Setting Intentions: How to Program Your Dreams

Can we choose what we dream about? The answer is both yes and no. People who are skilled in lucid dreaming can have a lot of control over their dreams, but this is not the only thing we have in mind here. Besides lucid dreaming, there is another great strategy for learning more from your dreams: setting dream intentions. 

We recommend to everyone to try setting dream intentions. It doesn’t cost you anything except a bit of time, but it can lead to great discoveries about yourself and your own life. But how does one do such a thing? You can choose to set your intentions any way you like. What works best for most people is writing them down, and this is what we are going to focus on in this guide. However, if this does not work for you, you could also try setting your dream intentions while meditating before bed, for example. 

4 Helpful Tips for Setting Intentions for Your Dreams

#1: Have a Safe and Comfortable Place for Sleeping

Your bed should be a space for comfort and peace – there is not denying that. And we surely hope you feel like this in your bed! But this is not the only thing we mean by creating a comfortable space. Our dreams are greatly influenced by the things that go on in our everyday life, as well as our surroundings. To help your dreams flow more freely, it is good to create a space for sleeping that is free from everyday worries. The trick is to make your bedroom, or your bed, into a sacred space. There are many ways to achieve this feeling. First of all, decorating your space in a way you find calming can help. Moreover, some bedtime rituals can be of great help. Have a cup of tea, leave your phone in the living room, try some aromatherapy… do anything that makes you feel calm before bed. 

#2: Do Some Journaling Before Bed

Journaling is always a great way to clear our thoughts and gain a better understanding of our own wants and needs. When we journal before bed, it can set the stage for what we dream about. If you are not sure what to write about, don’t worry. Start by making a habit of journaling before bed, and soon you’ll be coming up with issues you want to explore further in your dreams. Once you know what it is you’d like to get more clarity about — whether it’s work life, your relationship with someone, or whatever else – write about the topic broadly before bed. 

#3. Write Down What You Want to Dream About

Another tactic for setting intentions for your dreams is to just write, in a very clear manner, what it is you want to dream about. Simply writing the words down can help guide your subconscious to what your ego wants to explore. You can write about what you want to dream in as much detail as you want. However, even a simple sentence could suffice: “This night, I want to dream about [desired topic]”. That’s all! 

#4: Understand it Takes Time

The tip above this one could seem a bit unrealistic. Just writing down what I want to dream about? Is it really that easy? Well, it might not be. Rather, setting dream intentions could take time. If your dreams don’t match up your intentions immediately, don’t give up. Just keep setting your intentions. It could take days, or even weeks, before your subconscious starts responding. 

Think about it in terms of habits: whenever you start doing something new, it takes a couple of weeks to turn it into a habit. After you’ve been something at the same time every day for a couple of weeks, the action starts to feel automatic. That is what you want to achieve with your dream setting. 

Additionally, your dreams could feel like they are not matching your intentions, but there could be a deeper meaning. If the dream doesn’t directly correspond to the intention you set, don’t be afraid to explore deeper connections. Symbols in your dreams might seem completely unrelated to your life at first, but once you get into the practice of interpreting them, you might start to see patterns that carry deep messages. 

Final Thoughts 

Setting intentions before bed is a great way to keep your mind focused even when asleep. If you are already keeping a dream journal, it will work great in combination with setting intentions before bed. And if you are not, we highly recommend starting one! Exploring our dreams can be not only fun, but also eye-opening.

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