Spider Dream Meaning

Have you been dreaming about spiders lately and wondering what it means? For some people, spiders can be a terrifying symbol that attracts a little emotion in your dreams. 

Nevertheless, a spider dream can indicate different things. Often, it can come into your life either as your spirit animal or a symbol to help you better understand and endure a difficult situation. 

In this dream interpretation article, we’ll go through some of the most common dream symbols involving spiders. Interpreting your dream of spiders and understanding the meaning of these symbols can often help you have a better outlook on life. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About Spiders?

When dreaming about a spider, make sure to take note of the emotions and reactions you have throughout the time of your dream. Did the presence of the spider scare or frighten you? 

Perhaps you are simply watching the spider as it crawls around and does its business. Does the spider in your dream aggressive or seems to be poisonous? Every little detail of your dream provides valuable clues to interpreting your spider dream.

The Spider And Our Shadow Selves

Spider dreams have a lot to teach us. As a human, we all have negative traits, as well as anxieties and fears. Likewise, we experience jealousy, sorrow, hatred, selfishness, repugnance, and other negative feelings.  

But if you want to be a healthy individual, you need to learn how to balance these emotions. Although it may seem like the best solution is to get rid of your bad characteristics, you simply cannot do that in a snap of your fingers. The only way you can achieve inner peace in terms of your thoughts and emotions is to balance your light and dark sides.

Dreaming of the things that you fear is a reminder that the real solution is to learn how you can fix your negative emotions and turn them into your strengths and positive characteristics.

Often, people connect spiders with wickedness and unfamiliar territory. When you see a spider in your dream, it usually symbolizes a situation in your life or hidden aspects of your personal emotions. But what most of us truly fear is the unknown.

Common Dreams About Spiders And Their Meanings

Spiders can symbolize an overbearing mother (see also mother dreams) figure in your life or feminine power. That may be the case when dreaming about spider infestation everywhere or spiders crawling on your body. A lot of spiders in your dream may represent controlling and snaring forces that may be draining your energy.

On the other hand, a single spider may mean that there is a powerful force providing you protection from self-destructive behavior. You may think of it as a mysterious force shielding you from other not so good insects. 

Furthermore, spiders may also symbolize creativity because of the intricate webs they weave. If you want to figure out the underlying message and symbol of your spider dream, make sure to look deeply into its context. 

Additionally, you must consider the place where you encounter the spiders in your dream. Did you dream about the spider in your bedroom on your mattress or bed with you? If so, it may mean that a female figure is trying to mess up with your personal life, especially if you have a spouse or partner.

If you have a fear of spiders in real life, then dreaming about them can sometimes suggest that some other subconscious fears you have are crawling its way to the surface. Additionally, these spider dreams can often feel like a nightmare. However, most of the time, their purpose is important.

Here Are Some Common Dreams Interpreted For And What They May Mean For You

Dreaming of a Giant Spider

If your dream involves a giant or massive yet non-deadly spider may indicate that you have powerful friends hiding in the shadows, helping you with your misfortunes. 

Sometimes, things may seem bigger than they actually are. So make sure to look both in and out of any situation you’re in right now. You will be able to find the strength you need to help you get through the tough times. 

Nevertheless, be cautious if the massive spider in your dream is a Black Widow or the poisonous type. This can indicate there’s bad luck making its way into your life soon. The threats are looming and prowling in the dark.

If You See A Spider Weaving A Web

If your dream involves a spider weaving an intricate web, it may be telling you to recognize how everyone is connected. In your waking life, you may be working on understanding a certain situation more deeply. Furthermore, it may also indicate that you are considering planning and design. Perhaps you want to start something fresh and wondering which steps you need to take.

Being Eaten By A Spider

Dreaming of a spider feeding on you or eating you may mean that your feeling of grief or anxiety is consuming you. There may be a situation you are facing right not that you’d rather dodge or disregard. You fear this confrontation although you know deep in your heart that it is necessary to face it.

Killing A Spider Dreams

If you dream about killing a single spider, it may signify bad luck and misfortune. It may also be a sign that you are ready and not afraid to face your fears or confront your darker side. Moreover, it may signify a triumphant feeling after you’ve dealt with a challenging or unpleasant situation.

Rescuing a Spider

If in your spider dream, you see the arachnid inside your house and you move it outside to a different place safely and carefully instead of killing it, this may be a suggestion that you need to be more considerate of your own feelings. Likewise, it may mean that you must find a solution to a problem you’re currently facing that will benefit everyone involved.

Dreaming of Cobwebs

Cobwebs in your dreams may represent the things in your waking life that you’re neglecting or not giving enough attention to. It may also signify something in your past that you still feel strongly about. Furthermore, it may indicate that before you move on to new things in your life, there are essential responsibilities you must take care of first.

Dreaming About Multiple Spiders

Having a dream involving plenty of spiders may imply that you feel defeated or overcome by fear in terms of the situation you are in right now. 

Sometimes, the place where you see the cobweb or spider may have significance as well. For instance, dreaming of an attic may suggest that you are dismissing either your spirituality or creativity. 

The Meaning Of Spiders As Spirit Animals

A lot of people are wondering whether spiders can be considered spirit animals. This comes as no surprise since we don’t normally associate these crawlers with tigers and other mammals. 

Nonetheless, just like with all living creatures, spiders have meaning and a spiritual presence. Also, similar to how we recognize a specific kind of element, these creatures can also hold a sort of significant meaning in our lives.

When you see a spider, think of it as a reminder that you should not fear looking at a situation for what it truly is. You may even consider asking yourself what’s bothering you about it.

Moreover, we can associate spiders with the root chakra. This chakra gives emphasis to all our feelings of security and safety, as well as overall well-being. Red is the color that represents this type of chakra.

When there is an imbalance in your chakra, you may see yourself more likely to experience feelings of fear, grief, and hostility.

The Message: Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Feelings

Seeing a spider symbol or dreaming about spiders usually signifies that you need to look and assess your real emotions. Then, draw them into your conscious awareness. The reason for this is that there may be something in your waking life that you need to explore more deeply, even if that situation is something you’d rather avoid or ignore. 

Additionally, you must reflect on acceptance. Usually, the spider symbol is likely a metaphor for the things that you may be having a hard time accepting or welcoming in your life. 

For instance, it may be associated with a certain feeling, such as fear, that you don’t want to face. Hence, you’re trying to avoid the situation as much as possible.  Also, there are times when it may even signify your fear of the unknown.


Dream interpretations of spiders are not usually pleasant. This is especially true if you have fear of the eight-legged creeper. However, a spider is not always negative. It could also mean reaching for your goals by being creative and patient. They are known as creators. Hence, spiders represent powerful feminine energy, along with creativity and knowledge.

If you’ve been having spider dreams, share your experience with us and your thoughts about what this symbol means in your life in the comment section.

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