices are leading to regret and problems. As the choice in your dream isn’t by accident, neither are your problems in waking life.

It may be time to examine your recent choices, and what might be causing you harm.

A dream like this may also suggest that you are holding onto a lot of fear or stress, and your subconscious urges you to find a way past it. 

If you dream of someone else eating glass, this may suggest that this person needs your help in waking life and that you have the tools to help them. 

If you dream of coming to their aid, this is a positive omen, implying that people will come to help you when you need it.

Positive Things Are Coming, If:

  • Someone comes to help you 
  • You help someone who is eating glass

Final Thoughts

A dream of eating glass, or watching someone else eat glass is far from pleasant, but it can be a useful dream experience. It may show you where you are going wrong in life, or how someone in your life needs your help. 


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