Wedding Ring Dream Meaning And Interpretation

A wedding ring in your dream is an unusual symbol, as it doesn’t manifest in dreams very often. 

In most dream scenarios, a wedding ring refers to commitment, whether that’s to a relationship and a marriage as you might expect, or the importance of making a decision or shaping your life around chasing a certain goal or ideal. 

A wedding ring in your dream can be a call to be more certain in life, and if you find yourself at a spiritual crossroads, this dream is an encouragement to make a decision sooner rather than later.

As there are many ways you might see a wedding ring in your dream, there are different ways it can be interpreted. 

Let’s take a look.

Table of Contents

At A Glance: What A Dream Of A Wedding Ring Means

  • A wedding ring in your dream: love, commitment, a call to be certain in a decision
  • Two wedding rings in a dream: a new spiritual journey or renewed purpose
  • Wearing your own wedding ring in a dream: your relationship gives you a lot of stability
  • Seeing someone wear a wedding ring: you are wondering about a commitment, or someone in your life may be about to commit to someone
  • A man wearing a wedding ring: renewed love or a new commitment in love
  • A woman wearing a wedding ring: passion
  • A gold wedding ring: good luck is on your side, expect more money soon
  • A silver wedding ring: pay attention to your relationships, you are protected
  • Not wearing your wedding ring: you need to focus on your relationship with your spouse
  • Your wedding ring doesn’t fit: something in your life doesn’t fit you
  • Losing a wedding ring: you need to decide if a relationship is worth it
  • Your wedding ring is stolen: insecurities in your relationships
  • Buying a wedding ring: insecurities in your relationship
  • Your ex holding a wedding ring: you haven’t fully processed the end of this relationship
  • Someone proposes to you: it’s time for a new adventure
  • Your spouse isn’t wearing a wedding ring: you need to work on your self-care or confidence
  • Throwing away a wedding ring: let go of any sources of negativity
  • A broken wedding ring: emotional turmoil, fear of commitment

Why Am I Dreaming Of A Wedding Ring?

Wedding rings manifest in your dream when it’s time to commit to something in waking life, you need to make a decision, or you need to focus your energy and attention on your relationships.

You may see a wedding ring in a dream when you know it’s time to make a choice in waking life, but you’re not sure which option to take, or you need to focus solely on one part of your life for the moment, such as your professional life.

A negative dream involving a wedding ring can stress the importance of not trying to be perfect. It’s an impossible task, and while you might hold yourself to some high standards, give yourself a break occasionally.

A wedding ring in your dream can also signify the reason for the bond between you and someone else, and why you keep this person close. 

Maybe you feel that you’re in a ‘us vs them’ situation which is the foundation for your connection, or you know you can rely on each other in difficult times.

A dream like this can suggest that your reasons might change soon, and this could strengthen or weaken your relationship.

Sometimes, a wedding ring may feature in your dream when you need to turn your full attention to self-improvement and your personal growth and think about exactly what it is you need from life, and what you need to do to get there.

A wedding ring dream can also imply that you’re in a vicious cycle, or you’re stagnating right now, and you should try to free yourself from it so that you can enjoy life to the full.

Consider Your Relationship Circumstances

While it’s important to note that not all dreams of a wedding ring refer to romantic relationships, or even relationships at all, most of them do reference your connection to others in one way or another.

So it does make sense to view these dreams in the context of what’s going on in your relationships, as you’re likely to see a few connections that make sense. After all, a wedding ring is all about your connection to someone else.

For example, it’s not uncommon to dream of a wedding ring if you’ve been thinking about your relationship with your partner, and perhaps how you would like things to move to the next level, whether that is getting married, moving in together, or starting a family.

This dream is especially likely to happen when you’ve been planning your wedding, you’re considering proposing to your partner, or even just daydreaming about a wedding with your future partner.

In some cases, a dream of a wedding band refers to a deep-seated desire to know where and who you belong in waking life.

Dreaming Of A Wedding Ring When You Are Single

A dream of a wedding ring when you are single can mean several things, depending on your situation.

If you want to find a meaningful romantic relationship, but you haven’t been lucky enough to meet that person yet, a dream of a wedding ring may suggest that this person is closer than you think, and love is in your future.

This dream is an invitation to expand your horizons, perhaps agreeing to adventure or something that scares you to have more opportunities to find someone who will add more happiness to your life. 

You may also dream of a wedding band when you are single and when you keep attending weddings, but you are still single. 

You may be harboring some frustrations here, but you have to remember that there is no set timeline or rules for when you’re supposed to meet someone who seems perfect for you. 

