Yellow Snake Dream

What would you do, if a snake was in front of you? Scream? Run the other way? Attack it? Evolution has drilled into us that snakes (see also green snakes dream symbols) are predators, they are dangerous, and you should be wary.  A dream with snakes involved can be unpleasant. It can even turn into a nightmare, but its symbolism isn’t as rooted in fear as you might imagine. The good news is that a snake in your dream can mean many things, and not all are obvious.

Take what snakes have represented in religion, for example. In the Bible, the snake convinced Eve to temptation and sin, so that’s what the snake became. In Ancient Egypt, one of the earliest, most powerful symbols of protection was the snake Goddess Wadjet. Wadjet was the protector of kings, women in childbirth, and the whole of Lower Egypt. The Pharaoh’s crown always has her symbol at the forehead to protect the king and ward off evil. She often appears on the crowns of the Gods, too.

Snakes in your dreams represent intelligence, success, protection, danger, fear or betrayal. Dreaming of snakes can also mean you’re at a crossroads, where you’ll shed your current state, leaving your present situation behind and move forward. As a reptile (see also Lizard Dream Meaning) that is in constant contact with the surface of the earth, a snake is often a symbol of wisdom and being grounded. It can also represent the betrayal of an ideal, or someone you love.

With so many potential meanings, and the often surreal dreams your subconscious likes to throw you into, it can be difficult to tell what the snake means. So let’s narrow it down.

The Color Meaning of A Yellow Snake In Your Dream

The simplest way to find the snake’s meaning is to remember its color (see also Red Snake Dream Meaning). 

We associate colors with many things, and dreams are no different with linking color to feelings. Yellow has ties to the sun, positivity, warmth, wealth and happiness. More negative feelings that link with yellow are jealousy, illness, caution, and betrayal. 

The Swiss psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology, Carl Jung, stated that the human mind has ‘preset’ ideas that come from our ancestors, and predators often feature in ancestral memories. These occur in dreams and mingle with our experiences. Snakes (see snake attacking you or someone you know dream meaning) embody various concepts, from an “adversary and a symbol of enmity,” to soul guides essential to understanding the self, both positive and negative. According to Jung, a yellow snake can also stand for your childhood dreams. This may be a signifier to be true to yourself, or a sign of how far you have come in your life. 

When considering the colour of the snake in your dream, It’s important to remember if the snake in your dream was wholly yellow. If it was more than one color, this detail can provide you with further clues. If you can determine the species of the snake – or what the closest species might be – even better.

Yellow snakes belong to several types of snake rather than one species. Rat snakes, Corn snakes and Ball pythons all feature yellow scales.

Yellow Rat Snake

Often identified by its yellow eyes and brown stripes running down its body, this snake can grow up to six feet in length. The yellow rat snake is native to southeast America. They move slowly, and their first instinct is to freeze when they sense danger, coiling up. If the snake in your dream moves cautiously, this might be the one.

Yellow Corn Snake

Corn snakes are often mistaken for rat snakes. This is because some corn snakes are classified as rat snakes, but not all corn snakes are rat snakes. The name comes from the red blotches on the back of this snake, which resemble maize. They can live up to twenty years in captivity. As constrictors, they squeeze their prey to subdue it, and then swallow them whole. These snakes are native to the US, appearing mostly in Florida and the southeastern states.

Ball Python Morph

Ball python morph snakes originate from Africa, selectively bred for their pattern appearance. There are many different types named after the predominant colours, but the brightest of the yellow morphs is the Bumblebee, referred to as the ‘Killer Bee’, whose scale color does not fade with age. Other yellow types include yellow ghost, lemon blast, and Halloween. 

Green Tree Python Morph

These snakes spend most of their time in trees, hailing from Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. Juvenile pythons will often change their color as they age. While most of them turn green or even blue, some stay yellow. As an adult, Kofiau pythons have beautiful highlighter-yellow scales. These snakes can grow between four and six feet long. Unfortunately, they are often labelled as aggressive, as they simply don’t tolerate handling for large periods of time as other snake species do. They are bred in captivity more for ‘display’ purposes than snakes who are happy to be handled regularly.

What does it mean to dream of yellow snakes?

It’s hard to recall details in dreams sometimes, but if you can remember the exact color of the snake you’re on your way to decoding its meaning. A purely yellow snake means someone is deceiving you, representing the fear of an outcome, or hinting that you need to look at a situation more closely. While snakes often represent betrayal or fear, there are more positive symbols as well. These can indicate you’ve gained new knowledge or healing,

and in the case of a yellow snake, it forms stronger meanings of making the best choice, giving you positive outcomes. It can also mean you should tackle problems with your intuition and trust you’ve made the best choice. 

What does a gold snake in your dream mean?

