What Does A Rattlesnake Mean In Your Dream?

If there’s one dream symbol that has a lot to tell you, it’s that of the snake. As you might know, the more specific the dream, the more nuanced the meaning.

So what does it mean to dream of rattlesnakes? Rattlesnakes may manifest in your dream when something has ‘shaken’ your sense of stability, and your security, but they may also point to renewal, rebirth, and happiness.

Let’s take a look.

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Why Am I Dreaming Of Rattlesnakes?

Depending on the context of your dream, the rattlesnake may be a symbol of fear, of something weighing on your mind and stopping you from enjoying your life to the fullest.

This may be the case if you’re running from the rattlesnake, it attacks you, or you are forced to kill it. This suggests that you have an internal conflict you need to face, or confront a fear, anxiety, or horrible situation in waking life.

Some rattlesnakes in dreams represent someone who is trying to deceive you in some way, influence your decisions or take over your life entirely. Someone who cannot be trusted.

Or, a dream of a rattlesnake can be a call to listen to your instincts, ground yourself more, and figure out what it is your intuition is telling you, and what you can do to get more meaning out of your daily life.

Some dreams of rattlesnakes point to wisdom, renewal, rebirth, and a new life stage. They are not overly aggressive unless they are threatened. 

This is worth keeping in mind when you’re trying to figure out what your dream means, especially if your dream of a rattlesnake is a nightmare.

As their ability to see is very weak, they use their other senses to pick out prey and threats through vibrations, heat, and movement. So, to see a rattlesnake in your dream can suggest that you can’t ‘see’ the depth of a situation, and you need to look closer.

It can be a call to trust your intuition instead of what you think or hope is the truth.

The Rattlesnake Dream Symbol

Many dreams of rattlesnakes suggest there is some sort of deception or negativity in terms of your relationships, and when you dream of this particular snake, you should be careful who you trust, and exactly what you trust them with.

They may use this against you if you let them. A dream like this can warn you of someone close to you who means to betray you in some form.

This is especially true if you dream of a rattlesnake in tall grass. Consider who might be the ‘snake in the grass’ in your waking life, and what reasons they may have for wanting to act against you.

It could be that someone you love is lying to you, and while there are many different reasons why someone might do this, a rattlesnake in your dream points to hurt and betrayal, regardless of their intentions.

But maybe the rattlesnake doesn’t embody someone else in your life. It can signify a destructive aspect of yourself that is getting in the way of your progress in life, a subconscious urge to self-sabotage yourself.

A rattlesnake can also represent a situation, outcome, or thought that terrifies you completely. In these dreams, a rattlesnake represents a fear that is affecting your thoughts, your choices, and your actions.

It’s something that makes you turn tail and run in the opposite direction as fast as you can, and a dream like this encourages you to explore why you are so afraid, and how you can conquer this fear. 

It’s powerful enough that it’s stopping you from moving forward in some way, bleeding into your dreams as a warning.

This may be a fear that’s already in your life and something you’re well aware of, or one that’s about to come and ruin your plans. 

You’ll be relieved to know that there are some more positive reasons why a rattlesnake might manifest in your dreams. 

A rattlesnake might appear in your dreams when it represents the deepest-rooted desires, hopes, and thoughts that lie in your unconscious mind. 

This dream is a call to understand yourself to your core and work to unpack any lingering emotions or issues that are affecting your life and the choices you make.

It may also represent your gut instinct that you are tempted to ignore when doing so would damage your chances of reaching a goal or avoiding a problem in waking life.

It may also be an encouragement to call upon your inner strength or wisdom, you might need it soon. 

Alternatively, a dream of a rattlesnake may happen when you find yourself not being bothered about a situation that you should care about. The outcome may affect your life for months or years to come, and your dream is warning you to be proactive.

Or, a rattlesnake in your dream points to a period of renewal, of positive transformation where you are finally clearing problems from your life, allowing you to focus on what you want to do rather than what you need to do. 

Things To Consider When Trying To Find The Meaning Behind A Rattlesnake Dream

There are quite a few things to watch for when it comes to animal dream symbolism, and all can affect the meaning of the dream. 