Most of the time, finding someone that you get on with is a throw of the dice rather than anything else. 

It may be time to ask yourself if you’re sitting and waiting for someone to magically come along, or if you’re being open-minded enough to create the opportunity to meet someone compatible.

Or, a dream of a wedding ring can manifest when you feel lonely or cut off from others. Perhaps you’re in a relationship of sorts, but you’re not ‘official’, and you suspect that waiting around for that to happen will take too long, or they may not be the type of person that wants to commit.

A dream of a wedding ring is also common when you keep looking for signs that would tell you that the person you’re involved with will commit to you, but you may be waiting forever. 

You need to ask yourself if you’re happy with that, or if you need something more, and need to decide to move on instead. Perhaps your connection with this person is stagnating, and it’s doing neither of you any good.

If you are pouring all of your energy into someone, and they are giving you only half-hearted attempts back, it may be time to call it a day and find someone that matches your energy and what you want out of life.

Alternatively, in some dream scenarios, a wedding ring can refer to commitment. This might not reference your relationships at all. 

It can draw your attention to your commitment to yourself, to try and carve out the best life possible for you, to focus on your ambitions, what you love, and what fulfills you.

If you dream of a broken wedding ring, this can suggest that your responsibilities are getting too much for you right now. 

You’re feeling overwhelmed, and you need to figure out a way to claw back some control, even if that’s stepping away for five minutes, and focusing on your breath.

Maybe you’ve taken on too much, and it’s time to adjust your expectations, ask for help from someone, or break things down into smaller chunks that you can manage.

A Dream Of A Wedding Ring When You Are Married

If you dream of a wedding ring when you are married in your waking life, this represents any worries you have about commitment, if you have made the right choice, or perhaps you’re going through a tough time with your partner.

Not all relationships have fairy tale endings. If you think about the happily ever after, where does it end for you? Traditional fairy tales always stop after the perfect couple rides off into the sunset, but that’s not exactly real life.

Does the fairy tale stop when you set off and start your life together? Or is there something else at work in this dream?

It’s an unrealistic thing to expect that your connection doesn’t take some effort from both of you all the time, some give and take. You have to consider the wants and needs of your partner, just as they need to do with you, too.

If you are doubting your partner’s commitment to you, or something about their behavior has been off lately, you might dream of your partner presenting a wedding ring to someone else in your dream!

This is not a prediction of your partner having an affair or wanting someone else instead of you, but it’s a reflection of your uncertainty and any strange behavior you’ve noticed lately. 

You might suspect they are cheating, which is a different thing altogether, and it’s important to remember the difference. 

It could be that they’re keeping a different secret from you, one that’s for your own good, or you’re reading into things far too much, and there is nothing to discover. 

However, a wedding band in your dream isn’t always a bad sign when you are married in your  waking life. 

It may simply refer to the lasting and resilient connection between the both of you, and how you have made a profound life together. It can represent your faith in them, and exactly how much they have changed you as a person. 

You may even be going through a difficult situation together where you are arguing to cope with the stress and frustration, but you are still a good team and this dream refers to your trust in each other, and the faith that you will survive this problem.

Dreaming Of A Wedding Ring When You Are In A Relationship But Aren’t Married

A dream of a wedding ring may signal a spiritual crossroads in life. 

You may be happy with where things are right now, but circumstances may force you to decide something in your existing relationship: either to commit to it (not necessarily in terms of marriage, but something more concrete in the long term), or to leave.

You may be looking at your relationship with your partner and wonder if it will be future-proof, in which case your dream reflects these thoughts. 

If marriage is something you do want, you may be wondering if your partner is the one for you, if they want marriage at all, and if it would work in reality.

Maybe marriage is something that they want, but you’re not convinced that your relationship is for the long haul, in which case this dream is asking you to think long and hard about your connection, and if it is worth it. 

In this case, the wedding ring in your dream refers to how you are considering your commitment to your partner, and if there’s any longevity in your relationship.

If you haven’t been giving any thought to your commitment to your partner or theirs to you, and you’ve been taking things slow, this dream can be a signal that something is going to happen that will make you question it.

Seeing A Wedding Ring In Your Dream When You Are Involved With Someone But You Aren’t Serious

Seeing a wedding ring in your dreams when you are in a relationship that isn’t serious is an interesting one. 

If you’re in a relationship where you don’t want to commit to this person, or they don’t want to commit to you, or it’s otherwise complicated, your dream is asking you if this relationship is worth it.

You have to consider what you want from life, what you’re willing to give up, and what would make you walk away from a relationship. 

