Snow Dream Meaning

The farther north you live, the more you dream of snow – at least usually that’s how it is. In some parts of the world, snow is the background of our daily life during the whole winter, so it’s no wonder people living in such areas dream more often about snow. If this is the case, there is also a chance that the meaning of snow can be a bit weaker in your dreams – it might simply be what you are seeing all day showing up in your dreams. 

However, everyone can dream about snow, even if you have never seen it in real life. Snow can have deep symbolic meanings both in art and in our dreams. So let’s consider the possible meanings of snow. 

What Does it Mean to Dream About Snow?

Where should we start in exploring snow dreams meaning? Well, for a start, it might be good to remember that snow is a form of water. Water has an important significance in dreams and all things connected with water usually signify emotions. So, it’s useful to think in this direction when you dream about snow. Pay attention especially to how the whole dream made you feel. If there were strong emotions of any kind appearing, this is the right way to interpret your dream about snow. 

Snow is also often connected with meanings of purity and innocence. When it falls from the sky, the snow is always clean and pure. It can only lose its whiteness by interference of external factors. On a similar note, snow can also mean the start of something new. With snowfall and changing of the seasons, nature gets a new look and a new character – a similar thing could be happening to you or an area in your life. 

Finally, themaning of snow in your dream will almost always be connected to how you personally feel about snow. When you think about snow and winter, does it awaken joy inside you? Or maybe it’s the time of year you despise the modest due to short days and low temperatures? If that is the case, you might be connecting snow with discomfort and hardships in life instead of beautiful new beginnings. 

Common Dreams About Snow and Their Meanings

Seeing clear white snow: As we mentioned above, the white color of snow is a symbol of purity and innocence (at least in the Western world). If in your dream, the white color of snow was prominent, this might be the message the picture is sending. This is especially true if you dream of freshly fallen snow undisturbed by anything. 

Seeing a large patch of snow: This one will really depend on the context of your dream. What did the snow cover? Was there something significant under the snow? If that is the case, it might mean that you are trying to cover something up too. On the other hand, it might be just that you have overcome or overgrown something in your life, and wish to start fresh in that aspect of your life. 

Individual snowflakes: As we all know, each snowflake is unique – and that’s the meaning of snowflakes. They signify uniqueness. 

Snowstorm: Snowstorms obscure our vision. Such dreams might mean there is something in your life that you are not seeing clearly. 

To see snow melting: Melting snow is always followed by spring and nature coming alive. Such dreams indicate that something in your life is unfreezing and is ready for growth. 

Dreaming about being stuck in the snow: If you are dreaming of being stuck in snow you should think about what kind of emotions the snow could represent. These dreams usually mean there are unresolved emotions holding you back in life. 

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