What Does A Shower Mean In Your Dream?

Simply put, dreaming of a shower suggests that you’re trying to get rid of your problems. Water in a dream connects to our inner emotions, and in this case it’s a desire to be rid of anything currently plaguing you. This is not to say that you’re running away from your problems – you might just be tired of dealing with them and want something to come and magically fix everything. There are also quite a few different meanings behind this dream, depending on how you felt during it. A dream of showering can indicate a state of change for the better. It can also be a warning not to take people at face value. If you dream of showering in dirty water, this can suggest you need to be on your guard – there will be some people who will try to discredit you. 

In Your Dream

  • You took a shower
  • You saw someone else showering
  • You cleaned a shower
  • The water was hot
  • The water was freezing
  • The shower was dirty
  • The water was filthy
  • You saw an empty shower

Advice to Take from Your Dream

  • Take a short break from your troubles
  • Be ready to solve your problems – more are coming
  • It’s time to actively try to heal

Detailed Shower Dream Interpretation

A spiritual meaning behind the shower in your dream is that you’re taking time to check your spiritual well-being and how you’re faring in life. A shower isn’t just an act of cleansing, but we often use it to take a break and feel refreshed to face the day (or night). We often emerge more relaxed than when we went in, so dreams of a shower can also indicate a break or a holiday from your problems.  If you’re dreaming of someone else showering, they may require your help or advice in solving something. It can be a sign you need to take things a little easier. Step back and drop your problems for ten minutes – or however long you typically shower – they’ll wait. Sometimes a little distance offers us a greater perspective, and a few solutions we wouldn’t otherwise come to. A shower in your dream can also be a message that your life will change shortly, and some of your old problems will shed with your old life.

A shower appearing in your dream is one of those nice dreams where you get to have something to look forward to. Something good’s in your future. Your present is brimming with good ideas that will take you forward. It can mean impending happiness in the coming years, or something more immediate. Perhaps you’ll emerge from several difficult situations and trust yourself to make the right decisions later. Clean water signifies growth and self-reliance. If the water is cold, this reveals a clean bill of health for you or someone you love. Cloudy water however, points to insecurity and a potential illness. If for some reason you dream of only showering your feet, this means a more settled period in your life will arrive shortly. It can also indicate you’re looking back to the past, and this may be good or bad. 

If you find yourself showering in a dream, this can suggest something will end in an argument or a conflict. If a great effort is needed to make it to the shower in your dream, this suggests either your mind or body is struggling with something. A hot shower can suggest a sudden rage, or negative emotions surfacing in your waking life. If it’s uncomfortably hot, someone will hold something against you. You might have misread something they did or said, and they haven’t forgiven you for it. 

An empty shower links to opportunities you haven’t taken advantage of. Perhaps you thought it wouldn’t end well – and maybe it wouldn’t – and you’ve been reflecting on the What Ifs lately. Too cold a temperature suggests a fight in a relationship, or an unpleasant visit where you feel invaded. If you have a horrible nightmare of being murdered in the shower, you’ll encounter difficult problems ahead. 

If you dream of spending a lot of time in the shower, this is a sign of good health in the future, or you take good care of yourself in waking life and don’t take your health for granted. Dreaming of a shower specifically involving a bar of soap and keeps focusing on it suggests a relationship that had previously fizzled out will make a resurgence in your life.  

Feelings You may have Experienced during your Shower Dream

Satisfied. Safe. Away from problems. Feeling relaxed. Feeling free, clean, or in control. Happy with your life. Confused. You’ve too many problems in your life, and they’re all demanding your attention. Hopeful for the future. 


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