It may feel better to ignore the bigger picture and be tempted to just live in the moment, but you do need to consider the future of it for your sake.

Untangle your emotions and sort through them one by one, and accept the truth of them. What do you really want? Is it possible? Would it hurt anyone else? Are you willing to settle for less than what you want, or should you leave this relationship?

Have you asked the other person what they want, and what they are willing to do? If they are currently in a relationship and this isn’t with you, consider if you really want them to leave their current relationship.

A dream of a wedding ring in this case can suggest that you’re in an impossible situation that has no right answer, and sometimes it is just better to let it go than to go round in circles.

Maybe there is not just you and your partner involved, but other people too, and you’re trying to spare everyone all the pain you can. 

Dreaming Of A Wedding Ring When You Are Divorced

Divorce leaves a profound impact on your life, no matter if the split was amicable or not. Even when you remain friends, divorce is still a difficult process to go through, and leaves its mark on you.

If you dream of your wedding ring when you are divorced, this can be your subconscious reflecting on the end of your life together. 

Some dream interpreters argue that a dream of a wedding band after a divorce can suggest that you still want to be with your ex-partner, even if that’s a small part of you.

Others suggest that when you dream of a wedding band, this is your mind simply processing the end of your relationship, and you need to be patient with yourself.

You may be sad or incredibly relieved that this part of your life is behind you, and while you can’t wait for the next to begin, some things will still take time, so don’t be in a big rush when it comes to a new relationship.

Otherwise, you may find yourself in a difficult situation where you hurt yourself or someone else, and things become much messier than they need to be. 

A dream like this is a call to listen to yourself, know yourself fully, and accept where you feel you are in life without judgment, but be willing to move on when you are ready. Don’t live in the past.

A dream of a wedding band after a divorce in waking life can denote that while the separation is finally over, you are far from done with the emotion that this event has caused you. 

You may even need to cut any energetic cords or spiritual ties that still exist between you and your ex-partner in order to move on. 

In any case, this dream refers to how you need to have a clean break as much as possible, process your emotions, and move on in a healthy way, so that you may be free to move forward in life.

Can A Dream Of A Wedding Ring Be A Prediction?

Dreams are very rarely prophetic in nature, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to dream of the future.

When we dream of what we think might be the future, these scenarios are usually the result of our subconscious asking “What if?” It’s one of our minds’ favorite games, and it can be quite frustrating, even if this particular question hasn’t been on your mind.

A dream of a wedding ring may represent what you want out of life, your expectations of the future, or when you’re wondering if your partner is the one you’re going to marry.

Your dream can’t tell you the answer. Certainly, it can point out what you’re feeling, what you hope and what you’re scared of, but in the end, this is something you have to consciously decide for yourself. 

Some dreams reflect a choice you’ve already made subconsciously. Maybe you already know, and you just need to be honest with yourself. 

Do Different Types Of Wedding Rings Affect The Dream Meaning?

In dream interpretation, even the smallest details can change the message of your dream, so make sure you are paying attention! For most dreams, it’s worth keeping a note of what happens so that you can return to your dream interpretation later on.

In the case of dreaming of a wedding ring, the design of the ring itself can influence the meaning. For example, if you dream of a wedding ring that has definitely seen better days, or even a rusty band, this can refer to the impact of other people’s choices on your life.

Dreaming of a diamond solitaire wedding ring suggests that someone will give you a concrete reminder of their connection or affection to you soon. They may come to your aid without your knowledge, helping make your path a little smoother, and a little less stressful.

Dreaming Of A Gold Wedding Ring

This is one of the most common wedding rings you’ll see in a dream, and that probably won’t come as a surprise. 

A simple gold wedding band in your dream is a good sign for the future, as gold in dreams represents the wealth you have in waking life, which may not be in terms of money at all, but in different areas of your life, and the good luck you will soon receive, too. 

You may see a gold wedding ring in your dream when your relationships don’t seem to hold as much meaning or warmth as you would like. You might feel detached from other people, or it seems as though no one understands you.

This particular dream symbol comes as reassurance, that not everything is as it seems. Things will soon improve more than you might expect, and you will soon come into some good luck that’s worth taking advantage of. Look to the future, as there are better things ahead of you. 

Some cultures believe that gold has healing properties, a belief that has survived for centuries. So to see a gold wedding band denotes a healing process that you’re about to undergo, where your life will soon improve, and you will be able to leave the past behind you.

Spiritually speaking, gold serves to alleviate negative energy, and also helps open up the third eye, and activate the crown chakra. 