One of the easiest things to look for is the rattlesnake’s appearance in your dream, including the color, size, and even the species, if your dream is that detailed.

Consider the color of the rattlesnake, as this changes the message of your dream. A black rattlesnake, for example, refers to misfortune, negativity, and uncertainty in the near future.

A brown rattlesnake suggests that the cautious approach you’re taking to life right now is the best thing you can do, while a multi-colored rattlesnake in your dream refers to how others will look to you for your support.

How you see the rattlesnake is essential to the meaning of your dream.  

For instance, if you dream of this snake moving past you without hissing or attacking, you may be in the middle of a tricky situation that requires a lot of thought or spiritual exploration to find the right answer.

A rattlesnake that outright attacks you in your dream suggests that a situation or person is dangerous, and you need to be careful how you handle them, otherwise you will get ‘bitten’. 

Coming across a rattlesnake somewhere unlikely, such as in the middle of a city implies that someone has completely deceived you, and you are playing right into their hands. 

Another thing to keep in mind when trying to interpret the message of any dream is to look at your own circumstances in life. If you’re currently going through a transitional period, or you feel as though you want to hide from problems or people, or you feel afraid, the rattlesnake can represent one or all of these aspects of waking life.

Rattlesnakes Symbolism In Different Folklore

Rattlesnakes have been a cornerstone of folklore in many cultures, in stories and legends that have been passed down for thousands of years. 

Inevitably, these ideas and stories are something that your subconscious draws upon when filling your dreams.

Carl Jung believed that dreams were a way of accessing the collective unconscious, which is the shared human experience across the ages, so even if you’ve never seen a real rattlesnake, it can have a profound influence on your dreams, and the emotional response can be very powerful.

Some believe that rattlesnakes are a symbol of evil, fear, and the devil’s work, but this depends on the cultural lens you’re looking through. 

Others see the rattlesnake as a bringer of knowledge, a protector, and a fierce symbol of the land and the power nature holds.

To the Aztec people, the rattlesnake created life. Within Greek myth, the rattlesnake is a symbol of healing, knowledge, and forbidden desire or energy.

In the Bible, the snake is a representation of evil, temptation, and the devil, and this is also true in other religious texts, too.

Watching A Rattlesnake Move Past You In A Dream

Simply watching a rattlesnake in your dream is a spiritual message, especially when you watch one slither past you. 

It suggests that there is the potential that someone is trying to deceive you in some way, and if you do miss the opportunity to notice this, things will get more complicated than they need to be.

This dream can also mean that you want to discover something hidden, whether that’s an aspect of someone you don’t understand, or something else entirely.

Seeing Many Rattlesnakes In Your Dream

Dreaming of many rattlesnakes is usually a bad omen, in that a group of people or misfortune will halt your progress in life, and you will struggle with some emotional turmoil.

However, if you rise above it, and don’t let their negativity get to you, this will be the best revenge. 

You’ll avoid making any bad decisions that will come back to you, and more importantly, you’ll frustrate the hell out of whoever is trying to make you miserable.

It also helps if you have a stubborn positivity in life, as this can help lift other people up, and help you keep going in difficult times. It soon becomes second nature. 

Hearing The Warning Rattle Of A Rattlesnake In Your Dream

Probably the most important aspect of the rattlesnake appearing in your dream is the warning rattle it can make with its tail, though it won’t appear in every dream scenario.

A warning rattle in your dream is a direct warning not to trust people at face value. Don’t give someone any ammunition they can use against you – or if you do, make sure you set them up for failure when they try.

A Rattlesnake Hissing In Your Dream

A hissing rattlesnake in your dream implies that you are letting other people dictate your life, or you’re doing something that you feel you’ve been forced into.

It can also mean that someone’s words have cut you deep, and it will take a while for you to regain your equilibrium.

Or, this dream can suggest that you’ll need to give up something for a while in order to help someone else. You may have to drop something you love to do this.

The Significance Of Rattlesnakes Attacking You In A Dream

A dream where a rattlesnake attacks you is a horrible one. It can be difficult to see past the panic the dream creates to find the meaning behind it. 

But what creates the problem can also be the solution – the key to your dream’s meaning is in the fear it is creating. 

