Lion or Lioness Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Lions in dreams can be interpreted in many ways and we will take a look at some of them here.  Lions are strong, courageous, aggressive, and powerful. Dreaming about them can often relate to power in your life, but this can be either that you are powerful or that someone has power over you. 

Common Lion Dream Interpretations

Pride: Because lions live in prides, dreaming about them can relate to pride. Is there something in your life that you are proud of? Perhaps you have been successful at work.

If you dream that you are feeding hungry lions, it is time for you to cherish and nourish your pride. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your achievements. However, the dream could have negative connotations if we think of the saying, ‘Pride Comes Before a Fall’. Perhaps we are proud but at the expense of others. It might be time to recognize other people.

If a lion talks to you in your dream, you need to listen carefully. It could be your inner pride talking to you. The lion is telling you that you should have a healthy self-image that gives you confidence.

Anger/Temper: Because lions are ferocious, dreaming about them can indicate your own anger towards someone. Alternatively, someone could be angry with you. It is quite common to dream of a lion after you have had an argument with someone.

Control/Power/Leadership: Lions are known as the ‘Kings of the Jungle’. They can be a symbol of your own power and leadership. 

If you are hunting a lion it can mean that you are chasing after leadership, for example, a promotion at work. Perhaps you want to take over from your boss and are thinking of a way of getting rid of him or her. 

If you dream that you are eating a lion, it can mean that you will soon achieve more power. If it is a lioness that you are eating, you will soon be rich. 

Fighting (see also fighting dream symbols) with a lion indicates that you need to gather your strength and get ready for leadership battles. If you dream of a friendly lion the relationship you have with powerful people is strong.

On the other hand, to dream of a dying lion means that you are going to lose power gradually, while a dead lion indicates that you have lost power either at home or at work. 

Anxiety/Fear: If you are afraid that a lion will attack you, it means that you have fears and anxieties that you need to get over. Self-destruction is indicated if you are being attacked by a lion. Perhaps you are alienating the people around you because you want to be powerful and take charge. 

To be chased by a lion can mean that you are feeling helpless and not in control of your life. Maybe your boss is abusing his or her power. If you see a lion chasing a lioness, your partner could be emotionally suffocating you.

You might dream that lions are guarding you against danger. This could mean that a powerful person is watching over you, but if you are feeling scared, it signifies that you are not happy with this situation. Perhaps they are trying to take over your life.

Strength: A lion is a symbol of strength and if you dream of one, you are proud of your strength in the face of adversity. It could also symbolize the strength of someone else who has helped you through troubles. The strength can be either physical or emotional.

If you see yourself as a lion tamer, it suggests that you are able to keep your strength and aggressiveness in control.

Tips for Interpreting Your Lion Dream

Dreams are personal experiences. They are inside your head and because of this, you are the best interpreter of your dreams. You know what is going on in your life and how you feel about the way things are panning out. While the symbols we have given you give a good insight into your dreams, we will here give you some tips to help you to interpret your dreams.

Describe the Lion in 5 Words: Think of 5 words to describe a lion and these will give you some insight into what your dream is about. You could choose strength, power, leadership, control, and pride. This could indicate that being in charge of something or someone is on your mind. 

Pay Attention to Setting and Context: If you dream of a lion in a cage, this is totally different from dreaming of one in a jungle. If it’s the former, it could mean that you feel trapped or that you are trying to exert power over someone else. To see a lion running about in a jungle could mean that you are free and powerful unless it is chasing you. Then you could be afraid of something or someone.

How Did You Feel in the Dream? Your emotions play a big role in interpreting the dream. The way you feel in your dreams can reflect the way you feel in your waking life. Were you frightened by the lion? Were you stroking the lion and feeling happy? Did the lion make you feel powerless? 

What Events are Happening in Your Life? A lion can be a symbol of what is going in your waking life. If you are feeling powerful and in charge, it wouldn’t be surprising if you dreamt of a lion. If you are scared of the lion, then maybe something or someone is making you fearful.

The lion is a zodiac symbol, Leo. This sign falls from mid-July to mid-August. Perhaps you are a Leo, a sign represented by strength and power. Do you know someone who is a Leo who is currently having a great influence on your life? Alternatively, you may have an event planned for this time of the year and the way you feel about the lion can reflect how you are feeling about the event coming up.

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