Visitation Dreams: Dreaming Of Someone You Know Who Has Died

Dreams present a lot of different meanings to different individuals. Moreover, you can slightly interpret each one of your dreams differently. They are dictated by settings, events, or situations that are occurring during their course. 

Dreams are said to be the way of the mind to communicate with you. It’s a way of reminding or telling you things, such as certain people, situations, and places that you may have forgotten already.

Moreover, according to mystics, the world of your dreams may be linked to other worlds that are not accessible to your waking consciousness. That’s why it is not a coincidence that dreaming of dead people during ancient times was a crucial sign and should not be overlooked.

It is not uncommon to dream of someone you have lost. It may be that you’re missing or thinking of that person. Although dreaming of your dead loved one may bring some comfort, you may still be pondering what does it mean to dream about someone who has passed away?

First: What Is A Visitation Dream?

Mystics believed that a dead person usually visits you in your dreams with either a warning, advice, or message that you need to understand to prevent undesirable troubles. Likewise, it will keep you from making mistakes.

On the other hand, psychologists believe that the reason you dream about a dead friend or family member that has passed away is simply a manifestation of guilty feelings toward them or depression. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to delve into the mystical perspective and try to comprehend the messages that the deceased want to carry out. And the only way they can talk to us is through our dreams. 

There are numerous books out there about what it means about someone who has passed away. However, they do not give enough attention to a lot of vital distinctions. These include what the dead person may have looked like in your dreams. Is he or she happy and alive, dead in the grave, or came to life right before your very eyes. Perhaps you simply forgot in your dream that the particular person has passed away a long time ago.

Visitation dreams are dreams with intense emotions where a loved one who recently passed away returns to provide assurance, guidance, or warning. They can help you overcome the feeling of grief that tends to strike you at random moments or upon seeing things that your loved one used to like.

When the deceased come in your dreams, you don’t feel as alone anymore. You feel like you are home. So it’s crucial that as a bereaved, you find a way to remain connected and remember the one you lost to help you cope with it more. Visitation dream experiences are an excellent way to help you cope with your loss more effectively. Additionally, it can give you space, where you can stay connected to your the person you lost.

Release Dreams Vs. Visitation Dreams

It’s devastating to lose someone you love. The feeling of grief never truly goes away. Weeks, months, and many years may pass, but you will still see yourself looking far away thinking and wanting to see them. You may even ask your dead loved one to give you at least a sign that he or she is there by your side or watching over you. 

Losing someone is like losing a part of yourself, and you’ll desperately wish that there’s a way that you can turn back the time. But more often than not, our deceased loved ones come to our dreams to say goodbye or help lessen the grief you’re feeling or their loss. Furthermore, some say that it’s a way of coping with our loss.

Visiting you in your dreams is one of the signs that your deceased loved one is trying to connect with you. Aside from the obvious sign that you’re missing the person you’ve lost, visitation dreams may likely indicate that the person is trying to send a message from the grave. 

For many years, a lot of theories and links suggest that both the spirit and dream worlds may be connected. Hence, the spirit of the deceased is communicating with you about something or someone relevant in your life. 

On the other hand, Release dreams, also known as venting dreams are those in which you let of little or big things you encounter in your waking life from the day, week, or month before. These type of dreams is where you release your issues and pent up emotions from your personal life, jobs, and daily encounters. 

Release dreams are vital to all of us since they can help us with letting go and moving on with our waking life. Without these dreams, our desires, emotions, and thoughts regarding your family life, personal life, jobs, and the likes, would eat you up inside and bubble at the surface at the most inconvenient of times.

Can Deceased Loved Ones Really Communicate Through Dreams?

For most of your deceased loved ones, there is nothing they would love more than to connect with you. And even after their death, they will continuously make you aware of their presence. 

Moreover, a lot of them may go to great lengths just to catch your attention. These may include touching you physically, making noises, and even send out symbols and sings like feathers and cardinals. But for most of us, this may still be not enough.

But first, it is essential to understand that the person who passed away, in spirit, now functions solely on the energy of Divine Light. In heaven, in the space of the realm of spirit, or the great oneness. This other side of the veil is buoyant, light, and glowing with energy. And this energy is what your deceased loved ones utilize to connect with you on various levels.

Since they are no longer in their physical bodies, they now must use pure energy to reach out and connect with you. It can be the energy of ideas and thought, emotions, images, or sensation and touch, that they can transfer to you. Essentially in any sort of spirit communication, your loved ones are transferring energy from themselves to you.

We also transfer energy to each other while alive. And love energy is the best example of this. So if someone loves you, not only do you hear that they love you when they say it, you also sense and feel the energy of it coming out from them. They are sending their love energy to you in the form of emotions and thoughts.