As the crown chakra serves to move you beyond your own experiences and attain a higher level of wisdom, a dream of a gold wedding band denotes experiences that will change your perspective on life.

Gold is still one of the most expensive materials in the world, and to see it in your dreams signifies what you deeply desire in life on a spiritual level. It has nothing to do with physical wealth, apart from seeing your basic needs met to a comfortable level. 

Someone putting a gold wedding ring on your finger in a dream represents how you want more than what’s currently in your life, whether that’s a deeper connection with someone, a better sense of belonging, or just an improvement in your situation in waking life.

You aren’t satisfied with what you have, and you’re turning your attention to what would improve your life and make you more content.

Dreaming of seeing a gold wedding band in your left hand refers to spiritual development, growth, and a concrete sense of peace and tranquility in your life.

If you dream of seeing a gold wedding band on someone’s hand and not your own, this suggests that you need to listen to what your instincts are telling you. 

It may be something as small as a feeling that you can’t place, but your subconscious mind is telling you that you need to pay attention to what your intuition tells you. Maybe a situation or a person isn’t what they seem.

Perhaps a decision you’ve recently made needs looking at again. Maybe you’ve made it for the wrong reasons, or it’s not the right time, or it will take you away from your spiritual path.

If you dream of exchanging gold rings with someone, this refers to how you are searching for inner peace after some turmoil in your romantic relationship. You want a promise of commitment, and you resolve to do better, too.

A Silver Wedding Ring In Your Dream

A silver wedding ring appearing in your dreams signals protection, the need to pay attention to your surroundings, relationships, and circumstances in general, and to be more mindful. 

Dreaming of a silver wedding band when you are married can imply that your relationship is protected in some form, whether that’s something tangible like your support systems and your trust in each other, or something more subtle. 

If you dream of wearing a silver wedding ring, this reflects how you remain in control of your emotions, and let go of any negative thoughts or tendencies the moment you notice them, allowing you to be free to concentrate on what you want. 

Spiritually speaking, if you are someone who believes in chakras, a silver wedding ring in your dream refers to the crown and throat chakras, and how you may need to do some energy work to be able to move forward. Perhaps one of these chakras needs cleansing.

As silver is a positive sign in dreams, the more silver you see, the better the sign. 

A Diamond Wedding Ring In Your Dream

Seeing a diamond wedding ring in your dream draws your attention to what makes you happy, what makes you the strongest version of yourself, and any truths you need to acknowledge in order to move forward in life.

As a wedding ring in this case refers to your relationships, it’s worth thinking about how your relationships have changed you, as well as their impact on your faith, your confidence, your happiness, and your self-worth.

A Gemstone Wedding Ring In Your Dream

Dreaming of a gemstone wedding ring isn’t one of the most common wedding ring themed dreams, but it does have some interesting interpretations to explore.

A dream that focuses on gemstones in a wedding band refers to how love can change your life both in the biggest and smallest ways, from things that you notice straight away, and those that you will only notice years down the line.

It may be that you have no idea of the scope that a certain relationship will have on your life, influencing your outlook, how you treat others, how you seize opportunities, and how your views will meld to a certain extent.

Consider what kind of gemstones you see in the wedding band in your dream, as this can influence the meaning. Even the colors can help offer additional insight into your dream.

An Odd Wedding Ring In Your Dream

Dreaming of a wedding ring that is strange in any way – perhaps it has magical properties, or has the potential to poison someone, or has a hidden compartment – is an interesting dream.

It suggests that you feel unclear or uncomfortable about something in your waking life. There’s some confusion in your waking hours, and you long for things to become clearer. Maybe you need to make a decision, but you don’t have enough information to act.

If you have been thinking a lot about your love life lately, this dream can reflect any underlying doubts, misunderstandings, or misgivings you’re struggling with.

A dream where you put a wedding ring on, and it starts to burn reflects how you are doubting the commitment to your relationship, such as the faith in your partner, or the faith in its longevity.

Maybe you’re going through a rocky patch, or it seems like you’re always walking on eggshells around your partner.

Dreaming Of Buying A Wedding Ring

A dream where you shop for a wedding ring or buy a wedding ring can refer to your solid commitment to someone or a lifelong goal. 

This is usually a good sign, but there are a few things that can turn this dream into a negative omen. Pay attention to your hand in the dream, as this will decide if the dream is a positive sign or the opposite. 

If your hand looks strange, misshapen in a way that it isn’t in waking life, and no wedding ring will fit you, this implies that your commitment will be wasted in some way. 

Maybe you’re frustrated that the other person isn’t being fully open or honest with you, or you feel you’re making no headway in your goals.