The rattlesnake in this case is a warning to push past any fear you’re currently facing in waking life, and ensure that you are seeing things clearly. 

Don’t forget that fear is only fear. It’s not the worst thing that can happen, but it’s up to you how you react to it.

The anxiety you’re feeling in this dream can also warn you that someone is trying to lie to you, and they might be succeeding. Consider what someone would gain from lying to you, and how their intentions may not match up with their actions.

It can be difficult to see past your problems to look at possible deception or manipulation, but the rattlesnake in your dream warns you to be vigilant. 

It may also draw your attention to how you want to believe the best in everyone, and while this is your strength, it will also cause you some problems when someone tries to take advantage of you.

It’s also important to look at the other details within this dream, as this can offer you additional insight. Dreaming of a rattlesnake attacking you from the undergrowth denotes that the attempt to deceive you will be avoidable if you can keep yourself objective.

If you dream of a rattlesnake attacking you in a familiar place, such as your garden or your home, this suggests that the person that will try to deceive you will be someone close to you.

It’s also worth noting that rattlesnakes rarely attack unless they feel provoked. If you dream of a rattlesnake defending itself because it feels threatened, this means that you need to be on your guard in waking life.

A dream where a rattlesnake bites you out of self-defense, and you feel the effects of the venom implies that you need to be more forgiving or adjust your expectations when it comes to what you think are your limits. 

You may also dream of a rattlesnake attack when you’re unsure of yourself, a particular situation in your waking life, or someone whose behavior is unexplained. 

This uncertainty is causing you some hesitancy, and your subconscious urges you to trust yourself, and listen to your instincts.

If you dream of attacking a rattlesnake that was not going to attack you, this denotes that you are struggling with your feelings in some aspect of your waking life. 

Being at war with yourself will not serve you, and you need to find a way to reconcile yourself in waking life before you come across any problems that will make the situation worse.

Consider exactly why you feel the need to fight yourself. Is it because there is something you’ve repressed, and you don’t want to face these emotions or traumatic experiences? 

It could be that you know exactly what you need to do to get ahead right now, and you’re trying very hard not to listen to your impulses, as they want you to do the exact opposite. 

Alternatively, a dream where a rattlesnake attacks you implies that you’re about to come across a great opportunity that will change your life for the better if you are brave enough to take it.

Dreaming Of A Rattlesnake Bite

Rattlesnake venom can be very dangerous, so to dream of a rattlesnake bite denotes an impossible situation, someone who will cause you more than a few problems soon, or a wrong choice that will be difficult or impossible to untangle later on down the road.

Dreaming that the bite area swells up can imply that someone in your life is causing a lot of negativity in your life, whether that’s deliberately or unintentionally. 

It may be that you’re trying to help this person with a problem, and the stress is getting to you, or they are trying to bring you down and stop you from achieving something. Perhaps they are jealous.

This dream may even point to a toxic relationship, so be careful, and guard yourself against negativity where you can.

A dream of a rattlesnake biting you is a call to stop burying yourself in denial. You can’t avoid things forever, no matter how much you want to. 

You may be avoiding something that happened in the past, or something that’s in your present, but either way, you will need to confront it eventually.

A Rattlesnake Biting Your Ankle Or Foot In A Dream

A rattlesnake attacking your feet or ankles in a dream suggests that you have stopped moving forward somewhere in life. More specifically, you don’t feel challenged enough to be motivated, and you’re bored by where you are or what you do.

Maybe it feels like you’re repeating the same day over and over, and every hour is blurring into one that never seems to end. 

This dream is telling you that you need to do something different, and desperately. Consider what would help you feel less trapped, whether that’s a new adventure, exploring somewhere you’ve never been, or trying something you’ve never dreamed of.

A Rattlesnake Wrapping Itself Around You In A Dream

A rattlesnake that wraps its body around you is a warning you need to listen to, and quickly. A rattlesnake will wind itself around you when it gets ready to bite, so make sure that you look at the people you trust, and especially those you don’t.

Ensure that you guard yourself against anyone who might move against you, especially if you’re in direct competition with someone. You might find that this person is trying to sabotage you.

