10 Simple Reality Checks for Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a technique that involves being conscious and in control of your dreams. It basically opens a whole new reality to anyone who manages to do it. Lucid dreaming is something that everyone can experience with a bit of practice. The key to entering the state of lucid dreaming is knowing that you are in a dream. We’ve compiled a list of 10 most commonly used lucid dreaming reality checks to help you get there. 

Here are 10 Simple Reality Checks for Lucid Dreaming You Can Try

1. Try to push your hand through a wall or door

Trying to push your hand (or any part of your body, or an object) through a hard surface is an easy way to figure out if you are dreaming or not. In real life, your hand is obviously not going to go through a wall or a door. However, it is important to try to take this test as seriously as possible. If you press at a wall, expecting to lean on it, this might happen in the dream too. Instead, when testing, try to convince yourself that your hand might go through. 

2. Jump up into the air 

The way our body behaves can often be a tell-tale sign that we are in a dream. Laws of physics, such as gravity, don’t always function in dreamland, but they do work every time in real life. When we jump in a dream, our body might feel strangely light. It is actually quite common to slowly float down when jumping in a dream. So, try to simply jump as high as possible and watch what happens. 

3. Look at a clock 

Look at a clock. Any clock, both analog and digital should work. It can be the clock on your computer, on your phone, or on the wall. What time is it? Now look away for a couple of seconds. Look at the clock again – is it showing the same thing? In dreams, the time will often change, or you won’t even be able to decipher what the clock says. Bonus tip: if you are not already, start wearing a watch. This is an easy way to get yourself used to the habit of doing a reality check. 

4. Try to fly 

Flying is another thing that happens in dreams but not in waking life. But how do we try flying. Well, simply intend to fly. Just try to rise up in the air. If it’s not working, you’re probably awake. 

This test will actually work better for some people than for others. Some people never fly in dreams, while for others it is quite common. If you fall into the second group, this test will work well for you.

5. Read text 

Things in dreams tend to not be as fixed as in real life. Just like with time on the clock, any text you see in your dream will usually change when you look at it twice. So, you can make it a habit for yourself to read a random sentence, look away, and then read it again. Do this a couple of times a day. If you do this in your dream, the words are likely to change, or the letters (see also letter x meaning) will get mixed up. 

6. Ask yourself: Am I dreaming? 

This is the most basic reality-check. Asking yourself “am I dreaming?” during the day will help you remember to ask this while you are dreaming too. The important thing is to seriously answer this question. Look for external clues around you that will help you determine the truth with certainty. If you are having trouble remembering to ask yourself this, a good way to remind yourself is by placing post-its around your house (or wherever you spend you days). You could also set up reminders on your phone. 

7. Try to write

Just like with reading, writing tends to work in weird ways in your dreams. Most times, if you try writing in your dream, it will reveal that you are dreaming. You might start writing in a different language, you might not be able to read your own handwriting, or overall what you write could look and feel unfamiliar. 

8. Look in mirror 

We tend to know our reflection in the mirror very well. Every time we look, it’s always the same person (see also, what does it mean to keep dreaming about the same person?) looking back at us. Well, not in dreams. In a dream, you might appear younger, older, or a totally different person when you look in the mirror. So, when you ask yourself whether you are dreaming, one of the good ways to check is to go and look into a mirror. 

9. Use a telephone 

Using a phone involves looking at numbers and letters. Typically, you also know how a phone is supposed to function. When you call a person, you expect this person to pick up. There are many details which could be wrong when you are using your phone in a dream. 

10. Look at your hands 

Finally, another way to check if you are dreaming is to look at your hands. Just look at your hands and examine them really closely. How many fingers are there? Is there any jewelry (see jewelry dream meaning at interpretation), tatoos, birthmarks? When you do this in a dream, the answer is not always what you expect. 

Final Thoughts 

The key to doing lucid dreaming reality checks successfully is to not take them as a joke. Go ahead, and really, seriously consider whether you are dreaming or not. The first couple of times when you try it, you will intuitively know that you are awake. But, performing these tests consistently will create a habit, and soon you will start doing the same in your dreams. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work immediately, just keep practicing. 

Have you already had experiences with lucid dreaming? Feel free to share how it worked out for you, or if you have some other reality checks you like to do. 

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