5 Spiritual Meanings Of Seeing A Blue Jay

Blue jays are not only notable for their glorious blue appearance, distinctive markings and willful personality, but they also have a lot of spiritual symbolism, too.

No matter how the blue jay appears, whether you see one in the waking world, or it appears to you in a dream, you should not ignore its presence, as more often than not, it has something important to tell you.

Read on to discover the different reasons why a blue jay might reveal itself to you, and how it might appear.

Blue Jay Traits

Before we go into what their presence might mean for you, it’s worth looking into the general personality of these striking birds, as it has a role to play within the blue jay’s symbolism.

Blue jays are famous for being curious, clever, resourceful, mischievous and stubborn. You’ll know if you see one, as they like to know they are heard! 

They are often thought of as a trickster, as these clever birds will mimic the songs of other birds to turn a situation to their advantage.

They may even use a hawk’s call to ward off predators, competition, and even hawks themselves.

When threatened, a blue jay will square up to its opponent, dive-bombing any threat until it passes.

Even against something much bigger than itself, a blue jay will put up a fight, making sure that the reward is not worth the effort.

Their call is also instantly recognizable. Every song they sing is impossible to ignore, and extremely irritating to some! 

Other animals also use the blue jay’s call to signal the approach of a threat.

Another interesting thing about blue jays is that their fearlessness also extends to being around humans. If they are interested in what you’re doing, you might see one following you around!

As you might guess from these traits, a blue jay is a positive sign.

What Does A Blue Jay Represent?


Blue jays stay with one partner for their whole life, and therefore represent relationships, being faithful, and the importance of keeping your relationships strong.

If you see a blue jay, this could be a sign that you need to sink some time into being with those you care about, and strengthen any relationship that is dwindling.

Blue jays are also a message that you should enjoy the people in your life while you have them. Cultivate the strongest bonds possible.

Be Assertive

As blue jays very rarely back down from a threat or a fight, seeing one may be a signal to stand up for yourself.

Maybe you’ve been relying on someone else’s opinion too much so that it clouds your own judgment, or that someone is encroaching on part of your life, and you need to take that space back.

Think of the great clamoring this bird makes (see also Robin Spiritual Meaning). It is impossible to miss it, but its ability to draw attention to itself also makes it aware of its surroundings, remaining watchful in case predators attack. 

If you see a blue jay, its presence may be telling you that you need to be more determined, or even more aggressive, especially if things haven’t been working out for you for a while.


Blue jays don’t skimp on opportunity. If you watch them for long enough, you may notice that they take every chance they get if it means things will work out in their favor.

But it is important to note that while they do seize opportunities when they see them, they are also clever about it.

Blue jays work quickly, especially when it comes to making nests. While other birds will take forever to decide where they should build a nest, blue jays are quick, often building them in the most unexpected places.

Have you been wondering how on earth you’ll come to a decision lately? Do you feel as though you’re missing out on chances to enrich your life and go after what you want?

The blue jay is a signal to act. Use your wits to decide on something quickly, or to know if an opportunity is right for you.

What It Means To See A Blue Jay In Your Dream

A blue jay making an appearance in your dreams is often a good sign for the future, but there are many reasons why it may appear to you in a dream.

These largely depend on your own experiences of seeing blue jays, and what you associate with them.

A Warning

A blue jay can act as a warning siren to birds and other animals in the wild, so it does have a similar role to play in dreams, too.

It may be warning you that you’re on a difficult road, and things will not be easy going forward, but it is the only direction you can take.

This is not a bad sign in itself, as being able to watch out for difficulty can prepare you to handle it in the right way.

Expect problems to crop up, but don’t fear what they might be. The blue jay urges you to remember the power you hold inside yourself.

You’ve faced tricky times before, and there is no reason why this shouldn’t be the same.

A way to guard against things getting worse is to take time to ensure your physical and mental wellbeing is at its best, and this is then one thing less to worry about.


Dreaming of a blue jay may occur when you are an authority figure somewhere in your life, or you’re looking to become one.

Just picture the blue jay, and how it stands out among other birds, with its vivid blue feathers, unique face markings, and a long, beautiful tail.

This dream is drawing your attention to the fact that authority makes you visible, and you should make sure that you put this attention to good use, in the right way.

When you have power, everything you do has a ripple effect on others, so you must choose carefully to make sure that you do no harm, but also do some good, too.

Make Sure Your Actions Match Your Words

Sometimes a blue jay can appear to us in dreams to offer guidance, especially if we have strayed from the path we are meant to take.

Maybe your words haven’t quite been matching up to your actions lately, in which case you have some work to do.

If your words are louder than your actions, or if you’re only singing your praises, taking no notice of anyone else or the things you need to work on, the blue jay is urging you to change direction.

Your Perception Is Skewed

You may feel as though you’re completely focused on a single goal, and you’re making good progress towards it.

If you dream of a blue jay, this can be a message that you’re blind to something which can mean the difference between achieving your dreams, or watching them slip through your grasp, despite your best efforts.

There may be something vital that you’re missing, which could make all the difference. 

While it’s good to be able to focus on a task single-mindedly, there is a difference between chasing it with your eyes and mind open, and pursuing it while ignoring any warning signs around you that something isn’t quite right.

If you dream of a blue jay, take some time to look around you. Really pay attention. You may learn something that makes all the difference.

The Blue Jay As A Spirit

The blue jay is a powerful spirit, and it’s worth looking into the different forms it can take.

Blue Jay Spirit Animal

A spirit animal is a spirit which acts as your guide throughout life, one that you share very similar traits or values with.

If your spirit animal is a blue jay, you should cultivate more assertiveness, strength of will, and perseverance.

It is through these traits of the blue jay that you will get to where you need to be, and stay on the path that was meant for you.

Blue Jay Totem

An animal totem is a physical animal which you feel drawn to, and you always take time to interact with it. If this sounds like you and a blue jay, the blue jay is your totem.

A blue jay totem may appear to signal that it’s time to assert yourself. Do not give up an inch of ground on the things you believe in, and help those who cannot help themselves. 

Blue jays always signal to other animals when it senses danger, and this helps all the surrounding birds and other creatures. 

Similarly, when you use your own power to assert yourself in the right way, you will also lift others up, too.

If you feel as though someone is taking liberties, or you need to defend someone you care about, a blue jay is a sign you should do something about it.

Blue Jay Power Animal

A power animal is a symbol of your inner strength, and if you take the blue jay as your power animal, it may appear to you in times of uncertainty or where everything feels off-balance.

The blue jay power animal typically appears when you feel someone close to you is not telling the truth, or they are betraying you in some way.

Maybe you have reason to believe that someone you have wholly trusted until now is not what they appear, or their actions don’t match up to their words.

The blue jay’s appearance is a reassuring sign that you will get to the truth.

Final Thoughts

Blue jays are fascinating birds with a wealth of personality to add to their looks. 

While there is a lot of different symbolism attached to these bright birds, they often represent curiosity, intelligence, sheer determination, and faithfulness.

Seeing a blue jay may be a sign that you need to embody some of its traits in order to gain some traction moving forward, and to progress further in life than you may have imagined to begin with.

If the blue jay is your spirit animal or totem, pay special attention to its appearance, and what it may be telling you.


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