A dream of this type that keeps repeating implies that you haven’t yet done anything about this deception or betrayal, and it would be worth it to do something, so that you may move on.

Dreaming Of A Rattlesnake Tripping You Up

Rattlesnakes coiling around your legs and tripping you up suggest that fear is getting the better of you, in terms of health worries, or something else that keeps playing on your mind. 

It may be that you’re ignoring something that’s niggling at you, and you should get yourself checked out to put your mind at ease.

Think about your actions in this dream, when you notice the rattlesnake around your legs. If you freeze in one place, you are letting this worry become paralytic, and the more you let it rule you, the harder it is to claw your life back from it.

If you manage to throw the rattlesnake off you, or gently coax it away, this refers to your success in shaking off your fear, and getting what you want which lies past that worry.

Running From A Rattlesnake In Your Dreams

A dream where you run away from a rattlesnake refers to a situation you don’t want to confront in waking life, but it is coming for you. You may be trying to deny it with everything you have, but you know that this won’t stop by itself.

Consider what the rattlesnake in your dream means to you. What are you running from? Is it a fear of something, or the thing itself? 

There can be a world of difference between the two, and knowing which one it is can go a long way when you finally have to confront it.

Being Suffocated Or Crushed By A Rattlesnake In Your Dream

What a nightmare. This dream scenario is specific enough that it deserves its own definition. 

It’s definitely worth exploring this one, as it can be hard to look past the fear of your dream to find out what it’s trying to tell you.

In dreams, being suffocated by a rattlesnake suggests that something is weighing on you in waking life, and you feel trapped or unable to do what you want most.

Consider your circumstances in waking life, and what is making you feel this way. It could be that you’re overthinking everything, and causing yourself a vicious cycle that you feel you can’t break.

Maybe you are in a difficult situation, or your responsibilities are getting too much right now. Your dream is urging you to take a step back, and take a break.

Figure out how you can carve some time out for yourself, and dedicate just a few minutes to what you want, even that can make a world of difference.

What Does It Mean To Be Killed By A Rattlesnake In Your Dream?

A nightmare where a rattlesnake kills you can be terrifying, but it does have something useful to tell you. As you might imagine, it comes as a warning, especially if you hear the rattle of the snake before it strikes. 

When a rattlesnake kills you in your dream, this warns you against provoking people or causing problems in relationships, intentionally or otherwise. 

It could be that something you say is about to get you into trouble, so watch your words, and make sure they don’t come across as insensitive.

It may also mean that you need to reorder your life and bring back balance where it has fallen to the wayside. 

Maybe you’re not sleeping well, and your body and mind really need rest, and this problem is starting to affect the rest of your life.

Perhaps your work-life balance is non-existent right now, and you need to work on getting it back on track. Maybe a project at work has you doing much more overtime than you are built for, or a problem in your personal life is starting to affect your productivity at work.

Witnessing A Rattlesnake Kill Someone In Your Dream

What a stressful dream. Seeing a rattlesnake kill someone implies that you are about to hurt someone you love dearly, and while this might be by accident, it will take a while for your relationship to recover.

The good news is that this particular rattlesnake in your dream comes as an omen – so now you are forewarned, you can do something about it. Consider what you can do to prevent it, and you’ll feel better about it.

Killing A Rattlesnake In Your Dream

A dream where you kill a rattlesnake is usually a positive sign, as long as the rattlesnake provoked you and you didn’t do it just because you felt like killing it.

Killing a rattlesnake out of self-defense in your dream suggests that you are taking steps to assert your control over your life, making sure that no one takes advantage of you, or cannot lie to you.

Any competition you’re up against will meet their match against you. They will underestimate your ability and determination, and you’ll soon teach them their mistake. 

This dream also suggests that you’re about to accomplish some important goals in your life. 

This dream is likely to happen when you’re close to making a business deal, or you’re just settling into a new role that you feel suits you well, or you’ve found a hobby that will be a lifelong passion. 

It denotes your confidence, your authority, your hopes, and your determination to shape the future into something that you are excited about.

If you dream of seeing a rattlesnake on your property, and you kill it as it looks as though it was going to attack you or someone you love, you need to make sure you’re paying attention to the people in your life, as this will lead you to success.

