What Does It Mean To Dream Of Washing Dishes?

Washing dishes is one of those everyday chores that divides people into two categories: people who are incredibly satisfied by doing a good job, or those who hate every second of it. 

It might be surprising to know that although washing dishes is something we do every day, this chore doesn’t often appear in our dreams. But what does it mean when you dream of washing dishes? 

Dreams of washing dishes suggest that a problem, inner conflict, or emotion needs your attention, and you need to sort things out now. Let’s take a closer look.

At A Glance: Why You’re Dreaming Of Washing Dishes

  • You’re about to meet someone who will become very important to you
  • A relationship is ending
  • You’re starting a new path in your career
  • You’ve learned all you can in your current career path
  • Your obligations are swallowing up your life
  • You know you have to make a difficult decision

The Detailed Interpretation Behind A Dream Of Washing Dishes

Dreams of washing dishes suggest that part of your life is slipping from your control, whether that is a single problem you haven’t managed to deal with or something much bigger.

A dream of this type indicates that you need to practice more discipline to get through this difficult period in your life and clear these problems from your plate before they have a chance to get bigger.

Dishes that are filthy in your dream represent how you feel things aren’t going well, and they don’t look like they’re about to get any better, either. You’re in over your head, and you’re not sure how to claw your way back. 

You may be ignoring how you feel, especially if your instincts are telling you something you don’t want to acknowledge, or you’re completely missing the fact that several issues are about to grind your life to a halt.

If you dream of washing dishes while something strange or terrible happens, such as a kitchen fire, a fight breaking out, or something else, this reflects feelings of being overwhelmed, where you’re desperately trying to ignore how out of your depth you feel.

This dream is a call to acknowledge exactly what you are feeling, and how you might manage to claw some of your power back. 

A dream of injuring yourself while washing dishes means that you don’t want to get close to others or get out of your comfort zone because you’re scared of being hurt, or committing to something you will later regret. 

It may also mean that a connection with someone you love isn’t growing with the both of you, and you may be about to leave it behind. Cutting yourself on a broken plate while washing dishes implies that you are about to hit a few obstacles in your love life. 

Breaking dishes in your dream while you try to wash them means that one or more of your needs aren’t being fulfilled, and this will only get worse the longer you ignore them. It may be that you feel you don’t deserve what you want, or it is impossible to achieve it.

A dream where you try to wash paper dishes, and they disintegrate in the water reflects your efforts to try and fix a failing relationship, but deep down you know that it is not worth it.

If someone forces you to wash dishes, this denotes how you feel you are in someone’s debt, or this person is making all your decisions for you. 

Washing dishes in a strange or remote location away from others can suggest that you feel cut off from other people, not because of arguments, but because you feel the need to isolate yourself to get something done.

But it’s not all bad. A dream of washing dishes implies that you are actively taking control of your life, working to solve your problems, and creating a plan for the future. You know what you want, and you’re making a plan to make that vision a reality.

If you dream of racks of spotless dishes, this reflects how you are trying your very best in a situation, and doing what you can with what you have. 

Dreaming of having fun while you’re washing dishes by singing or dancing mirrors your positive attitude that will take you far in your life.

The Spiritual Meaning Behind Washing Dishes In A Dream

Spiritually speaking, a dream of washing dishes implies that you have a little ‘housekeeping’ to do in your waking hours in order to move on, and make progress in life. 

If you dream of not having any soap, water, something to scrub with, or even dishes to wash, this reflects a lack of something in waking life that’s affecting how well you move along your spiritual path. 

A dream where you struggle to wash the dishes mirrors how you are questioning your lifelong goals, or something you’ve been working toward for a good while. Maybe it doesn’t motivate you in the way it used to, or you’ve found something that sparks a bigger fire in you.

If you dream of something going wrong while washing dishes, such as a pipe bursting, this suggests that life has an unexpected turn waiting for you, which will mean a new beginning.

Good Things Are Coming, If:

  • Someone helps you wash the dishes 
  • The dishes are easy to wash or are clean already
  • You enjoy washing the dishes
  • You sing or dance while washing the dishes
  • The dishes are made out of expensive materials, such as solid gold

Final Thoughts

A dream of washing your dishes, while it can be dismissed at first glance as a reflection of waking life, can have a lot to tell you. 

It may reflect your current outlook and how your goals are serving you, or how you long for a fresh start. It may even suggest that you need to take a closer look at your relationships, or decide what is important to you and prioritize your goals.


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