What Does A Stab Mean In Your Dream?

A dream where you were stabbed, or you witnessed a stab, or perhaps you stabbed something or someone, is a bad omen. Dreaming of being stabbed suggests you feel attacked by someone’s words, complaints or criticism. If you dreamed of being stabbed from behind, this indicates someone disloyal in your life, or an impending betrayal. A stab in the dark, where you only felt the pain and didn’t witness the attack, suggests guesswork somewhere, or a decision finally made after some turmoil.

In Your Dream, You May Have

  • Stabbed someone yourself
  • Felt someone stab you
  • Stabbed an animal
  • Defended yourself with a knife
  • Stabbed an inanimate object

What to Take Away From Your Stab Dream

  • While hurt, you didn’t die
  • If you did die, it was not the end
  • You didn’t feel pain when you were stabbed
  • You didn’t kill someone by stabbing them

Detailed Stab Dream Interpretation

If you dreamed of stabbing someone while you were in a fight, this is not a sign of things being over. Rather, it’s a sign of impending failure just when you think things are finished. If you see yourself stabbing a poor animal, any kind of animal, this suggests a weakness in your mind or body or both. It’s not a leap that a stabbing in a dream links to fear, betrayal and loss. Seeing yourself stab someone in a dream suggests that you may feel vulnerable at the hands of others and feel a need to protect yourself. If you see yourself being stabbed, there’s an unpleasant experience waiting for you in the future. 

This dream is a sign of aggression and wanting to displace any negative feelings that may be plaguing you. It’s a common dream if you feel unsafe in your waking life, perhaps you’ve discovered that your partner isn’t who you thought they were, or they did something unforgivable. Conversely, this dream can also indicate how you’re able to solve problems, and you’re not afraid of any solution in order to improve your situation. This doesn’t mean you’re willing to stab someone to get what you want, or that you should stab someone – it’s more metaphorical than that! It suggests that you’ll adapt to a situation and change the stakes to overcome something. 

If you dream of being stabbed, this suggests a run of bad luck, an impending accident, or several misfortunes headed your way. The same dream can reflect infatuation, or feeling somewhat vulnerable that someone can affect you so emotionally. Stabbing something in a dream suggests great problems in the future. If you stab an animal in a dream, this is you seizing an opportunity for profit. A dream where you’re stabbed can signify a vulnerability in your life, perhaps one that someone has targeted. 

The appearance of a knife in your dream is an interesting image symbolically. It suggests that you have more resolve left than you might have assumed. Someone might have made you feel powerless, and this is your subconscious’s way of regaining your control or sense of power. If you dream of holding a knife, you may be considering cutting ties with someone in your life. If you see yourself being stabbed in a dream, this suggests that someone in your life is not a good influence, or they might harm you in the future. If you felt the knife in your dream and the edge was blunt, you’ll find a solution in time. If it was keen, you’ll resolve things much faster.

Feelings You may have Experienced During a Stab Dream

Terrified. Shocked. Infuriated. Offended. Tired, or overwhelmed. Betrayed. Deceived. Lost. 


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