Vehicle Dream Meaning

A vehicle is actually one of the most ancient symbols. Be it a plane, a ship, a bicycle, or even a horse, a vehicle is what we use for transportation. As such, a dream vehicle can be connected with all matters connected to movement, transportation, and transformation. But how exactly to interpret specific situations regarding vehicles? That is what this article is about. 

What Does it Mean to Dream of a Vehicle?

Dreaming about a vehicle can have different meanings depending on the context in which it appears. As always, try to remember as many details and emotions from the dream as you can. Then, consider if your dream falls in any of the 4 most common vehicle dream categories described below. 

You Are Operating the Vehicle 

Yes, most vehicles take us somewhere, but where and how they take us can make a lot of difference. Dreaming about vehicles can tell us a lot about control and power relations in our lives. If you are controlling the vehicle in your dream, it usually means you feel in control of your fate. This is usually a good meaning, but it could also mean you are overly controlling in some aspect of your life.  

Someone Else is Operating the Vehicle 

Did you dream you are in a car, but someone else is holding the wheel? No matter what the vehicle is, if someone else is driving it means you have relinquished control over some situation or aspect of your life. The meanings of this could be good or bad. On one hand, you could be feeling self and protected while letting someone else take the rain. On the other hand, this kind of dream could be a sign of anxiety which could come from feeling we don’t have enough control over what is happening in our lives. 

Vehicle Crashing 

If a vehicle crashes in your dream, it is not necessarily a bad sign. In fact, negative dreams can often have positive meanings attached to them. However, a crashing vehicle does symbolize the end of something. Considering that vehicles represent change, dreaming about a vehicle crashing might indicate that you are doing something wrong. New endings always carry with them new beginnings and that alone makes this a positive dream trope overall. 

Types of Vehicles in Our Dreams 


Airplanes (see also airplane dream meaning) are among the fastest vehicles you could dream of, so they often symbolize fast and spontaneous events. Since they are flying, we often connect planes with meanings like the air and the sky. This is why airplanes in dreams are a modern interpretation of the old symbolism of birds (see also dove symbolism and pigeon meaning) (see also dove symbolism and pigeon meaning). As such, planes can represent things related to the air element, such as thoughts, ideas, conversations, and matters of the spirit. 


Boats float on water and water in dreams is always associated with emotions. If you are dreaming about boats, think about whether the dream could be pointing to issues such as emotional stability and controlling your emotions. 


A car is probably the most mundane of all the vehicles. They are simply everywhere. This is why we often don’t attach special meanings to the car, it’s simply a means that gets us somewhere. In such cases, where you are going to and who is driving are more relevant details. You could have personal meanings attached to the car in the dream, of course. 


Bus is a vehicle that usually transports a lot of people. And for most of us, memories of buses are connected to social situations – riding in the school bus, going to work, etc.  This is why dreaming about buses should make us think about our position in society. 


As the most old-school vehicles, wagons in dreams are usually connected with something from the past. In addition, dreaming about a wagon could mean you are not feeling in control of your life. 


When you ride a bicycle, you are the one who powers your own vehicle. Think about bicycles in dreams the same way – dreaming about riding a bicycle usually means you are making some changes in life (usually positive). Not only thins, but it means the change has been created only by you and your own strengths and efforts. 

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