Aardvark Dream Meaning And Spirit Animal

Aardvarks aren’t as common in dreams as wolves, cats, or dogs, but that doesn’t mean that their appearance isn’t as significant. 

Maybe you feel a personal connection with other dream symbols, but you find it hard to identify with the aardvark.

A dream involving an aardvark is sometimes more significant than other animals that you may have personal associations with, simply because it is a rarer dream symbol. 

This is your unconscious mind drawing your attention to the aardvark – the unusual, and it’s something you shouldn’t ignore.

But what about the specific aardvark in your dreams? Here’s how to find out what this enigmatic animal means in your dream.

How to Decipher what the Aardvark in Your Dream is Telling You

I bet if someone asks you to think about an animal beginning with ‘A’, the first thing you probably wouldn’t think of is the aardvark, despite their unusual appearance. 

We don’t tend to associate them with anything in particular, like we consider wolves to be loyal and family-orientated, or lions, which are synonymous with royalty and pride. 

The key to decoding what the aardvark in your dream symbolizes is to look at the details, as they can mean several things. 

The details in your dream surrounding the aardvark shapes the meaning behind this unusual animal appearing in your dream.

The Details in Your Aardvark Dream

Think back to when the aardvark appeared in your dream. Was there a specific event that preceded it, or a pattern of thought when it appeared? This is the easiest way to find its meaning.

If not, consider what the aardvark was doing in the dream. Was it looking for food? Eating fire ants? Acting aggressively? Did it talk?

Try to remember its appearance. Did it look like an aardvark would in reality, or was there something odd about it? Was it a strange color? 

If the animal was unusually large, your dream is drawing your attention to what the aardvark represents, and it’s something you cannot ignore. 

What was your reaction when you saw the aardvark? This is also significant, and it can largely dictate whether the aardvark is a good symbol, or a bad one.

Consider the Physical Traits of the Aardvark

Aardvarks are famous for their unusual qualities. Their elongated snout, their claws, and it’s dinosaur-like appearance.

Because aardvarks are animals which are close to the ground, they represent wisdom, being well-grounded, and the importance of listening to your instincts.

They are nocturnal animals which dig for ants and termites. Maybe something you’ve been making a ‘mountain’ out of a problem isn’t as big as you first thought. You need to break it down into what the core of the problem is, not your perception of it.

The Aardvark As A Dream Symbol

Because of their unusual appearance, aardvarks tend to represent ‘the other’, that is to say, something strange which you’ve separated yourself from, something that needs your attention, that you haven’t been able to reconcile.

Perhaps something in your life is spinning out of your control, or something that should be in your power isn’t. 

Maybe you’re distancing yourself from a troubling idea, emotion or behavior, and you need to confront it head on. You need to learn to free yourself from it.

Aardvarks in your dream can suggest that you need to get to the ‘heart’ of a problem. Maybe you need to practice being more grounded. To see things as they are, rather than what you’d like them to be, or what other people tell you.

Other Symbolism to Consider

Aardvarks eat fire ants, and the reputation of these insects definitely precedes them. The aardvark is one of the few animals able to withstand the nasty bite of a fire ant. I

Its appearance within your dream can indicate that you need to ignore any harsh words you’ve been hearing lately, or any malicious intent that’s been directed as criticism. Stay true to yourself, and stay objective. 

The aardvark in your dream can also point to the need to endure something. Perhaps a journey you’re currently taking is more difficult than you imagined, but this dream is a sign telling you that you should continue, as the end result will be worth it.


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