A dream where you try every wedding ring on in a shop and decide you like none of them implies that someone is misunderstanding you, and this will be a source of conflict. 

Perhaps someone will try to give you what you want without really knowing what that is, and they will put you in an uncomfortable position. Always try to be clear about what you want.

Someone Proposes To You In Your Dream

A dream where someone proposes to you is a very good omen. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is about to pop the question to you (which can be another interpretation, too), but it is a signal of a life-changing opportunity, decision, or goal.

After a dream like this, you might find yourself embracing a new chapter in your life, and new experiences, and your family or social circle might become bigger, too.

But don’t wait around for it to come to you, or you might never find it. A dream where someone proposes to you is the universe’s way of calling you to an adventure. 

Seek it out. Go to places you have never even dreamed of, try reaching for your wildest dreams and goals, and ask that person that question you’ve always been wondering. Why not?

Rejecting A Wedding Proposal In Your Dream

Rejecting a proposal in your dream can be a fear of committing to someone or something, but it may also suggest that a new responsibility is about to settle on your shoulders, or you feel that something big is around the corner, and you’re not sure what will happen.

If you are in a relationship, rejecting a proposal in your dream refers to a new phase in your life together, and a fear of the unknown. 

Maybe you’re happy with how things are, and it’s got you wondering if a change would be a good thing or not. 

You may be scared that your relationship might break down after marriage, simply because one or both of you might stop trying, and you don’t want that to be you.

You may be thinking that your partner is likely to propose to you, and this dream may be a fear of a public proposal, or you’re wondering how this next stage of your life will go. 

Rejecting a wedding ring in your dream may also come from a place of stress. You have enough to handle on your plate right now, and you don’t want anything else added to it.

Dreaming Of Your Ex And A Wedding Ring

If you dream that your ex proposes to you, this can denote how you are not fully over how your relationship ended, or, you’re considering moving on from a difficult relationship, job, or something else that seems to be dampening any joy in your life.

A dream where you see your old wedding ring and your ex, but not necessarily in the same context, refers to nostalgia, wanting to return to a simpler time, way of life, or a time when you felt more secure than you do now.

Maybe you’re facing an uncertain situation in your waking life, and your subconscious gives you a memory or past situation that gives you some familiarity and a sense of comfort.

Spiritually speaking, dreaming of the wedding ring your ex gave you, or other possessions that remind you of them implies that these objects that you keep still retain some negativity, and you should do some cleansing to rid yourself of any negative energetic ties.

It may also suggest that you’re emotionally holding onto insecurities or negativity caused by this relationship, in which case it’s time to find a healthy way to let them go, so that you may move forward into balanced, fulfilling relationships.

Your Wedding Ring Doesn’t Fit In Your Dream Meaning

A wedding ring that doesn’t fit in your dream tends to occur when there is discord somewhere in your life. This usually relates to your relationships, but it can be any aspect of your waking hours.

A wedding ring that doesn’t fit you at all suggests that part of your life doesn’t fit with the rest. This could be a goal, an impossible target, an unrealistic dream, or a relationship that has no longevity to it. 

Maybe you’ve become involved with someone who is overly negative or who doesn’t compliment your strengths. Perhaps they are using you for one reason or another, or the basis of your relationship is a lie.

Your dream urges you to take a good look at your life, what you can improve, and what you should let go of to move forward.

Dreaming That Your Wedding Ring Is Too Big

A wedding ring that is too big in your dream suggests that you feel vulnerable in some aspect of waking life, or you’ve lost something that gave you a great deal of security. 

This might not be a bad thing, however. Maybe you’ve decided to leave your comfort zone completely and go on a new adventure, and do something that scares you. 

This might be embarking on a new relationship, turning your attention to a new hobby, career, moving across the world, or something else entirely.

You know that some good things – and yes, some difficulties – lie ahead of you, but some of these positives cannot come about unless you dare to dream to chase them. 

Maybe this isn’t your choice yet. It could be that a huge opportunity has come knocking at your door, and the very idea of it frightens and excites you at the same time. You’re wondering if it’s a good thing if you should go for it, and if it will be worth it.

Your dream encourages you to explore what is right for you, but not to dismiss a new opportunity straight away because it seems too big or too complicated, and there’s an easier option to settle for. 

Generally, the more you try for things in your life, the fewer regrets you will have later on down the line.

A Wedding Ring Falling Off In Your Dream

A dream where a wedding ring falls off your finger implies that you are willing to give people so much love, but you very rarely let people love you in the same way. 