When your loved ones visit you in your dreams, they send you their energy as sensations, images, thoughts, and emotions. And in your open state of sleep, you are able to see it through your dreams. 

A Few Examples Of Visitation Dreams

Typically, dreaming about someone who has passed away or first visitations come around 7 to 10 days following transition or the crossing-over window. However, it is normal for you to begin sensing your loved one at any time within the 49-day period of their crossover or the Bardo period.

Once the person you’ve lost has completed the crossing-over window or Bardo period, visitation dreams typically come. It can begin anywhere between two months to two years after the crossing.

Here are some examples of visitation dreams:

Example 1: Dream Of My Grandma When She Passed On

Ever since our grandmother passed away a few years back, we always feel his strong presence. She has been visiting our dreams a lot of times, especially my sister’s. I noticed that this happens to me during the following:

  • When I’m going through a really hard time.
  • When we are at a very low place and overwhelmed. 
  • The family is feeling like everything is going nowhere and we have no idea how we can pull through from it. 

During these moments, our grandma would visit me in my dream (See also quotes about dreams) (See also quotes about dreams). In those dreams, she is comforting and reassuring us, as well as trying to ease all our worries. Sometimes she would send a message to ensure that we are going to be okay or that we should look out and take care of of our mother.

In my dreams, I see her walking the way I remembered her. She’s simply the grandma we knew before she got sick. She was never in pain, discomfort, or distress. Instead, he is calm, at peace, and reassuring us.

Example 2: Messages From Spirits On The Telephone

I experienced my first visitation dream when I was around 10 years old. I don’t quite remember all of its details since it has been decades. However, what I do remember clearly was my grandma calling me on the phone and leaving me a short yet sweet message on our answering machine.

Since that dream, I’ve noticed that telephones have been one of the most popular dream symbols for spirits or someone who has passed who wants to communicate with their loved ones. Most people believe that it means that you miss them very much and wish they were still alive so you could talk together again as you used to. 

I have had plenty of telephone conversation dreams with my deceased loved ones and friends. And every time I wake up, I feel happy and content.

Example 3: Conversation With My Aunt And Messages From The Family

I had a very interesting visitation dream recently. It was about one of my deceased aunts. She was sitting in our living room, and she looks great, more vibrant, healthier, and younger than when I last saw her alive. 

Our conversation was quite engaging. She told me that her physical body simply already gave up on her. Aside from that, we also talked about the time of her passing. I told her that the time she left us was a sad moment for me and the entire family. We have suffered plenty of losses, and she said that it also saddens her to leave her sister behind, which is my mom. 

Nevertheless, she told me in my dream that her body can no longer keep up, and that there’s just so much that her old body can handle. She also said that even though she is on the other side, she’ll be able to more by watching over us. 

7 Signs And Characteristics Of Visitation Dreams

You will notice that there are some very definite characteristics in the visitation dreams examples above. All our visitation dreams experience typically come with very distinct characteristics. 

Being able to understand the common signs and characteristics of visitation dreams will allow you to identify if it’s a real visitation dream or simply a release dream. You’ll be able to determine if your deceased loved one is communicating with you or merely releasing some of your pent up emotions and thoughts.

1. The Person Will Seem Happy And Healthy

When your loved one look happy in your dreams and similar to how they were before passing away, they just want you to know that they were okay. If they look healthier and seem as if they were trying to provide you with an assurance that they are fine, then they want you to be happy. Even if you’re having a hard time understanding what they are saying, they only want to let you know that they are happy. 

It is common for the person you lost to seem happier, younger, and healthier in your visitation dreams. The person in your dream will almost always seem to be entirely healthy and behaves lovingly. It is very rare that they will seem injured or sick. Also, they will never get angry and punishing, as well as look depressed or disappointed. 

If they seem angry, injured, upset, or sick, it’s highly likely that what you’re experiencing is not a real visitation dream. In most instances, it’s typically a representation of the grief you are personally feeling in real life. 

It’s never easy to lose the one you love. Likewise, it involves plenty of feelings and emotions that you need to digest. And there are times that feelings of sadness, guilt, regret, and even anger tend to surface as you go through the healing process of grief.

2. The Dream Will Have Logical Sequence

The majority of visitation dreams you’ll experience will have a very logical sequence of events. The action of the dream will not be made of pieces that you will have to connect to make sense of the spiritual message. It will flow and follow an order, as well as very natural. Hence, you’ll know exactly how you were able to get from one point to the next.

3. The Details Of the Deram Are Very Vivid

Generally, most dreams have hazy details, and you’re most likely to forget about them as soon as waking up. However, when you dream about someone you lost who is trying to reach out to you, you can usually see, hear, and even feel their presence. It’s as if they were right there beside you. 