If you’re dreaming of a gold snake, it’s a great dream! The symbolism is typically more regal, and more positive than a yellow snake. The gold snake represents the sun, protection, beauty, royalty, and wealth. A gold snake in your dream has strong connections to spirituality, the divine, and new beginnings. Optimism, joy and tranquility.  Dreaming of a gold snake means good things will come your way! 

Gold snakes appear regularly in religious contexts. The gold usually represents divinity, or energy created by the sun (see also Spiritual Symbolism Of The Sun), and when connected to a snake, represents a bringer of light and energy. In the Bible, a snake sits on Moses’ staff, which turned into a live, gold snake when Moses challenged God. The Lombards, sometimes referred to as Langobards, a Germanic people who hailed from the Italian Peninsula from 568 – 774, worshipped a golden viper as a God.

What does a yellow and white snake mean?

While a purely white snake means new beginnings in your life, a yellow and white snake has more emphasis on problems you will face in the future. The combination of yellow (wisdom, intelligence, fear) and white (fresh start, trouble with emotions) tells you to trust yourself in new situations. It can represent a new stage in your life, healing, and sincerity in your decisions. 

What does a yellow and black snake mean in a dream?

A yellow and black snake in a dream refers to negative feelings or bad situations in your waking life, which bleed through into your dreams. It can also represent a fear of the unknown, or things that haven’t happened yet. It means you have a big change coming, allowing for new opportunities that you wouldn’t have otherwise. If you are dreaming of a yellow and black snake, it can mean being more confident in your existing knowledge, and applying it to new things.

What was the snake doing in your dream?

This is the core to the meaning of the yellow snake in your dream. Depending on what the snake was doing, its actions will change the positive or negative meaning of what your subconscious is telling you. If you’re surrounded by snakes, this indicates the worries present in your everyday life. It can also show you the many different choices you’re presented with. More options are confusing, overwhelming, but you might find them freeing in the long run. If the snake in your dream transforms into something else, this is a sign of your adaptable nature. If you simply handled the yellow snake in your dream and it didn’t lash out, you’ll easily solve any problems in the immediate future.

What does it mean to dream of a yellow snake attacking you?

If a yellow snake attacks you in a dream, this means unrest. Something you trusted has let you down, and the snake is a symbol of this. Usually, this is rooted in expectation. Relationship problems, betrayal by a close friend or family member can all appear as a yellow snake lashing out. It can even be something you expected to be simple turning into a complicated and difficult situation. Unrest is not necessarily a bad thing, as upheaval can create exciting opportunities. Possibilities will open up, like a new job or establishing new relationships. While you’ll be giving up the safety of what’s familiar, you will grow as a person. A yellow snake can be a signal to get to know yourself better, which makes future problems easier to deal with.

What does it mean to dream of a yellow snake biting you?

This is a really common dream. The act of a snake biting you in a dream is negative. So the meaning is the same: fear and conflict. It could be as simple as something you are worrying about is carrying through into your dreams. You might be unsure of a decision, and the snake is an indicator you should make some changes. It can also mean feelings of betrayal, of someone lashing out in a way you didn’t expect. An intent to harm you. Someone you know might not have your best interests at heart. Conversely, it can be a sign that your hard work is paying off, there’s concrete success in your future, and you’ll be able to see progress shortly. 

What does it mean to dream of a yellow snake chasing you?

If the snake was chasing you, this is usually a worry chasing you into sleep. Something you’re deeply concerned about. You might have discovered that something you thought was resolved still needs some work. Not all unpleasant dreams mean that bad things are coming to you, especially if you confront them there. Sometimes this helps prevent nightmares from happening. It can also help overcome obstacles in waking life. As the snake represents your wisdom, it links to new-found experience, a better awareness, and confidence that comes from sorting out problems. 

While the snake’s actions influence your dream, it’s more important to remember how it made you feel. Our lives feed our dreams, and how you reacted to the snake will tell you what your subconscious wants you to know.  You may not even realise how you were feeling about a situation until you dreamt about it and your brain processed it properly. If you weren’t scared, it may indicate that a problem is finally resolving itself, or your subconscious is telling you that you have the power to change anything you might be concerned about.


Our dreams offer a unique opportunity to review our current situations and feelings that may be unaddressed. Your yellow snake dream may be telling you it is time for action, whether that is making some new choices or taking time to reflect.  If you find yourself dreaming of yellow snakes, it’s not something you should worry about. Unless you’re on a plane. Then worry away. While snakes are dangerous if you treat them wrong, yellow snakes in a dream are associated with protection because they’re powerful animals. The Ancient Egyptians believed that Wadjet’s image protected the Pharaoh in the snake’s power to do harm, warding off enemies. So when you dream of a yellow snake, remember that while it could hurt you, it could protect you better.


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