Alcohol Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Dreams involving drinking alcohol can widely vary in their meanings, as there are a lot of ways they can appear. 

Alcohol in dreams can relate to how well you connect with others, solve your own problems, and your overall outlook to life, depending on the situation in your dream.

What you’re drinking can also be significant, as well as the amount you drink within the dream. 

Alcohol Dream Meaning

Dreaming of Being Drunk

If you dream of being drunk, this suggests that you feel the need to let loose and enjoy yourself. You may be feeling the pressure of your responsibilities.

Or, dreaming of being drunk can indicate you need to work on your self-worth. You’re holding onto negativity, instead of looking past it.

If you dream of someone else being drunk, there’s a flaw in your current method or outlook. A troubling situation has caused you to distance yourself from an aspect of yourself. 

Or, if the drunk person in your dream is someone you know, it may be time to reach out to them. They may be struggling with something. This person may also represent an aspect of yourself which needs your attention.

Dreaming of Being an Alcoholic 

Dreaming of being an alcoholic can represent an anxiety about your social life. You’re worried about someone, and you’re unsure how to approach them. 

Dreams involving alcohol addiction don’t necessarily have anything to do with alcohol. 

They can suggest that you’re using a less-than-helpful coping mechanism for something, and if it gets out of hand, it could cause you some real trouble, just like alcohol can.

A dream of being an alcoholic can be your subconscious mind telling you that you need to be open about your flaws or shortcomings. 

If you live with an alcohol addiction and have this dream, this can be your subconscious’s way of gauging your reaction if you were to start drinking again. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will, or that you’re even considering it, as dreams often act out impulses you’ve barely thought about.

Using Alcohol to Toast Something

Dreaming of drinking alcohol to celebrate something suggests that you have a good feeling about the near future. You can’t wait to see what your hard work will bring you.

If you dream of this celebration going wrong, or regretting the alcohol afterwards, this suggests that this event won’t be all good. Some parts of it may be quite bad.

For example, if you dream of celebrating a new promotion, and then dream of an awful hangover, this indicates that what you’ve worked so hard for may not actually be what you want. It may even cause you to take a different career path.

If you toast to a friendship, or a wedding ceremony, you feel something about this relationship is off, or it doesn’t quite ring true. 

Dreaming of Alcohol Poisoning

If you dream of drinking to the point of poisoning yourself, this suggests that you are stuck in a rut somewhere in waking life. You feel as though you cannot get out.

A dream of alcohol poisoning can suggest a lack of direction in your life, and you’re too caught up in distractions to see what’s really going on.

Different Types of Alcohol As Dream Symbols

What you’re drinking within a dream can have as much significance as the rest of your dream itself, as each type of alcohol carries its own symbolism. Let’s take a look.

Drinking Beer in Your Dream

Drinking beer in your dream can suggest you need some downtime. You need to take some time to be around others, without any sources of stress to bring you down.

Drinking Champagne in Your Dream

Champagne (see also champagne dream symbol and meaning) is usually a celebratory drink, and your subconscious is drawing your attention to the importance of recognizing the good fortune in your life, whether that’s what you have right now, or what you’ll have in the near future. 

Drinking Cocktails in Your Dream

Drinking a cocktail in your dream suggests that things aren’t as clear-cut as you’d like them to be. You are conflicted about something, and you may be finding it difficult to make a decision.

Drinking Spirits within Your Dream

Drinking spirits within your dream can be a pun, indicating that you need to be more in touch with your spirituality.

Or, dreaming of drinking whiskey, gin, vodka, or other spirits and enjoying it, but not to excess, indicates you’ve achieved a good balance in life. Your conscience is clear.

If you felt guilty while having this dream, this indicates that you’ve been too self-indulgent lately, or you’re too focused on your own interests and not those of others.

Drinking Wine in Your Dream

Drinking wine in your dream is connected to the state of your social life. Depending on how you felt in this dream, you are either enjoying the company you have and the experiences you share, or you are lonely.  

It can also point to overindulgence, or ‘whining’ too much.


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