You feel awkward about other people giving you affection, and this dream encourages you to regain balance in your life by learning to accept other people’s love, just as you freely give it out to others.

It could be that you always choose a partner who is never very affectionate or vocal when it comes to expressing emotion, but you do want something different in a relationship.

If you dream of losing your wedding ring, and you snatch it off the floor, this is a good sign, meaning that those in your life will have good luck soon. If a situation is deteriorating in waking life, you will soon be able to put it right. 

The Significance Of Losing A Wedding Ring In A Dream

There is a significant difference between a wedding ring falling off in your dream and grabbing it straight away, and losing it entirely, as the interpretation is vastly different. 

A dream where you lose your wedding ring refers to any hang-ups, worries, or fears you have when it comes to commitment. 

This might be in terms of relationships, kids, and marriage, but it can refer to other types of commitment too, including your career, job, life goals, or any creative hobby or pastime. 

If you are with someone in your waking life, and you do dream of losing a wedding ring, this can denote your fear of a relationship breakdown, where you will lose what you hold so dear.

If you are single in waking life, or your relationship is full of problems right now, you’re questioning someone else’s commitment to you, and if they are willing to meet you in that, or if it’s time to let go and search for it somewhere else.

This dream is a call to take stock of where you are in terms of your relationships, or your commitment to your job, career, or goals, and see if the time and effort you are sinking into these things is worth it, or if it could be better spent elsewhere. 

If you are in a relationship, it may be worth asking yourself if your connection with someone is balanced, if you get as much as you give, and if not, if it’s time to be honest with yourself and your partner, and see what you can do to create a new equilibrium. 

If you are single, and you have this dream, this implies that you should try to find someone that compliments your strengths and helps your shortcomings, where there is an easy, balanced connection between you.

Always consider yourself a priority, and try not to get yourself in difficult situations or get entangled in problematic relationships that will hurt you or waste your time. You deserve more than that.

Your Wedding Ring Is Stolen In Your Dream

Dreaming of your wedding ring being stolen represents doubt or insecurity in terms of your relationships, and this will soon stretch to other areas of your life. 

If you are with someone, and you dream that your wedding ring is stolen, this may suggest that you feel they are cheating on you, or you don’t feel they have the same level of faith and commitment in this relationship in the same way you do.

It signals that something important in your relationship is missing, whether that is your lack of trust or another vital component. 

The dream stresses the importance of being honest with your partner, and what you want out of your relationship.

Being single and dreaming about a stolen wedding ring can suggest that new love or commitment is on the horizon.

It’s also worth considering who is stealing your wedding ring in the dream. If you never see the culprit in your dream, this implies that you think bad luck surrounds your relationship, or you feel the odds are stacked against the two of you, or you’ll never meet the right partner though you are trying your best.

If you dream of someone you know stealing your wedding ring, it may be time to pay closer attention to this person. Maybe you don’t trust them in the way you think you should, and this dream is underlying your suspicions.

A Broken Wedding Ring In Your Dream

A broken wedding ring in your dream refers to relationship problems, petty squabbles, arguments, and conflicts that leave a nasty taste in your mouth, and a negative impact on your relationship.

Broken objects in dreams can reflect emotional hurt, insecurity, doubt about the future of your relationship, and a wavering commitment.

If you try to repair the wedding ring yourself, or you send it off to be repaired, this refers to how you are trying to strengthen your relationship and heal it from a breakdown.

If you see the wedding ring repaired and whole again, this denotes your success. If not, this suggests that time will help more than anything else.

In older dream interpretations, a broken wedding ring suggests that you will get sick soon, or someone you love will get sick, but this isn’t the widely-accepted message of your dream.

If you dream that your wedding ring gets dirty, bent out of shape, scratched, or otherwise damaged, it reflects internal conflict, misfortune, and powerlessness. 

It could be that you’re thinking your way into a negative cycle, instead of concentrating on the good in your life, or you’re getting involved with someone despite your better judgment, and this relationship will only invite trouble, chaos, and even disaster into your life.

In some dreams of a damaged wedding ring, implies that a relationship or a potential relationship will do you no favors, and could invite only negativity into your life.

Or, dreaming of wearing a damaged wedding ring denotes that you are never really content in life. You are always chasing after happiness, and what would be, instead of what you could be grateful for now.

Wearing Your Wedding Ring In A Dream

Wearing a wedding ring when you don’t have one in your waking life implies that you want a concrete reminder of someone’s commitment to you, or your resolve to improve your life wherever possible. 

You’re happy with where you are in your relationship, and you want to know that it will last for as long as possible. 

