What Does It Mean To Dream Of Women?

Considering about half of the world’s population is female, it’s not unusual to dream of women. In traditional dream interpretation, a woman is a projection of you in your dream state, reflecting any unconscious desires that may come to the surface. Sigmund Freud wrote that every dream reflects our present state and everything that contributes to our current state of …

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What Does A Waterfall Mean In Your Dream?

A waterfall forms when the force of a river erodes the rock underneath. This creates a visible drop for the water to fall from a height into a pool below. In dreams, this drop is also significant, a visible change of some kind in your life. It can be a really drastic change, such as a shift in your outlook …

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What Does A Wolf Mean In Your Dreams?

Dreams concerning wolves are common. Wolves can be symbols of a spiritual guardian, a negative impact on your life, or a source of fear. It’s important to distinguish whether the animal in your dream was a wolf or a wild dog. If you’re dreaming of wild dogs, your emotions have been a source of trouble lately. To dream of being …

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