It’s as simple and as hard as that. Maybe you have more than a few problems right now, and your attention is being pulled in so many directions it can be difficult to know what to focus on. 

Listening to someone is sometimes all it takes to keep your relationship strong, and keeping your connections balanced and healthy provides you with more than you know.

If you dream of killing a rattlesnake that doesn’t move to attack you, this is a negative omen for the future. It can imply that you are being too selfish right now, or you’re desperately trying to ignore how someone is lying to you or to see the truth of a situation.

Maybe you’ll lash out at someone because you want to, or do something selfish and impulsive, and this will be a mistake you will have to pay for.

The dream’s message is to ignore your instincts at your peril. Maybe you feel trapped in a situation, but you’re unsure what to do about it, or you know that someone is trying to influence you, and you’re letting them.

Try to look past your problems, or whatever else is holding your attention, and figure out what the big picture looks like. Is this just a temporary blip, or is it part of a bigger problem?

Crushing A Rattlesnake In Your Dream

A dream where you crush a rattlesnake to stop it attacking you or someone else is a very good sign. 

It denotes how you are about to improve the quality of your life, whether that’s through making healthier choices, sorting out any minor health issues, or something else that will make your life better.

However, if you crush a rattlesnake that didn’t even see you, or wasn’t a threat to you in any way, this points to an embarrassing or even dangerous situation you will put yourself in. 

You’re in danger of greatly misreading circumstances, so take a step back, and look at things from another angle.

Seeing A Rattlesnake In The Wild In Your Dream

A dream where you see a rattlesnake in the wild suggests that you are worrying about something to the point where you might actually realize your fears. 

This can happen more than you might expect, and it’s a very frustrating side of life. A dream like this implies that you are trying to control every aspect of your life to the point where it is exhausting you, and you’re not seeing where this behavior can affect you negatively.

Not every part of life can be controlled, and to try will only tire you out completely, leaving no energy for when good luck is on your side unexpectedly.

Control what you can, and trust the universe for the rest.

Seeing A Rattlesnake In Water In Your Dream

Dreaming of seeing a rattlesnake in or near water implies that you let anxiety get in the way of enjoying life. 

Maybe this is something that happens all the time, or you’re in the middle of a difficult situation that has left you feeling powerless, and you’re wondering what will happen next.

Sometimes you concentrate too much on what could happen, rather than what is happening, and this distracts you from all the good in your life right now.

Try not to let it get to you.

Dreaming Of A Rattlesnake Trapped In A Box

A dream where you see a rattlesnake in a box implies that you are repressing unpleasant parts of life, but this will only come back to ‘bite’ you in the future. 

If you can manage to deal with these issues now, it will save you a lot of stress and anxiety in the long run.

Alternatively, a rattlesnake in a box represents a sneaky person that you should be wary of at the best of times, but as they are in the box in your dream, you have the situation under control. 

You know exactly what they are up to, and you’re not about to let them get away with it. You might let them start off, pretending that they have the upper hand, and then teach them otherwise.

However, this does not mean you should let your guard down, as they might try to take advantage of any opportunity they get.  

Seeing A Caged Rattlesnake In Your Dream

A caged rattlesnake is a good sign, as it suggests that good fortune is coming your way. You’ll be able to take good advantage of this, and any problems in your way will soon fall away.

Or, a caged rattlesnake can suggest that someone will protect you from the worst of a situation soon.

Keeping A Pet Rattlesnake In A Dream

A dream where you have a pet rattlesnake is a positive omen, denoting how you will be content with what you have in life soon, and your worries will melt away.

It also means that you can trust a situation or a person that looked suspicious at first. Listen to your instincts, and they won’t lead you astray.

A Friendly Rattlesnake In Your Dream

A rattlesnake that comes to you for pets is an interesting and rare dream. As you might imagine, it’s a sign of very good fortune. It implies that you are about to come into some money, and all your hard work is about to pay off in the best way possible.

Seeing A Coiled Rattlesnake In Your Dream

A coiled rattlesnake in your dream implies that a difficult situation is about to unfold in waking life, and you’ll need to be ready for it. There’s also the potential for regret here, so tread carefully.