Wearing a wedding ring when you are single in your waking life suggests that you need to consider how well you communicate your needs and expectations in relationships. 

Without being clear about this, you will always run into relationship problems, and your dream urges you to work on this. Life is hard enough without adding to your problems.

Dreaming of the wedding ring you wear in waking life refers to the necessity of listening to your emotions instead of trying to push them away.

If you are in a relationship, this dream is warning you against denying or hiding your emotions from your partner. Be honest with them when you feel calm, clear the air, and invest positive energy into your relationship.

If your partner doesn’t know what’s going on, how can they possibly help? After all, your partner is not a mind reader.

A dream of wearing your wedding ring can suggest that you’re in a great place right now, and you can’t imagine a life without your spouse. You’re content.

If you are divorced, and you find you are wearing your old wedding ring in a dream, this implies that there are still some leftover emotions you need to unpack from this relationship. 

Spiritually speaking, there may still be a bond between you, and it’s worth cutting those energetic ties so that you may be free.

If you dream of wearing a wedding ring that belonged to your dead spouse, this means they are still with you on some level.

What Does It Mean When You’re Not Wearing Your Wedding Ring In A Dream?

A dream where you aren’t wearing your wedding ring can suggest that you need to spend some time thinking about your relationship, and what it means to you. 

Some dreams like this denote that your partner’s behavior has become confusing, or they have become distant and you need to work on understanding what your partner is feeling or what they want from you.

It could be that you’re so busy with work, other responsibilities, and commitments that you’ve had no time for your partner recently, and you are worried that your relationship is cooling off.

Maybe you’re dealing with problem after problem, and while you’re trying your hardest, you never seem to get rid of everything off your to-do list, let alone find the time that your partner deserves. 

Think about your expectations, and how these color your choices and approach to your problems. If you think you are likely to fail, or something wrong is bound to happen, then this can be a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts.

If you dream of not wearing a wedding ring when you feel you’re supposed to, but you are single in your waking life, this suggests that you need to become more independent.

You might be tempted to turn to others for help the minute you think you can’t solve something, instead of having a go first. 

Or, it can imply that you’re sick of the relationship dynamics you have in your life. You long for change. Maybe you’re constantly being ignored, or people talk over you and take you for granted.

A dream like this denotes a power imbalance, where you give someone the respect you’d want to be treated with, but you are given nothing in return. In short, you feel taken for granted, and it’s time to do something about it.

Dreaming That Your Spouse Isn’t Wearing Their Wedding Ring Meaning

Oh, dear. You might be worried that you subconsciously don’t trust your spouse if you dream of them not wearing their wedding ring!

You’ll be relieved to know that this doesn’t mean you think they are cheating, or that they are cheating. Instead, a dream where your spouse isn’t wearing their wedding ring points to a lack of faith in yourself, not in your partner.

If you think about it, quite a lot of relationship problems start with one person not believing in themselves in some aspect, not creating enough time or confidence for themselves to love someone else fully. 

If you have a dream like this, it’s possible that through stress, lack of time, or patience, you’ve become disconnected from yourself, your hopes, and what you want in life. 

Maybe you’re ignoring your own wants and needs, but this will only cause you problems in the future.

A dream like this tells you to ground yourself, to give yourself some time, and ask yourself what you want out of life. Reconnect with your innermost desires, and return to your relationship more grounded.

Throwing Away Your Wedding Ring In A Dream

A dream where you throw your wedding ring away reflects your negative feelings towards a certain relationship, romantic or otherwise. You are done with this person. You want to be free.

You have tried your best and poured all the love, effort, and attention you are capable of, but for everything you’ve done, you’ve got nothing in return.

It’s time to let go of any relationships that are causing you a lot of negativity and aren’t adding any value to your life. 

Maybe you liked the idea of the relationship more than the reality, or you pretended to be someone else, and the reality is too different. Or, perhaps you’re just not compatible with each other.

Whatever the reason for the relationship breakdown, your subconscious mind is letting you know that it is time to look elsewhere, or break away and focus on yourself for a while. 

Take a look at what your needs are – exactly which ones aren’t being met, and then search for that in a new relationship, taking what you’ve learned with you.

Dreaming Of Giving Or Receiving A Wedding Ring In Your Dream

Dreaming of someone giving you or someone else a wedding ring is a call to think about what you want most, in the simplest and most honest form. If you had no obstacles at all in your way, what would you want from life?

This dream suggests that it is time to go after it or the closest thing to it. It’s time to work towards the life you want, and the best version of yourself that you can be.