Your dreams about them are extremely vivid and filled with emotions. Additionally, it may significantly alter your beliefs and life. Rather than watching it like a TV or movie, you will be able to control what you do and say. So if your dream is a vivid memory, and you see your lost loved one, it is their way of reaching out to you.

4. The Message Is One Of Love And Peace

Whether or not the person you lost speaks to you verbally in your dream, he or she will communicate very clearly. When they do communicate, whether verbally or nonverbally, it is not because they want to engage in small talk. It is not easy for your deceased loved ones to enter your dreams. They come to you with a purpose, and once they convey the message, they will be gone.

Most often, the messages of your lost loved ones fall into the reassurance category. They visit you to let you know that they are okay and that they simply want to see you happy. Sometimes, they will come with a warning. Nevertheless, when giving a warning, they will provide you with loving support, making you feel reassured by their mere presence.

After a visitation dream, you will often be filled with a sense of peace and love once you wake up.

5. Other Symbols In The Dream Relate To The Person Or Communication

Dreams have a language, and that is through symbols. It is not unusual for the symbols in the dream you have of your loved one to be associated with them. 

For instance, in the visitation dream I had about my aunt, we sat and talked in the living room since that’s her favorite spot to talk to me when she was still alive. 

On the other hand, the telephone in a lot of my visitation dreams symbolizes communication. In your visitation dreams, you may encounter a letter, radio, or any form of symbols or signs relating to communicating a message.

6. You Don’t Have To Say Words

Most visitation dreams are full of conversations with the deceased person. However, sometimes that not always the case when your loved ones want to convey a message. 

One good example was the dream I had a few months ago about a close friend who died unexpectedly. In it, I was walking alone in the park, when suddenly my friend appeared out of nowhere in front of me. 

She went up to me, and we hug tightly. We did not exchange any words but I had this feeling that we’ve said everything we need to say with that simple hug. To me, that dream is more about connection than communication. 

7. It Feels Real

The most crucial characteristic of a true visitation dream is that it feels real and will also be extremely vivid. If you have to ask yourself whether the dream you had was truly a visitation dream, then it is more likely that it is not. 

These dreams are so vivid and real that you will not be asking yourself this question. When you experience a visitation dream, you will see yourself wondering if it was real. Nevertheless, in your heat, you will know that it is true.

Since visitation dreams are very vivid and so real, you will remember them very clearly for days, months, years, and even your entire lifetime.

How To Be Open To Having Visitation Dreams

In visitation dreams, you’ll be able to feel, see, and listen to your loved ones without distraction or dismissing them immediately. Unconscious sleep is a space where dismissal has no opportunity for both of you. 

You don’t need any special skills, natural ability, or have some sort of a gift to experience a visitation dream. Anyone can have it. And although practicing your intuitive skills can help you, it is not a necessary requirement.

Nevertheless, you can do some things to help yourself open up to having visitation dreams and communication with someone you loved who’s already on the other side. The term for this is programming your dreams. It’s a nice habit to adapt during night time even when you’re not really after having a visitation dream. 

There’s Finally Closure

Every time someone who has passed away visits you in your dreams, you are closer to ultimately finding closure over their death, no matter the level of your grief. Still, how long it will take will vary between individuals. 

Nonetheless, every visit can help lessen the grief you are feeling little by little until you can finally think about the deceased without breaking down completely. Then, you will be able to only remember the happier times and moments you shared with them, and move on with your own life knowing that they are also happy, wherever they are right now.

Here Are Three Things You Can Do To Have A Visitation Dream


Meditation is an excellent way to calm both your soul and body. Likewise, it can help you become more open to accepting your dreams. If you have not done it before, consider guided meditation first to help kickstart things. Or you can try something as simple as breathing exercises to help your mind and body relax.

Affirm You are Open to Communicating With the Person

Before you go to sleep, spend some time thinking about the person you have lost. Ask him or her to come and visit you in your dream state. 

Saying affirmations that you want to see a certain deceased loved one can help. The reason for that is because your subconscious mind is either afraid or unsure about that kind of dream. 

So keep on saying to yourself that you are open to dream about that person, and would love to communicate or receive a message or something similar. 

But do not be discouraged if that person does not visit you. It will usually take a few attempts, but once you’ve done it several times, the chances of you dreaming about that loved one will increase.

And once it does happen, make sure to thank that person for coming. Additionally, send your loved one some gratitude and love for taking the time to connect with you.

Keep a Dream Journal

If you want to have a better understanding of the dream world, consider jotting down your dreams. Not only will keeping a dream journal help you remember your dreams, but it can also help you process and take in all the feelings and emotions you may have. 

Writing them down can help you get rid of fear, sadness, and any feelings that may be getting in the way of your loved one’s attempt of communication with you.

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