It can also mean that someone who has been planning to move against you for a long time is ready to put their vision into action. Be careful who you trust, and watch what they do more than what they say.

Dreaming Of A Rattlesnake Nest

Coming across a rattlesnake’s nest in your dream is a warning. You’re about to encounter someone who you won’t get on with, and they will cause you more than your fair share of problems soon. 

The good news is that you will eventually remove their influence from your life, allowing you to move on.

Or, a rattlesnake nest in your dream suggests that you’re about to have an argument or miscommunication with someone you love, and this will affect your relationship for a while.

Dreaming Of Rattlesnakes Falling On You Or Someone Else

A dream where rattlesnakes fall from above is a terrifying one, especially if the snakes are scared enough to attack you! 

If the rattlesnakes fall on you, this can suggest that someone is creating a rumor about you behind your back.

A dream where rattlesnakes fall on someone else implies that you should take a look at your actions and words, and how they affect other people. This might come as a warning or a blessing.

Seeing A Rattlesnake In Your Bed In A Dream

What an uncomfortable dream. You might even find yourself checking your bed after a dream like this! 

Usually, when unpleasant dreams of animals or reptiles in your bed occur, this is caused by pressure getting to you, or anxiety that’s taking over your life. 

As it specifically focuses on the bed, it can suggest that you’re not getting enough rest, and you need to change this, or intimacy, sexual desires, or issues of privacy are weighing on your mind.

Maybe someone is invading your space, and you need to be clearer about what you want and don’t want from this person. 

Dreaming Of A Rattlesnake In Your Home

Coming across a rattlesnake in your house in a dream implies that you’re about to encounter some misfortune. 

Something is about to go wrong, and you may need every ounce of determination you have to get through it and make it right.

It may be a misunderstanding or miscommunication between you and someone you love, or it could be that something in your house is about to break.

As your home in a dream refers to a place of safety and rest, this bad luck will affect your confidence for a little while.

The good news is that these sorts of dreams are not a guarantee, so that there is the possibility that you can prevent this misfortune, now that you know about it.

Eating A Live Rattlesnake In Your Dream

Oh, yuck! This dream may make you feel sick. You may even wonder what the hell is going on in your mind to have a dream like this. 

Well, a dream of eating a live rattlesnake can suggest that your sexual desires aren’t being met, and you’re considering looking for a new sexual partner.

A Talking Rattlesnake In Your Dreams

A dream of a talking rattlesnake can be a subconscious part of yourself which is essentially the wisest aspect of your psyche. 

You may know deep down that you need to look for something more reliable or someone more trustworthy to put your faith in, or to recognize the truth of a situation on a conscious level.

This dream serves to unite the conscious and unconscious parts of your mind, especially when you are going through uncertain times, and you are not sure who to rely on. 

The dream’s message is clear: rely on yourself, and you will get through anything if you put your mind to it. 

Consider what the rattlesnake says in your dream or the nature of the conversation for further insight.

Alternatively, if we take a look at older dream interpretation, a rattlesnake that speaks to you in a dream suggests that you’re about to find luck on your side, and new opportunities will make themselves available.

A Shapeshifting Rattlesnake In Your Dream

One of the rarer dream scenarios of a rattlesnake is one that shapeshifts into a person, or vice versa. 

Consider if you know this person in waking life, or if it is a stranger, as this detail affects the interpretation of this dream.

A stranger that turns into a rattlesnake, or a rattlesnake that turns into a stranger suggests that you don’t trust yourself fully. 

You’ve made some mistakes in the past, but the fear of what you’re capable of is holding you back in waking life. Trust yourself to do the right thing, and you will find that things get much easier.

If you dream of someone you know turning into a rattlesnake, or the rattlesnake turns into this person, this warns you to be careful. Watch this person’s words and actions, and don’t trust them.

Dreaming Of A Giant Rattlesnake

This dream can be very unsettling if you don’t like snakes to begin with. Rattlesnakes can get as large as eight feet long, but if you see one bigger than this in your dream, it’s something you shouldn’t ignore. 