Maybe you feel restless or detached from others and the world around you, and this dream urges you to think about how you can find a better sense of belonging, purpose, and meaning in your life.

Someone giving you a wedding ring in your dream suggests that tranquility and peace will be yours soon, as long as you’re willing to work for it. 

You might have to seek it out rather than waiting for it to come to you, otherwise, it might never arrive.

Seeing Two Wedding Rings In Your Dream

Dreaming of two wedding rings refers to the energy that other people bring to your life, both positive and negative. 

This energy can create a spiritual bond between the two of you, and a dream like this can be a call, to be honest, and open with this person, to make sure that your connection stays strong and positive.

It can also urge you to pour some more effort into this relationship so that positive change can occur and strengthen your connection.

Wearing A Wedding Ring On The Wrong Finger In Your Dream

Depending on where you live and the culture you were raised in, a wedding ring may sit on your fourth finger on the left hand, or the fourth finger on your right hand.

Whichever way you believe is ‘right’, wearing a wedding ring on the wrong hand or finger in your dream can suggest a spiritual discord in your life. 

It may be that you have a choice to make in your love life that you’ve been putting off, or, you’re about to run into some problems when it comes to committing to someone or something.

It could be that someone you’re about to commit to will damage your relationship or your trust, and you may wonder if you should go through with it, or leave it behind you.

Or, it may signal that you are scared of committing to someone. You don’t want to give someone that kind of power over you, or something is telling you that it would be a mistake. Listen to your intuition.

It may also denote some guilt over something you have done that your partner does not know about. 

Seeing A Woman Wearing A Wedding Ring In Your Dream

A woman wearing a wedding ring in your dream can denote a new chapter in your love life, and a renewed sense of commitment, strength, and purpose. This dream is a very positive sign.

Dreaming of a woman wearing a wedding ring can reflect how you want a stable and loving relationship where you receive as much love and commitment as you give to others, or you want people to look past your relationship status and see you for who you are. 

Seeing A Man Wearing A Wedding Ring In Your Dream

A man wearing a wedding ring in your dreams can suggest that a relationship in your life is about to become more stable, or, depending on how you feel when you see the man, you need to be more assertive or protective in this relationship to stop a problem from starting.

If you are single, and you dream of a man wearing a wedding ring, this can represent what you want in life. You want a solid relationship you can rely on.

The Spiritual Meaning Behind A Dream Of A Wedding Ring

The spiritual meaning of a wedding ring dream is largely a good thing to take away with you in waking life. 

Spiritually speaking, as a wedding ring is an unbroken, perfect circle, this refers to eternity, time itself, and how any energy you give out into the universe is given back to you in some form.

A dream of a wedding ring may call upon you to realize what you have in your relationships, the value of commitment and devotion within them (romantic or otherwise), and to give it back to them, and you will find that you will receive what you give again in a different form. 

Or, it can be a call to be more honest in your relationships and to avoid any miscommunication and any problems in this way. It’s an encouragement to iron out any problems or misunderstandings so that your relationship can become stronger.

The Biblical Interpretation Of A Wedding Ring Dream

Even if you’re not a religious person, it’s worth looking at different interpretations in dreams, as they can offer you a lot of insight into the message behind your dream.

From a biblical perspective, wedding rings represent a commitment, eternity, a binding agreement between two people, as well as comfort, safety, and love. 

It may urge you to find a new sense of stability in your life, or give others as much love as you are capable of, and you’ll find that this love will come back to you.

If you are a religious person, and you dream of a wedding ring, it can also signify your lifelong commitment to God, faith, and the plan the universe has in store for you. 

Final Thoughts

Wedding rings can have many meanings when they appear in dreams, depending on the details your subconscious mind provides you with in these scenarios.

The quickest way to find out what your wedding ring dream means to you is to look at your emotions during this dream, as this provides you with the most insight the fastest. 

If you feel happy when you see the wedding ring, this particular dream symbol is telling you how luck is on your side right now, your relationships are fulfilled and happy, and you feel you’re in a good place.

Feeling scared when you see the wedding ring can suggest that you are scared of commitment in some form, and you need to ask yourself why this is. 

It could be that an opportunity larger than anything you’ve dreamed of is around the corner, you’re experiencing relationship problems, or you need to concentrate on yourself and work on your self-confidence.

Another way to help you find the meaning behind your dream of a wedding ring is to keep notes of your dream on your phone or keep a journal of your dreams, so you can come back to them. 

This helps keep all of those important details (even the minor ones) as fresh as possible, so that if you need to return to your dream at a later date, you can do so knowing that you won’t forget anything that could help you interpret your dream.


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