Being Trapped Dream Meaning

It is common to dream of being trapped and unable to escape. These are usually frightening dreams and can make you wake up and jump out of bed in a cold sweat. Alternatively, you may have a panic attack where you struggle to breathe. However, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be trapped, but like many dreams, it can hold a message for your waking life. 

What Does it Mean to Dream of Being Trapped?

Perhaps you are trapped in a job or relationship you are no longer happy in. Maybe you are trying to hide from a problem and the dream is telling you to face up to it. Either of these factors can lead you to have dreams about being trapped, whether it is in a room you can’t get out of, underwater, or in a car that won’t open. 

Here are Some of the Things That Can Trigger Us to Have Feelings of Being Stuck or Trapped

  • Agreeing to do something when it’s the last thing you want to do
  • Too many responsibilities
  • Unhappy relationships
  • A career you’re not happy with

Any of these issues can make you dream about being trapped. It is important to consider what you are feeling in your waking life and connect these emotions to your dreams. 

It is possible to dream (See also quotes about dreaming) that you are stuck in a situation you’re not happy with. However, you can also dream that you are literally trapped. Someone could have locked you in a room and thrown away the key. Perhaps you locked the door but the lock has broken and you can’t get out. 

Sometimes you can have dreams about being trapped because of horrible events that happened in your past. This can be a frightening dream to have as it brings up the past which you have tried to put behind you. Sometimes you could have buried your emotions deep inside, but the dream is telling you it’s time to face your fears and move on.

These dreams and nightmares are usually vivid, powerful, and get your attention. The dream is a symbol for a part of your life where you feel or felt trapped. Look at other aspects of the dream to fully interpret it. Take into account who is with you, where the dream is set, any obstacles, and how you feel in the dream.

In some cases, this type of dream can mean that you feel that you have lost part of your soul because life has been too difficult. Fortunately, it is fixable if we face up to it.

Dreaming of Other People Being Trapped

Friends or family might be trapped with you or you might see them trapped on their own. Perhaps they have been kidnapped and locked up in a tiny room. Luckily, the dreams aren’t usually a prediction that these people are going to be taken against their will. It can be that the person you see in the dream is looking for help but is too afraid or proud to ask. Perhaps it is time to check up on them. If you are trapped with someone else, it could mean that you feel as if that person has trapped you in a situation you don’t want to be in. 

Dreaming of other people being trapped may mean that you are unable to take care of them in your waking life. If you are looking after elderly parents for example, perhaps you are unable to balance their care with work and leisure commitments. You probably need some time to rest and recuperate, but it seems impossible as other people are relying on you. 

Pay Attention to Other Dream Symbols

If you’re not sure why you are dreaming that you are trapped, it is a good idea to look at other symbols in the dream. For example, you could be trapped underwater. This means that you could be full of negative thoughts and emotions. You may be feeling guilty or sad about some event in your waking life. If you dream that you are trapped in a cage with a lion it is useful to look up the meaning of lions. They are proud creatures and maybe you are with are so proud to the extent that you look down on others. However, it could also mean that you have courage, but have been afraid to use it.

Are You Trying to Escape from Emotions?

If you find yourself trapped in a dream, it can mean that you are trying to escape from your emotions. Many of us hide from our feelings if they are negative or unpleasant so don’t be surprised if you find yourself trapped in your dreams. You can’t run from your feelings forever and it is time you faced up to them. This is often why we wake up confused and unsure about the dream.

Sometimes we may have dreams of being trapped because we feel that we can’t express our emotions, perhaps because it isn’t socially acceptable, or maybe because you fear that you might be rejected. This could be in any walk of life, including relationships and careers. The dream is telling you that it is time to open up, otherwise, you will bottle up these emotions and might explode when they get too much for you to handle. It is better to avoid this and work through your problems calmly. 

If you dream about being trapped underwater, it could be that you feel that you are being held back emotionally. You could be drowning or trapped in a car that has gone into a river. Either way, you are finding it hard to escape from negativity. Your emotions won’t get on an even keel until you acknowledge your feelings.

Are There Other People in the Dream?

We have already talked about seeing friends and family in our dreams of being trapped. However, we might also see a kidnapper, and end up being held hostage. This can mean that you feel a loss of power and freedom in either your career or in a relationship. If you know the kidnapper, perhaps you feel intimidated by that person in your waking life. If you don’t know the person, there is probably an aspect of your personality that you don’t like. 

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