A very large rattlesnake in your dream implies that you need to look at the state of your relationships and see if there are any that are causing you stress, pain, or overwhelming negativity.

Consider what you can do to make these connections better, but recognize that you cannot get along with everyone all the time. Some people just won’t be compatible with you, and that’s okay.

A Dream Of A Tiny Rattlesnake

A tiny rattlesnake in your dream denotes a very small problem or suspicion of someone that will get bigger if you let it. Address it now before it has the chance.

A Baby Rattlesnake In Your Dream

Dreaming of a baby rattlesnake can imply that while you’ve spotted something that is a risk to your life in some way or one of your relationships, you are still not taking steps to prevent it.

Maybe you think it won’t be that bad, or this potential problem will go away on its own. The baby rattlesnake in your dream is a message that it won’t. You need to be proactive, and quickly. The sooner you get to it, the better.

Charming Or Controlling A Rattlesnake In Your Dream

A dream where a rattlesnake does your bidding is a good omen for the future. 

It suggests that you have the comfort and security blanket of money behind a creative project or professional goal, in the form of someone who wants to support you or a company that wants to share in your success.

Walking Through A Sea Of Rattlesnakes In Your Dream

If you dream of walking through a sea of rattlesnakes, this reflects your anxiousness in waking life. 

A particular fear has got you in its grip, and you’re finding it hard to shake it off. It could be the fear of being replaced – in your job or social circle, where someone seems to be much better than you at something, but they aren’t you.

Maybe you’re scared of falling ill, especially if you have someone dependent on you, and you wonder what would happen to them if you couldn’t look after them.

This dream is simply a reflection of your anxiety, and isn’t a prediction. It draws your attention to how your worry is affecting the rest of your life.

Holding A Rattlesnake In Your Arms In A Dream

Dreaming of holding a rattlesnake in your arms can be a positive symbol, or a negative one, depending on how you feel in the dream. 

If you feel comfortable holding the rattlesnake, this refers to how you are conquering a certain fear that’s had you in its grip until this point.

It can also mean that you’re making sure that no one is able to deceive you or manipulate you into something you wouldn’t decide on your own. 

If you feel terrified holding this rattlesnake – especially if its tail rattles, or someone else places it in your hands, this suggests a loss of control, power, or confidence in waking life. Something or someone is making you feel smaller than you are. 

You’re forgetting what you’re capable of, letting other people or circumstances dictate your perception of yourself, rather than having faith in yourself. You’ve got this.

Seeing A Red Rattlesnake In Your Dream

Dreaming of a red rattlesnake suggests that there is a misunderstanding or miscommunication somewhere in your life. 

It could be that someone is trying to sabotage a specific relationship, so be careful you don’t fall for it. 

Try to be as clear as possible, and rise above any petty attempts to sabotage you. You are better than that. 

Or, a dream like this may suggest that someone will come to you with a problem soon, and while this won’t be easy to solve, it will be vital that you try to help them. 

The color red is associated with danger, passion, energy, and life itself, so consider how this may tie into your life. 

If the red rattlesnake attacks you, this can warn you against concentrating on yourself too much, and not paying enough attention to the others around you. 

A positive dream involving a red rattlesnake can suggest that you’re about to celebrate a positive milestone, whether that’s your own or someone else’s, such as a big birthday, anniversary, or promotion.

A red rattlesnake may also signify an inner transformation that will change your life forever, a period of healing, and afterwards you’ll acquire a wealth of experience and wisdom that will help you greatly in the near future.

If you’ve been through an illness, or you’ve felt exhausted lately, this dream signals a period of renewal, where you will be back to your normal self.

Final Thoughts

A dream of a rattlesnake can come as a warning not to trust a situation or a person, not to take it at face value, but it can also be a good sign depending on the context of your dream.

The details of your dream are what defines the difference between a positive rattlesnake dream symbol and a negative one, so the more details you can remember, the more accurately you can interpret your dream.

It’s worth keeping a dream diary, as everyone’s dreams will focus on something different, and you’ll be able to see the patterns and recurring themes that feature across different dreams. 

Ultimately, dream interpretation is a journey to understand yourself better, and the more you practice it, the better you will get.


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